post installation

  1. alexjblakeosx

    So close to working but need final help!

    Hi everybody! Last year I bought a bunch of new kit with the intention of turning it into a Hackintosh! My computer build consists of the following: ASUS Z97-P Intel I7-4790k MSI GTX 660TI GPU 16GB Corsair Ram 256GB SSD I've managed to make a bootable USB drive with El Capitan on and have...
  2. AshGoku

    Help: Installation stuck on System uptime in nanoseconds error

    Hello, I'm a noob at this hackintosh stuff and I can't figure out why my system doesn't boot correctly from the usb stick, it can only boot in safe mode. I followed this video: and I got to the point where I can boot up into the menu of the Clover bootloader, but when I tried to boot from...
  3. Allen1912

    Help in Acer VN7-591G Post Installation of Yosemite

    Hello, I'm new to hackintosh scene and I've successfully install OS X Yosemite on my laptop. The problem is that there are some hardware that are not working. The following: 1. WiFi (I've read a thread that my wifi/bt card is not supported) 2. Sounds (I've tried the all in one installer, still...
  4. jarlenfos

    Successful installation, but I'm unsure of a couple of things.

    Hey all, Thanks to the installation guide and some settings from other users on the forum I managed to get my system up and running with Yosemite without issue. It's my main work machine and it has been smooth sailing since I finished it up. Specs are: I7 4790k GA-Z97M-D3H 32GB of RAM GTX750...
  5. chris22607

    Easy OS swap

    Hello my fellow hackions, beside one audio problem I want to fix, which I mentioned in another thread. I want to ask you if it is possible to swap OS on my Dual boot machine like Accounts on a Mac? If you want to know something about my build, I will answer your questions as fast as possible...
  6. chalkiex

    Post Installation Boot Problem

    Hi, Completely new to the Hackintosh community, but I did try to do this on my own... But I've got stuck and now I haven't got a clue how to continue... My build: i7-4790k z97x-GAMING3 SDD - Samsung Evo 240Gb Geforce GT740 - 4Gb RAM - 32Gb Ballistix Audio - Atheros Network - Atheros Killer...
  7. speedofast4749

    REBOOT LOOP fresh el capitan clover install successful, until using migration assistant to transfer

    So here is what happened. I wanted to upgrade to el capitan and clover, so I made a boot drive, backed up on an external time machine my chimera yosemite and started clean. In the fresh install the only problem I encountered was another boot loop, which was fixed by installing the correct nvidia...
  8. kSilva

    Post installation with Multibeast vs Alternate Post-installation question

    I have a question about installing the latest version of El Capitan on the new hackintosh that I’m building. Should I stick to the post installation with Multibeast (step 5) or should I skip to the “alternate post-installation” (step 6). Will I be able to do future system updates, FaceTime...
  9. prototypestiv

    Can't get my nVidia Graphics card to work

    Hey hackintoshers, I am a noob at hackintosh and i just made a hackintosh out of my new Dell 1558, unfortunately i cannot get my nVidia graphics card to be recognized and used, some of the apps i use like Autocad really need the power of this graphics card because right now it wont even...
  10. sandysultan

    Asus R9 290 DirectCU II OC not detect monitor

    This is my first try installing mac on pc, after a long trial and error i have success using guide installing yosemite 10.10.5 with clover by Tony, everything is fine except my Asus R9 290 (non x) GPU is detected, but if i plug the monitor to it, the monitor not receive any signal and the...
  11. mikera23

    Won't boot from hard drive [Please Help]

    Yesterday I started the hackintosh process. Everything went well and I installed it on my hard drive. Launched it from the USB and did the Multibeast post install and then shut it all of and tried to boot from the hard drive and got the "system uptime in nannoseconds" which later I found out...
  12. VolcanicMT

    Cannot boot back into Yosemite after installation

    I get to this screen after installing Yosemite onto my SSD. I have tried many different boot flags to try and get it running but i guess I'm still missing something. I can supply more pictures or information if needed. Any help would be very much appreciated. My specs are: Motherboard -...
  13. halvorsen543

    Missing bluetooth controller transport!

    This is the problem. I've managed to get my Asus z97 deluxe to install the operating system(I'm installing Mavericks), afterwards I booted it using boot verbose and it keeps stopping at " **** [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- missing bluetooth controller...
  14. KRN001

    Bootloader - Trouble! X99, post installation issues, 10.10 Yosemite

    Hi guys, I've managed to install Yosemite properly. But when it comes to the point of post installation I can't help myself. It's just not booting without Unibeast USB. I've tried to set up Clover and punched in all my bootflags and edited the config.plist but it's just not booting. I have the...
  15. Tsu-Tey

    System definitions question

    I would be glad to know, what is the purpose of the system definitions and how we choose between one of them... Is there some rule when selecting a definition based on the hardware (and software - OS X) ? Or this is just a visual thing and nothing more ? Thanks in advance.
  16. pyramid

    Is it okay to boot up everytime with a usb thumbdrive

    I find it hard to install kext and do the additional complex settings. :)Actually when the laptop boot up with the unibeast thumb drive, everything works automatically. So, can I always use this way to get it boot up so that I don not need to make any further modification to the build?
  17. mrchow19910319

    Finder keeps crashing and restarting.

    After install Mavericks and win7 duo boot, my OS X is working fine except Finder keep crashing, I cant even copy a 5G movie to another drive, during copying because the finder restart, then the whole process stopped, leaving me a unreadable file. How am I going to fix this????
  18. Xnihil0

    Not booting - Intel 4390 with GA-H97m-D3H and nVidia GTX 660ti

    Hey y'all, So I just wrote up a massive post and this forum deleted it, so I'm going to redo it but it probably won't be as good. So after long effort I was able to finally install mavericks onto my SSD, after battling the Bootcache control issues (verbose would stop after "BootCacheControl...
  19. Abir666

    Just white screen after multi beast logo

    Hi everybody how are you doing. I recently built a hackintosh using the dx58so mobo and core i7 920 processor. everything worked fine for a while including login in. about a month later I upgraded to two SSD's in raid 0 config and everything worked fine until I try to upgrade to Mavericks into...
  20. drsaad

    Multibeast Information

    Dear all, My recently installed maverick using Unibeast after almost 30 attempt. now i have no idea which options to click in multibeast and how to boot from hdd instead of usb... i dont have working trackpad no sound no graphics card. my laptop is lenovo v480c with nvidia geforce 1gb , I...