1. Linking1221

    ACM: Env_SetVariableWithParams Error

    I thought that the previous problem was that the Prebuild SSDT attached to the Dortania Guide does not seem to fit me, so after DSDT extraction, I built my own SSDT-EC, RTC0, and PLUG. It seems that some progress has been made after putting them, but a new problem has occurred. What should I do...
  2. Linking1221

    Please Help me fixing acpi error

    My Spec is Alienware Aurora R8 (i5-9600K(iGPU), Z370) and I tried to boot up with my monterey installation USB but, it stops at acpi error. Here's my efi and opencore error log. What should I do?
  3. Mitai

    Will it run on this hardware?

    Hi all, is it possible to install something on this hardware? I was on two forums, tried to install Catalina and nothing happened... Health to all! QuadCore Intel Core i7-2700K, 3800 MHz (37 x 103) Asus P8B75-V nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  4. LightGolgot

    << Solved >> Stuck at unknown panic error

    Hello, I created a bootable USB key, with the classic Clover installation, to create a dual boot (Windows/mojave) on my Acer E5-575g-543v. I first launched it only with the -v option, but I had to add the "no_compat_check" option. To make the debug easier, I added those options, in the menu...
  5. astroprab

    Help with hackintosh

    Can I get a guide for my system build. Catalina.
  6. StarSix

    Help with Installation - Latitude E5440

    Hey, I do not know if this is the right area, nevertheless I wanted to ask for help I have no experience with Hackintosh and found nothing on the Internet about my laptop I would like to install Mac OS Catalina but do not understand exactly how to do that, I have a Catalina.dmg already and a 16...
  7. Bingdotcom

    Mojave 10.14.6 Clover install/EFL issues, SOS ! Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro WiFi + i7 9700K

    Hello everyone! i'm quite new at this so i've been nervous to post anything without putting the work in, but i feel stuck !! trying to install vanilla Made bootable USB drive with terminal command, then installing clover v2.5k r5070 bootloader to it. My BOIS settings should be all at the...
  8. ChriswiththeBeard

    << Solved >> Stuck at End randomseed

    Hello, i have tried so much and i still can not get past this error. I have created a vanilla usb with terminal. i have tried to map my ram DIMMS but stil no luck. i hope someone can help me. I try to install 10.14.5 Mojave on a Intel i7 3770 HP Z220 CMT Workstation with just intel HD4000 graphics
  9. Nabonawer

    Help! First build! I Need Recomendations!

    Hi everyone! Well, I decided to build my first hackintosh but im really lost of what i have to do and buy! i´ve been reading a lot but i´m always get confused with the different information that i find. My intention is build a system that can run Windows and MacOs (Mojave if posible). I work...
  10. devildogwillbur

    GT72-2QE Haswell Running Mojave... No keyboard/mouse or wifi

    A few years back i tried installing High Sierra. I have always been a windows pc fan. BUT i am a graphic designer, and I am now using an Ipad, so slowly moving towards Mac os by hackintoshing it I have no idea what I am doing with Kext or mac for that matter.. so the more info you can provide...
  11. tayhofficial

    Tryin' to install Yosemite

    I'm trying to install the "OS X Yosemite on my computer, but when I type -v and press enter after a few words I'm getting a black screen. I think I need some help. Thanks. The computer: Motherboard: Gigabyte: B250M-DH3-CF / 8gb ram DDR4 / 240gb SSD + 3TB + 2TB / Intel Graphics HD 630 *(I...
  12. bendpart836

    Is my PC capable of being a stable Hackintosh?

    I'm new to hackintoshing and am looking to upgrade from my 2009 mac mini, I am in the process of buying parts for a PC build because I want something I can do gaming on and also use various windows software but I think i'd like to continue using Mac OS X, i'm pretty underwhelmed with Apple's...
  13. LucasMorris

    Stuck in boot loop after Multibeast update

    I recently installed 10.13.6 and everything was fine except my USB ports--external drives didn't seem to work. Read here to install “Remove XHCI USD Port Limit” and “USB Inject All” with Multibeast, did that, and now my PC restarts during boot. Things I've tried: - Can get in with safe mode...
  14. Soundguy85

    problems with sleep and bluetooth

    Hello! First off, a HUGE thank you to all you in this community for making any of this possible. I first built my customac back in March by installing 11.12.x, and made the update to 11.13.6 ok, but when my machine tries to sleep, it wakes back up immediately, and i'm also having trouble...
  15. FrankLehnen

    Just about to have a go at Hackintoshing...

    Hi all, I just want some preliminary advice just before launching myself into building a Hackintosh. I read extensively about how to go about it, the USB Installer is ready.... just waiting for my i3 7100 to arrive from Amazon. Unfortunately I went foe a Pentium G4600 first. Great processor...
  16. DiegoAvilanFranco

    I'm New to this Hackingtosh stuff

    So, i've never even built a PC and I know building a Mac has more complications, but I want to have a Mac where i can edit video, use the Adobe Suite and just multitask without it being slow at a reasonable price, so I wanna know how much time and money it would take to create such Mac. I would...
  17. thenicknac

    Help a beginner with making a hackintosh?

    I've always been a Windows user, but after switching to an iphone, and being pleasantly surprised software wise, I'd like to try out Mac OS (or OSx, or whatever the hell its called these days). My system currently has: Mobo: ASRock z97 Fatal1ty CPU: Xeon e3-1240 v3 GPU: GTX 980TI. RAM: 16gb two...
  18. tux

    Compatability check

    Hey all! this will be my first hackintosh build in a while and was wondering if anyone could tell me if the following parts would be compatible. CPU Intel Core i3-8100 Mobo Gigabyte H370 HD3 RAM Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB 2 x 4GB DDR4-2400 Graphics Card EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Superclocked...
  19. jjdizz1l

    Dell Precision M6800

    I haven't been apart of the Hackintosh community for a while, but I want to give it a try on my laptop. Here are the specs and my situation. I want to use the laptop's internal display and the discrete NVIDIA graphics. I haven't even had a chance to install the MacOS... I know such a noob...
  20. Skeemin93

    help: first time hackintosh - Acer Aspire 7 A715-71G-51kx

    Hello there, First time noob to hackintosh, low-moderate computer skills System is as follows Acer Aspire 7 A715-71G-51kx intel i5-7300HQ/HM175 Intel HD630/1920x1080 currently running windows 10 Laptop has Geforce GTX1050 also, but I have disabled this via Device manager, along with USB 3.0...