enabling cuda in premiere CC2014, after effects and media encoder with Nvidia GeForce GTX770

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Sep 6, 2014
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GTX770 is not in the list of supporter graphic cards for Cuda acceleration on mac for premiere CC2014 and so for After effects, and media encoder..
So you need to add it to the list
After a lot of research here on this forum and on other forums..:banghead: I finally got it right, doing differently.. :idea:

here is the way I did it.

first you have to download cuda drivers on nvidia website (type "mac cuda drivers" on google)

after installing them, you need to add your card on the list of cards supported by the applications. Here is how I did.

1) Mount your system drive on an other mac (I did it with an USB/sata device)

2) Go find the cuda_supported_cards.txt files in the folders of Premiere contents, Adobe media encoder, and after effects in the application folder.
add "
GeForce GTX 770" to the list in the text file and close it. (make that for the three ones, the one of premiere, the one of after effects and the one of media encoder)
3) you're done, you can now reconnect the drive in your mac you're card is now supported.

You need to do it on an other mac as you can't modify these text files on yours.. (try it, you'll see)

here below is what I found in an other post

1. Download latest CUDA drivers:

2. Open Terminal

3. /Applications/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\

4. Find the name of your card (ie: GeForce GTX 580)

5. sudo nano /Applications/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\

6. Paste the name of your card the bottom of the list.

7. To Save: Control+X, then Y to accept changes. Enter to exit.

8. For After Effects* sudo nano /Applications/Adobe\ After\ Effects\ CC/Adobe\ After\ Effects\

9. Arrow down to bottom of list, paste card name at bottom

10. To Save: Control+X, then Y to accept changes. Enter to exit.

the problem is that it is for premiere CC and not premiere CC2014 so the files aren't in the same place and it doesn't work.. I tried to modify the lines, did it right for the gpusniffer but not for the others...

If somebody is good enough in programing to modify the lines of commands to update this method, you're welcome. It would be better and faster without having to use an other mac...

I just find a solution to change easily the text file (no needs to unplug your hard drive!).

1- in application, right clic on after effect icon, then
show package content

2-find the file "
raytracer_supported_cards" . you cannot modifie it but you can duplicate ("raytracer_supported_cards-copy"), add your grafic card name, save, put original "raytracer_supported_cards" in the trash, and rename "raytracer_supported_cards-copy" to "raytracer_supported_cards"

3-start after effect and cuda work fine


PS: Mac OS 10.9 / after effect CC 2014/ GTX770
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