1. RetroRocker

    A long overdue upgrade.. please help - Is Catalina possible with my mobo/cpu?

    So I've been running a dual boot Sierra build for many years now, happily. But my graphics card has reached it's limit and needs to be retired for a new model if I'm to continue to play new games on Win10. I've been far too afraid to touch the MacOSX side of things for fear of breaking the whole...
  2. Cispuz

    GTX 770 on Mojave

    Hi Everyone, I've installed Mojave into this Config: Asrock H81 BTC Pro 2.0 i5 4690 3.5GhZ Gtz 770 I saw that Mojave supports full hardware acceleration on my 770 but I can't enable it in any way. someone could help me please.
  3. Ankedo

    [Solved] High Sierra won't boot without USB

    Hello, After several days of trying to figure out the many problems I've had with installing High Sierra, I've now come to the last problem of my Hackintosh, and this is a problem I've been postponing. My Hackintosh won't boot without the UniBeast usb-stick. I've tried to Mount EFI(from both...
  4. pollofrank

    Is my computer compatible?

    Hi guys, I was a mac user for years, then I had to switch to Win for work reasons. Now I would keep my hardware to switch to an hackintosh. Actually my win pc has this hw: Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 Processor Intel Ci7 CPU 1150 i7-4790K, 4.00 GHz Graphic Asus GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 GeForce GTX...
  5. FreddyA

    GTX770 - Very bad video playback (GVA Error)

    Hi all, I'm struggling a few days with the following problem: When I play a video (HD/4k h264) with Quicktime or Finder, it stutters heavily. Even editing with FCPX is very laggy. The error message I get in the Console: GVA error: AGPMGetManagedPortForAccelerator returned 0x4 for VP4 GVA...
  6. jan4675

    Nvidia gtx770 Yosemite

    I used all audio solution after Yosemite install 10.10.1 and everything was perfect(seems to be vodoo), that is untill i installed nvidia web drivers which interfered with my Hdmi (muted) anyone know of a fix for this? Also tried(for two days) getting the audio working in sierra at no avail...
  7. ryanvdb

    Gpu causing restarts!

    I've had my first Hackintosh up and running perfectly for the past year and a bit thanks to Tonymac and everyone here! Recently it crashed while rendering overnight. After some trial and error and a clean install to 10.11.6 (with no problems). It was the graphics card that had been fried. I...
  8. ilja95man

    Will it work on GTX770 and I5 4670?

    Hi everyone, i have Desktop with next specifications: CPU - intel core i5 4670; GPU - gtx770 2gb from ZOTAC; motherboard - GigaByte GA-H87-HD3; SSD - 120GB from Kingston; HDD seagate baracuda 1tb. Will hackintosh work on my PC or not? Must i try to istall this or it's a waste of time? Before...
  9. marzio12

    GTX 770 HDMI audio how fix? El capitan

    please can you help me to find a fix for output audio from hdmi of Gtx 770. thanks for help.
  10. Stekle

    Black Screen after Apple Logo

    Hello I'm Steve and new in hackintosh. I try since 2 days to run Hackintosh El Capitan on my PC. :roll2: Everytime I try to Install or Boot WITH my GTX 770 the connection getting lost to my Monitor after the Apple Logo. :think: The PC stays on. But when I'm booting with my Intel HD4600 in my...
  11. nestea

    Graphic Card and External Drive Issues

    Hello everybody ! My Hackintosh has 3 years now I've build the Lexon's Haswell Build that you can see here : Now I'm running on Yosemite 10.10.2 and use Multibeast 7.0.2. Since the...
  12. megamegasleepy

    issues issues issues... dual 770 support

    Hey wise gurus, so I finally upgraded to yosemite, from mavericks, which was working perfectly apart from iMessage. went through installation fine and as had no audio went and ran multibeast. not sure exactly what i did wrong, but have only the second of the two 770 4gb showing. when i boot if I...
  13. applebirne

    msi NVIDIA GeForce GTX770: Really Bad Performance

    Hallo, I just got my first Hackintosh running, everything works fine Ethernet, Audio, 1920x1080 Resolution and so on... expect for my Graphics Card (msi GTX 770), it has really bad performance, for example the Launchpad is launching really slowly with some kind of vertical Stripes. also as you...
  14. DeservingPorcupine

    GTX 770 Performance issues

    Hello all, I'm about 12 hours into working on my first hackintosh, having spent the past 4 trying to get my video card to perform well. I have a PNY GTX 770 (, and am seeing very slow rendering time and screen tearing (I can see...
  15. olmirror

    cuda not found gtx770

    I was hoping somebody could help me out. I have recently popped in a GTX 770 2Gb, installed the latest web drivers & cuda, in Mavericks as well as Yosemite, put in the correct parameters in the config.plist (clover) and it's recognized correctly in the system information. But according to cuda Z...
  16. bnolan

    OSX/Yosemite Compatible build?

    Hey all, I'm bnolan. I'm new to tonymacx86 and I just want to say thanks for all the support. I've been reading around and you guys are a great community, so it was only natural I joined. Why I'm here I'm in the tech industry, where I work as a web developer/UX designer and have been running...
  17. entoine

    enabling cuda in premiere CC2014, after effects and media encoder with Nvidia GeForce GTX770

    GTX770 is not in the list of supporter graphic cards for Cuda acceleration on mac for premiere CC2014 and so for After effects, and media encoder.. So you need to add it to the list After a lot of research here on this forum and on other forums..:banghead: I finally got it right, doing...
  18. sharchik

    Video Production Hackintosh: Are these parts compatible? HELP PLEASE! :D

    NEW HACKINTOSH BUILDER HERE! Hope you guys can help me see if this build will work as it's my first one. Here's all the parts I have in my cart right now: Drives: Samsung Electronics 850 Pro (OS & Apps) Samsung Electronics 840 EVO x 2 (Previews & Cache Files) Western Digital 2 TB SATA III...
  19. iGFORC3

    GFX for triple monitor setup / R9 280X vs GTX 770

    I'm planing to upgrade my setup to 1x 2560x1440 and 2x 1440x900 monitors. As my actual graphics card, a HD 6870, would be too slow for gaming in these resolution i'm searching for an upgrade. So i looked for a R9 280X or a GTX 770, both are comparable in price and performance. For gaming i like...
  20. rpcstryker66

    MultiBeast Ticker Help

    Hey guys, I am new to the Hackintosh scene but I have gotten Mavericks 10.9.4 successfully installed on my Hackintosh (with the USB to boot up) and I am at the part of the process where I have to use MultiBeast but every time I try it, I cannot boot back into Mavericks. I get the boot0 error...