1. AllsGamingHD

    HDD Not detected but USB Stick detected

    Hello, I'm on MSI GE73VR 7RF: i7 7700HQ (IGPU: Intel HD30) GTX 1070 I can't connect an external hard drive, they are not recognized in the finder, disk utility or terminal. However, USB flash drives are well recognized. I would like to get help if someone could help me. Thanks
  2. Xbit18

    How to transfer successful HDD install on SSD?

    Hi everyone, I finally managed to install High Sierra on a spare HDD I had laying around. Audio works, ethernet works, GPU card works and is recognized by the system. It seems to work perfectly so far. Now, let's say I want to "transfer" this installation on an SSD bought specifically for this...
  3. akinci

    << Solved >> Please Help Newbie Any Help will be Appreciated

    Hi everyone, I'm a old member newbie. I'm very desperate about my slow boot time in my computer, I hope experienced users could help me. I used to run El Capitan in my old system before, I decided to upgrade to High Sierra. I didn’t want to take a risk so I decided to install on a new...
  4. TheJonaZ

    Powermag G5 HDD Tray

    Hello, i board a Powermac G5 an they removed the HDD Tray, now my question, how i can put the Tray back because nobody on Youtube have removed the Tray without destroy the Platte
  5. christto1991

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6

    Internal HDD WD Red 8TB not showing up after reboot HS 10.13.6. It Shows up on the first startup of the computer. But then if i restart the computer the HDD disappears. Then for it to show up i have to shut down the computer and then turn off the power supply to the computer and then when i...
  6. portaaaaB

    Display and USB issues - Mojave 10.14.3

    I’m a first time hackintosh builder so a lot of this is new to me. For starters I followed the guide on this site using Unibeast and Multibeast. Everything worked as planned minus Ethernet not working after Multibeast(resolved the issue). Current issues: 1.Unsure of drivers for AMD r5 220. It...
  7. BlackDragon_B

    Pulling out a HDD and putting it in a hackintosh

    I know this post is already been on the forum but i got a question for it Can i make a Clover Usb And put the imac hdd with exitsting macos and boot it using Clover
  8. PashZ

    SSD and HDD failure almost simultaneously. Blame Windows?

    Hi everyone! I've had my Customac with Sierra installed for over a year and half now with no issues and never had any goddamn bad word to say about it. Working like a Swiss watch. For some apps I had to install Windows 10 so I've bought the new SSD and made a clean install on it so these two...
  9. N8261D

    JBOD won't work. Help with LVM?

    Hey guys. I tried creating 2 partitions on both a HDD and an SSD. I want the fast boot times, but I want all the User files and applications to be stored on a HDD as I only have a 120GB SSD and I want to put Windows 10 on it as well. Anyway, I took one partition from each drive and created a...
  10. Atilio

    1tb hdd unable to initialize in Mojave

    Well, first sorry about my english, i'm from South America. I have been trying install Mojave but my HDD doesn´t initialize, so i can't mount the disk to Install Mojave. I connect (external) that HDD in my Mac Book Pro and Utility Disk recognized and also can erase it. i attach a photo of the...
  11. Psychilles

    Bootable backup mixed file systems

    I'm setting my first build and I was wondering if I can make a bootable backup from a High Sierra APFS SSD to an HFS HDD? Or will that mess up my backup?
  12. Stijn485

    How can I share a HDD between windows and mac os?

    Hello there! I've installed mac os x high sierra and windows 10 on two seperate ssd's. I'd like to be able to share one 4tb hdd between the two of them, preferable through a partition. What's the best and most logical way to go about this? I've tried just partitioning the hdd, one on mac os...
  13. snikrs

    osx slow when boot from hdd, works ok from usb

    Hello, I did clean install and post installation with multibeast (legacy boot, sound and network driver, ssdt sandy bridge i7, iMac12.2 definition). It works fine if I start OSX from usb installer (created with unibeast), but if I start OSX from HDD everything becomes slow and unresponsive...
  14. NXR

    Using Internal HDD with windows files in mac OS Sierra [Question]

    Hello everyone! This will be my first time installing mac os on my PC, therefore in windows 10 i use 1 SSD with windows 10 installed + HDD 7200RPM 750GB with media files, games, documents etc... my question is if there is any problem leaving the HDD connected to the motherboard, will mac os...
  15. Viditppp

    Laptop (Dell n5010) randomly shuts during installation

    So I made a bootable flash drive with cover bootloader for High Sierra. It boots up as it should, I format my HDD to hsf+, then right when it says "installing" and "10 minutes remaining" (time keeps changing) the laptop just shuts down. Could it be a HDD related problem? I have switched the bios...
  16. charlesbelisle

    [SOLVED] Internal SATA HDD sometimes not recognized by Disk Utility

    Hi, I'm on Sierra 10.12.6 and am pretty much impressed by the capabilities of a Hackintosh. I have a major problem though : my second drive (HDD 4 TB WD Black) is some times recognized by the OS / Disk Utility, but sometimes it isn't.. When it's connected, it often disconnect itself all by...
  17. steve-tmq

    Strange HDD problem on Lenovo G50-70.

    I have a Lenovo G50-70 i3 12Gb ram. UEFI. It has Windows 10, Linux and Mavericks installed. I wanted to try High Sierra but did not want to install over my current working Mavericks. I make the install USB using UniBest and tested the boot and it worked (booted to the install screen) so I...
  18. chuchutta

    [Solved] USB HDDs not showing up in Finder or Disk Utility (High Sierra)

    I have tried 2 USB HDDs with the High Sierra update. Neither show up. Both formatted in HFS+ format. Some of the posts i have read state that I need to convert it to apples new format with Disk Utilities. The only problem is, is that when I click on "Show All", all that shows is "Internal". No...
  19. SonnyRR

    Drive permissions.

    So recently I discovered that my second drive that I have in my hackintosh was not set up correctly. I use a SSD for the system and a HDD for almost everything else (documents etc.). The HDD is exFAT formatted, because if needed I could recover files from a windows machine. The SSD is not APFS...
  20. lavavex

    Apple Bootcamp HFS Read Only Windows Drivers

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers! I have created a simple script that will install the Apple HFS Read Only drivers from Bootcamp on any Windows PC! This script is the effort of an hour of just googling stuff and copy pasting commands with minimal edits (Cause I'm Lazy) but should work on any computer...