1. gido_g

    Multibeast for little snitch?

    Hi, I've read about problems (kernel panics) after installing little snitch because it messes up some other system files. So I wonder, do I have to use System Utilities to rebuild caches and repair permissions before rebooting? - After all, a kext is being installed... Talking about little...
  2. imc042

    Acer Aspire 5930G Running Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Please Help!

    I have the Aspire 5930G and I have been trying to turn it into a hackintosh. I put ML on it using the multibeast method. I am having a lot of trouble getting everything working. I have Audio including HDMI out, WiFi using an external Belkin adapter (as Intel Wifi 5100 abgn is apparently not...
  3. bulletproof


    I would like to request to (at least) have the option to choose where to install the "extra" kexts. I do not like that the location was moved from /e/e to /s/l/e. I'm sure there might be a good reason for doing this... But, when troubleshooting future issues, it's going to make hard for people...
  4. corebuilder

    HP ProBook 4540s [Working File]

    Dear HP ProBook 4540s user and all devs Please submit the tested and working files (kexts, DSDT, plist, patches) for HP ProBook 4540s here thanks
  5. LePresident

    A change in graphic cards

    Hello! Say I wanted to change my old graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce 210) and swapped it for either a 8400GS or 8800GTS would I need to run MultiBeast or install any kexts? And what low budget but good Hackintosh graphic cards would you recommend? Thanks:beachball:
  6. djcesar

    A way to Uninstall/Remove the installed kexts previously

    Please adopt a way to Uninstall or Remove kexts installed previously through checkboxes or something like that.
  7. marbleduck

    Installed kexts disappearing...

    So I can install kexts with Multibeast to S/L/Ex just fine, but when I do a reboot without the "reopen windows on startup" button checked, the kexts that have been installed disappear on the next boot. I know that the kexts are not permanent because my drives keep appearing as external, my...