gtx 770

  1. danhdez

    Laggy Graphics on High Sierra, GTX 770

    Hi all, Longtime lurker, first time poster. I have recently updated my hack from El Capitan to High Sierra in order to update my audio software. The update was fairly successful, with everything working but the graphics. Using Google Chrome is often laggy and unresponsive, with windows hanging...
  2. SteveGary

    Can't boot without "nv_disable=1" with GTX 770 - Mojave

    Had a clean install of Mojave which is working fine except for the graphics side. I'm using a Nvidia GTX 770 which should be supported via Lilu and Whatevergreen (they're installed in Clover), but I'm actually experiencing huge lags and flickering in the UI. If no boot options and no...
  3. lazza13

    [Success] i7 4770k - GA-Z87X-UD3H - 16GB RAM - GTX 770 2GB

    lazza13's Build: i7 4770k - GA-Z87X-UD3H - 16GB RAM - GTX 770 2GB Components Intel Core i7-4770K Processor Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H Motherboard...
  4. fierromax

    High Sierra stuck at booting

    Hello eveyone It's my very first time trying to build a hackintosh machine, but I'm not able to get to the Installation menu of macOS. I created an USB installer using the latest version of Unibeast (8.1), but when I select boot from macOS installer, the progress bar always get stuck at the...
  5. Marcoman

    Why can't my gpu run iMovie?!

    My gpu is a gtx 770, how come a gtx 750ti can run iMovie and my 770 can't when both cards are 700 series cards?! Is there any way that I can be able to run things like iMovie or Final Cut Pro X?
  6. antlobo

    Osx10.12.5 Gtx770

    Hi I did upgrade to Osx 10.12.5 I have a Gtx 770 connected to the Macbook pro on PCIe on ExpressCard slots is connected but the monitor connected to the Gtx is not detected using Webdriver 378.05.05.15f1 with setting (driver: NVidia webdriver) With Bootcamp (windows 1 0) everything works...
  7. visualprox

    Dual GTX 980 ti and GTX 770 failure boot

    Hi there! Recently I've upgraded my rig from GTX 770 to GTX 980 ti. But i really need the two cards work in Davinci Resolve. I can get my rig boot either with 770 or 980 ti but not them together. The screen just stays blank and if I push the power button it turns off immediately, like the...
  8. dkidd92

    Could I use an Apple Cinema Display with my hackintosh?

    Ok guys, I've been thinking about buying an apple cinema display to use with my hackintosh. I don't mean the Thunderbolt display, I mean the one that just uses the mini display port. If I were to buy a mini-display to display port adapter would it work? Does anyone have any experience in this...
  9. calvincosta1

    Computer Shuts Down After Apple Logo And Progress Bar Finish Loading

    Specs: CPU - i5 4670K Motherboard - ASUS B85 Plus Graphics Card - ZOTAC Geforce GTX 770 RAM - 16 GB Heatsink - CoolerMaster Hyper 212X Power Supply - Thermaltake 650 Watt Problem: About a week ago I turned on my hackintosh and it went to the Chimera Bootloader and then booted up onto my...
  10. niocio01

    how to change screen resolution

    I just set up my first Hackintosh today (El capitan 10.11.4) I couldn't get my nvidia gtx 770 to work properly, so I added nv_disable=1 to the boot Arguments. I cant figure out how to change my screen resolution. I have a 21:9 widescreen 3440x1440 monitor connected via display Port. I the...
  11. jjcorrales

    GTX770 Multiple Monitors

    Hi Guys, I have a MSI z97 Gaming 5 mobo, msi gtx 770 and an intel core i7 4790k I have 10.11.2 up and running, everything is working great except I cannot get multiple monitors to work. it detects one monitor but it wont do anything for my other 2. Any one have any suggestions or advice?
  12. comfreak

    Graphics stutter no matter what resolution GTX 770, GA-Z97X-UD3H, i7-4790K

    Hello everyone, to check out the performance of my new hackintosh build, I wanted to run a few benchmarks. One of them is the Unigine Heaven GPU benchmark. I ran a few tests but I would always have irregular stuttering of the fps. No matter what settings I ran the benchmark at, the fps would...
  13. therealdoc

    Hackintosh possible for this (good) 4 years pc ?

    Hi I have this 4 years old config and I wanted to know if hackintosh would work and what version of OSX would be best : Motherboard : ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 Processor : Intel i7-2600K Display Adapter : Nvidia GTX 770 2Gb Ram : 4x4 Gb DDR3 G Skill Sniper F3-12800CL9-4GBSR2 SSD Samsung SSD...
  14. Bavariatroll

    update to 10.10.3 - Black Screen with msi Geforce GTX 770

    After my update i got only a Black screen, Monitor get no signal. My Intern Card HD 4000 is function. What should I do? Thanks!
  15. owen3150

    [Success] Asus P8Z68-M pro 2600k 8gb GTX 770

    Specs: CPU: 2600k i7 - Do not overclock for install. Mobo: Asus p8z68-m Pro GFX: GTX 770 MSI 2gb Twin Frozer Ram: Kingston HyperX 2133 (Set to 1600 for install) SSD: Patriot Pyro 60gb Pro tip: Disk utility using USB 3.0 flash drives on a hackintosh does not seem to work when trying to...
  16. Reservoir

    Hackintosh Hardware Compatibility Advice/Help

    Hi guys, I'm looking to make my computer a Hackintosh. Right now I have Windows 7 and am planning to install Hackintosh on a separate hard drive, so I could keep both OS. But I'm not sure if my computer build and parts are compatible for installing Hackintosh. Looking for some help on that part...
  17. gumpheartjenny

    Nvidia GTX 770 Video Glitch

    Hello all. i'm having problems with my graphics card and my video editing software (premiere) where I didn't have problems before updating to Yosemite. At random points in time the weird video glitches that happen to different apps like the image I've posted below...WOAH...actually, I can't...
  18. javizs

    Kernel panic in reebot after installation in Yosemite.

    Gigabyte GA X79 UD3 i7 4820k MSI Gtx770 OC I have installed Yosemite following the tutorial with Unibeast and Multibeast I use this flags for installation: -x -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 cpus=1 to install I installed it and reboot but when i install the multibeast and reboot without...
  19. brennendw

    HDMI Audio port selection...

    Hi all, I have HDMI audio output working but I've got a small conundrum on my hands! In my system I have two GTX 770 both only have one HDMI port. I have one monitor and a TV on the wall connected to surround sound with audio pass through, the monitor does not have any speakers built. On...
  20. StoplightLooseJaw

    GIGABYTE GTX 770 Issues

    Hey all, Currently running: i7-3770k (No OC) Gigabyte z77x-UD5h OSX 10.8.5 Gigabyte GTX 770 I have had a stable system since February. I initially built my system without the GTX 770 Card and had a stable system running of the on-board graphics (HD 4000 - Intel). I then added the GTX 770...