1. jepetal

    Mojave instalation keeps getting stuck on [PCI configuration end]

    Hey, For the past 3 days, I've been trying to setup my hackintosh without any success. I've followed many guides on how to do it, including the tonymacx86 one. I also configured my BIOS as told on the tonymacx86 guide. I always try to install in verbose mode, and it seems to always be getting...
  2. TheITBaron

    Update from el Capitan direct to High Sierra question

    Hi, I would like to upgrade my rig [profile specs], from el Capitan to High Sierra, and would love some insight before I begin. I have read through the install guide [] And I have combed through numerous posts on...
  3. xcmdt

    How to make kexts for new Thinkpad X390 or X1

    Hello everyone, I recently managed to install an Hackintosh on my machine GA Z170 WIFI with GTX1060 thanks to this amazing forum. I was wondering how hard it is to create kexts files for the new Thinkpad laptops. Do you think the old kexts files for different model will work the same? Who...
  4. Lucas.bernardi

    Kexts/drivers not working?

    First of all, this is my first hackihtosh so Im sorry if this is a dumb question. But I think that all my installed kexts and drivers are not working. I installed all of them with KextBeast to /Library/Extensions, didn't work. I tried just dragging them to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/other, didn't work...
  5. power911

    Hackintosh Pro - GeForce GTX 970

    Hello! I'm going to build Hackintosh Pro but i don't know if i choose proper hardware. I want to format SSD M.2 disk for two partition and would to choose what should i start: windows10 or Hackintosh Mojave. Is it possible? Here is hardware which i choose: Intel Core i9-9900K Octa Core...
  6. Emare


    close pls
  7. jordan.king92

    USB 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter not being recognized in High Sierra

    Need two separate Ethernet connections on my Hackintosh so I purchased a USB 3 to Ethernet adapter that uses the Realtek RTL8153 chipset to use as the second connection. The onboard ethernet port works after installing the IntelMausiEthernet kext through MultiBeast, and I've tried installing the...

    What Kexts and Kernels do I need?

    Ok this might be a very newb question. But I'm looking to switch over to using Lilu and whatevergreen to have everything combined together. I've had my Hackintosh for 2 years and with each update I've just added whatever would make it all run. Now that I'm getting ready to switch to Mojave and...
  9. elfcake

    Loading kexts with Clover Config and sleep issues

    I updated clover to 4658 without problems but have noticed recently (before the update to 4658) that automatic sleep is not occurring. I can induce sleep with the Apple menu sleep option and wake occurs without issues. What I did notice is this, kexts are loading into kexts>10.13. I am not...
  10. lucianoltx

    Stuck in IOConsoleUsers, someone help me

    For several days I’m trying to hackintosh my pc, but I always stuck at the same string. I’ve tried many BIOS configurations, boot args and fake Ids, but I always came to the same place. Can someone help me please? Here is my Specs: Intel Core i5 4690 3.5ghz 12gb ddr3 1333mhz Corsair Gigabyte...
  11. jonathan.dejonk

    Final Cut Pro HACKINTOSH BUILD FCPX - Advice needed

    Hi guys wanting to build a new Hackintosh Pc , i would like to use it for FCPX - Any recommendations for a good quality build that will be easy to install and be reliable ? open to any options and don't really have a budget so if you guys have done builds or know of ones that are compatible...
  12. milkywaymaps

    [Solved] Kexts/Drivers Not Allowing Boot. In Continuous Loop. Verbose Attached

    After the initial install I was able to boot in and everything was gravy. When I started using multibeast to install drivers is where everything went to 'ell. Ultimately I was able to still boot in using the boot args "nv_disable=1" & "-disablegfxfirmware" (I still have no clue what...
  13. a1337

    IO80211Family.kext and IONetworkingFamily.kext for High Sierra causing reboot

    I've been having a problem with my High Sierra system often rebooting randomly on startup, and I've narrowed down the issue to some WiFi kexts I've installed. I'm using a TP-LINK WN951N WiFi card and I checked a thread here on tonymacx86 that mentioned the use of the attached zip of kexts (I...
  14. thisguyiknow

    **Help me with understanding the anatomy of Nvidia kexts and GPU hardware acceleration**

    one hackintosh build I continually have to make is a snow leopard build for the multiple Pro Tools 9 HD computers required in our facility. These builds have come in many different forms; all in the attempt to build the fastest snow leopard build possible. Using a vanilla kernel the fastest...
  15. Macxdownverse98


    I need assistance. Every time I try to boot up El Capitan on my Hackintosh setup it pauses at the Apple logo (verbose mode: “++++++”). I’ve tried these flags: -s -v -x nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=NO PCIRootUID=0 I did not add any kexts to the EFI folder. Setup: Asus TUF Z270 Mark 2 Intel...
  16. SpiderIan

    [Solved] Stuck at + signs

    Okay, I recently had to recover to 10.12.5 after 10.12.6 bricked my machine. It lost my Clover boot loader, so I used Multibeast to install it. Now it's stuck at a line of + signs. I have tried every combination of args and flags and can't get past this hurdle. Any thoughts or should I just...
  17. giovanealex

    Deleted kexts, OSX stuck on boot, anything else to do on Recovery Mode Terminal?

    Hi guys. Sometimes I am a complete noob, so I deleted two kexts from S/L/E and now my Asus Q200E laptop with OS X El Capitan boot hangs on kernel panic. I still can enter go through Clover to reach Recovery Mode and use Terminal, so I've put the two kexts on a USB pendrive and after some...
  18. TZombi1234

    [HELP]Audio and Video not working High Sierra.

    Hi, after a loooong installation of high Sierra and graphics drivers, now it's 100% working but I have a single problem: The audio. It's not working.. I installed audio kexts, I tried all, the system detects the speakers but when I play something I can't hear it.... oh and videos doesn't start...
  19. elfcake

    "Other Kext"

    Boot is slow on my hack. I've wondered about the number of kexts in Clover>Kexts>Other. Is this slowing the system boot? Are all of these needed for boot-up? Thanks for looking and feedback
  20. aggourin

    GPU Issues (X3100) with ML

    Hi, I wonder if a problematic kext can cause hardware damage in a gpu.... I have an intel gma X3100 laptop that was working good with osx lion . I want to update it a little bit to osx Mountain Lion . All went fine until i try to use Firefox. When I open Firefox and visit a page , instead of...