1. chuchutta

    [Solved] USB HDDs not showing up in Finder or Disk Utility (High Sierra)

    I have tried 2 USB HDDs with the High Sierra update. Neither show up. Both formatted in HFS+ format. Some of the posts i have read state that I need to convert it to apples new format with Disk Utilities. The only problem is, is that when I click on "Show All", all that shows is "Internal". No...
  2. SonnyRR

    Drive permissions.

    So recently I discovered that my second drive that I have in my hackintosh was not set up correctly. I use a SSD for the system and a HDD for almost everything else (documents etc.). The HDD is exFAT formatted, because if needed I could recover files from a windows machine. The SSD is not APFS...
  3. lavavex

    Apple Bootcamp HFS Read Only Windows Drivers

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers! I have created a simple script that will install the Apple HFS Read Only drivers from Bootcamp on any Windows PC! This script is the effort of an hour of just googling stuff and copy pasting commands with minimal edits (Cause I'm Lazy) but should work on any computer...
  4. ifnotuthenwho

    SATA HDD drives disappear after a reboot

    I just built a machine with a GigaByte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming mother board using Unibeast, and Multibeast. It has a SSD drive for the boot device, and has two SATA spinning disk HDD drives installed. When I boot from a powered-off state, Disk Utility can see all three drives. However, if I...
  5. Kallator

    [Solved] Hight Sierra unable to mount 2nd HDD

    I finally managed to install High Sierra on my old machine after what felt like a hundred tries. I had near to no problems with Sierra, but now i am not able to mount my secondary HDD. - Board is a Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 - Primary harddisk is a Kingston SSD, secondary a WD 1TB HDD - after login...
  6. Jake3231

    macOS 10.13 and Windows Default to Windows

    I am looking to upgrade an existing Windows PC to include a hard drive with a partition dedicated to running macOS. First of all, is it possible to insert a hard drive into a Windows PC tower and install macOS to one of its partitions, then have the option to boot to either Windows or macOS...
  7. Asdfgjajaja

    Critical error: my bios is freezed!

    Hi, I'm in problems! Yesterday I bought an HDD, WD 1tb, because I wanted to have Windows in my main hard drive and a second mac OS High Sierra in my new HDD. I did two partitions of the HDD, 500gb and 500gb. One partition to save files and share them between my two operative systems and...
  8. onyawangdong

    Hackintosh High Sierra Disk Utility Not Detecting 1TB HARDDRIVE

    CPU: i5 4590 Mobo: H81M-P33 HDD: WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB BLUE BRAND NEW FROM AMAZON(the motherboard fully detects the hard drive) Already did unibeast and followed the main high sierra guide but when i get to the installer and go to disk utility my usb shows up but not my hard drive inside the system.
  9. Laur3nt1u

    Install OS X for iMac without the iMac

    My friend is working abroad and he took with him his 27" Mid 2010 iMac. I've install Windows to dual boot on the same HDD without Boot Camp (because it didn't work), and now after some years he needs to change the HDD because it's dead. He wants me to install OSX and Windows on a new HDD and...
  10. AengusPenguin

    [Solved] HDD not recognised by Disk Utility

    Hi, I am having issues with the booting process of my first Hackintosh. Whilst running Disk Utility (step 4.6 of the installation guide) there is no option to choose my HDD (1Tb WD blue). I have made sure all bios settings are as what they should be (AHCI for the mobo and the SATA drives...
  11. yungyulli

    Can you clone hackintosh hdd

    Hey im getting a larger hard drive and i was wondering if i just clone the older hard drive to the new one will it just be okay as it is? Do i have to reset the ddst's or is that only if you add extra hardware(like if i had 2 hard drives instead of 1) thank you
  12. PACMAN393

    I can't partition my HDD with Disk Utility

    How's it going everyone? I have a problem with High Sierra, I need to partition my HDD but i can't. It's a Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 750 GB 5400 rpm. When I use Disk Utility, I resize my boot volume and I create a new APFS volume. When I start the process everything works okay until the part that...
  13. AWY12

    [Solved] UEFI Boot Options Gone After New SSD Install

    So after spending days getting OSX 10.12.6 and Windows 10 setup on my new build, I decided to add an extra SSD for storage. I added the SSD, but when I rebooted, Clover was not loaded. Instead, it booted straight to Windows 10. Now, when I look at my boot options, there are some options...
  14. nijat12

    RAID with 2 SSD and 2 HDD?

    Hello, I am building my first Hackintosh and it has been years since I've built a PC so I might be a bit behind. I am building a PowerMac g5 and I am almost done with the case. It is time to put everything together. I have 2 128gb SSD lying around. Wanted to use them for OS and wanted to buy 2...
  15. kosmin97

    No Hard disk showing in MacOs Sierra installer

    Hi guys, I downloaded the macOs Sierra 10.12 from the AppStore from my macbook and I used UniBeast to create a bootable usb. After this, i changed my BIOS settings and then i reboot the PC from my usb, I use this boot args : -v, dart=0, nv_disable=1 and I inject Nvidia from Graphics Injector in...
  16. acsleator

    New HDD on Dual Boot, Now Cannot Boot Clover

    Hi everyone, I successfully got W10 and El Capitan installed on my first build. Everything was working fine (bar some graphical issues I just had to get around to sorting), and I was mainly using W10 due to college taking up all my time for ease. I installed a new 1TB WD blue, and suddenly I...
  17. TheHarshHackintosher

    Sata HDD won't show up in OS X El Capitan Installation

    My Hard Drive doesn't show up in the installer tab, disk utility, or terminal. The only thing that shows up is the USB. System information doesn't see any Serial ATA devices either. I tried different Hard Drives and different SATA Ports, the HDD also shows up in bios and my PC detects it. My...
  18. Mediotaku23

    Multibooting special question [Windows 10 and Mac OS X]

    Hi, I´m new in the forum so sorry if some things i´m gonna ask here should be obviously know by me. I have a brand new portable hdd of 1 Tb and a Pc with Windows 10 installed in a SSD, with another hdd for extra storage, I only wanna know if it would be possible to create in the new hdd two...
  19. awesomeepicguy

    Installing Win 10

    Hi, Can someone link me an up-to-date guide to installing windows 10 on my hackintosh? I have a 2tb hdd and a 256 gb ssd, and I want windows on the HDD. I already have an ISO file of Windows 10. Is using Bootcamp to create a partition and bootable drive advisable? Thanks.
  20. hackintosh1984

    Support system files APFS for HDD disk partitions?

    I have question. Is support system files APFS for HDD disk partitions? I have now partition in HFS+ with my data (not is boot macOS), disk is schemat GPT GUID. I will have conversion or format partition HFS+ to APFS.