help asap

  1. litoondev

    NEED HELP To INSTALL hackintosh ON MY PC

    My pc configuration: intel core i7 5820k extreme version motherboard: MSI x99A SLI plus nvidia GTX 1050ti DDR4 24gb 3 month ago I'm trying to install Hackintosh on my pc but I'm failed. But now I will try to install Hackintosh again so anyone please help me to install Hackintosh on my pc...
  2. anrus

    High Sierra does not shutdown properly

    I had a working system with high sierra (10.13.6) installed, but I accidentally broke it. I reinstalled High Sierra. But now it does not shutdown properly. When I click on Apple > Shut down the screen becomes black, monitor shows a message like "no connection", but cpu cooler is still spinning...
  3. Hamshii

    [Solved] Not Able To Install Mac OS with Unibeast On Desktop Dell Vostro 3667

    Hello, I have tried multiple different guides on how to install Mac OS with unibeast, but to no avail. My computer will not boot from my formatted USB [it will only boot from my internal HDD] [The desktop can boot through USB ~ but isn't with this] ANY assistance would be appreciated...

    First Time Hackintosh Builder Who Needs Help

    So I finally got my Hackintosh to boot into macOs Sierra. I had to use Safe Mode in order for it to boot without failing. If I could get help with everything from below (minus upgrading to Mojave), I will have a fully-functional Hackintosh! What I have left to do: Get Proper Rx 480 Drivers...
  5. Walucard

    HDMI scrambles video output

    Hello again, gents. I'm having some problems getting a dual monitor situation set up on my hackintosh running high sierra 10.13.3 I have the 6870 Reference Card, GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard, i7-3770K CPU ATIConfig=Bulrushes, ATIPorts=5, ß Duckweed Framebuffers Whenever I plug an HDMI in trying...
  6. Chaitanya1896

    Clover won't show my hdd list without hitting enter

    Hello, I have successfully installed high sierra on my lenovo g50-70 laptop but recently getting two problems. 1. the hdd list won't show up without hitting the enter button in clover. 2. the laptop wouldn't wake up from sleep after hibernating. Please help me, as on my last post no one did........
  7. mustyaslan99

    Hackintosh not booting up.

    Hey, this is my second day after setinss up hackintosh and now after clover bootloader I get this lines and it just reboots. Is there any suggestions to fix this? PLRASP HELP ASAP
  8. mustyaslan99

    Hackintosh not booting up.

    Hey, this is my second day after setinss up hackintosh and now after clover bootloader I get this lines and it just reboots. Is there any suggestions to fix this?
  9. isundhar

    AppleIntelLpssI2CController - IOProviderClass IOResources

    Got stuck in here With kernel panic. Seriously need help here. refer screenshot. Thanks in advance.
  10. LeoLion12345

    Samsung R480 Updating to El Capitan

    Hey! I just received a Samsung R480 laptop. (I know it is old, just wanted to see if I can hackintosh it). I also was able to make it a mackintosh just fine with my original Snow Leopard disk, but I can't seem to get it to update to 10.6.8 with the Combo update and multibeast. They install...
  11. jaywill10

    Stuck on apple logo/prohibit sign. Please Help!!

    So I am trying to install MacOS High Sierra and when i go to the tool that says "install Macos High Sierra" a apple logo appears and then after about 1 minute it changes into a prohibited sign. See attached image. There is no progress bar and I am out of ideas yet again. I hope Someone can help!
  12. Jinjaninja1

    macOS High Sierra - Installation success but no Audio. help!!!!

    Hi guys, I've successfully managed to fresh install macOS High Sierra on my hackintosh with msi Z97 Gaming 3 mobo. However, as always I've run into the problem of no audio. I've tried some tutorials on this forum with VoodoHD and Realtek audio guides no luck. If I remember clearly back in...
  13. ppp7032

    I can't boot onto my Sierra USB!

    My laptop is an HP Pavilion g6 laptop that has the following specs: CPU: i3-3110M GPU: 3rd generation Intel HD 4000 MOBO: HP 183F RAM: 4GB Single Channel DDR3 Wi-Fi: Ralink RT5390R 802.11bgn Ethernet: Realtek PCIe FE Family Conroller BIOS: UEFI So when I try to boot off of the Sierra USB I...
  14. IncognitoJoe

    What is my audio codec

    Hi I have a HP 15 TS Notebook PC (PN:G9D68UA#ABA) and I have been trying to find my Realtek codec ex:ALC658, but I cannot find mine out. I know it is Realtek because on Win 10/8.1 it states “Realtek High Definiton Audio”. I have tried the cloveralc commands, the IORegistry which is blank, and...
  15. lewis22343

    Screen garble with Lenovo g570

    Hi, I'm new to the whole hackintosh thing, and I thought I would try it out on my old Lenovo g570, all the setup went fine, until the actual setup finished and it went onto the desktop after me typing in my Apple ID and it was fine, restarted it and it's come up with this straight after the...
  16. GiHomer

    Can't change systemversion.plist back

    Hey, I have the following problem. I changed the systemversion from 10.11.6 to 10.9.1 to install a program. Knowing that a reboot without changing the version back would cause some trouble I kept the Terminal open, however i didn't know, that the Installation of the program closed all open...
  17. Caelus1234

    Sierra OS X Stuck on Apple Logo

    Hi I am new to this whole thing but I know I properly set up the USB and tried it configure the bios. The clover loads and I see the option and it boots the apple logo and shows a blank progress bar and just stays that way. Any advice I have an X99 Motherboard, Titan X Graphics card and and I7...
  18. kvn95

    Need help patching SSDTs!!

    Hay guys, I need help patching my SSDTs. I have gone through several posts, and the only thing I've been able to do so far, is obtain the SSDT files via RWEverything(windows). I'm editing it using MaciASL tool, and since my hackintosh can't connect via Wi-Fi, I'm running a VM image for patching...
  19. mattestanz

    CustoMac for VR

    Hello everybody, I need to build a new machine specifically for VR - Virtual Reality development, therefore it must be a super-charged machine. Would anybody help me understanding whether it's possible to create a CustoMac with the following elements, or something compatible with the same...
  20. t3kgamer

    Weird Errors on S5520HC (Sierra Unibeast 7)

    Hello if I've posted in the wrong forum sorry! So I have a weird issue I built myself a dual xeon system based on the intel s5520hc server board and when trying to boot the installer from clover I get some errors console relocated to 0xb2000000 [ PCI configuration end, bridges 9, devices 34 ]...