1. SamuelJacob

    [Solved] GeForce 680 Compatible with High Sierra?

    Is GeForce 680 is compatible with High Sierra? I formatted my SSD to APFS. I'm currently installed to High Sierra - but I had to take out my Graphics Card in order to see and for this to work so far. The only Driver I've installed so far is Multibeast latest version - and then I downloaded...
  2. VelvetWalrus

    Running SLI, Issues in MacOS | Dual Boot Hackintosh

    I'm running SLI with two GTX1070's for gaming on my windows side. I make a living producing videos on the Mac side. When ever I'm in OSX i have issues with programs like quickbooks and Chrome glitching out unless I unplug one of my GPUs. Anyone know anything about this issue or if there is a fix?
  3. doomguy98


    I bought a Gigabyte H310M A with a i3 8100 and i cant use the keyboard and mouse in the installation of High Sierra, i search a lot and i couldnt find any help, please help! (I didnt have any problem with a similar build with a z370) Im a noob please i need a step by step fix if someone can help...
  4. gabrycosta04


    How to fix yellow screen on first boot? How to download kext to fix it? *sorry for my bad english*
  5. t0mmen

    High sierra ram fix, now it wont boot.

    I saw something on reddit how you could fix the only 8gb memory read. I applied the fix and now high sierra wont boot. Z370-f 16gb corsair dominator platinum gtx 1080 i5 8600k
  6. Taazin

    Intel hd graphics 3000, glitches HP LAPTOP

    Hi everyone I recently managed to install macOS high Sierra on my laptop, called HP Pavilion G4-1226se (, and everything work fine except WiFi (which is not a big deal for me) as I have installed Ethernet drivers. So now the only problem is...
  7. NicoM4491

    Question, is the a way to Fix audio slide to obtain the full range of volume?

    Hello! Well, the question is on the title, is there a way to obtain the full range of volume in our hacks? The thing is that when i slide the bar of audio until the middle i obtain the lower value of sound, and in full slide i obtain a mid-high range of loudness, just to add more info and a...
  8. adrielpuentes

    Can't get my Intel 4600 or Nvidia 960m to Work! - Sierra

    Hey there! I currently have a copy of Sierra (Not High Sierra) running on an Asus GL551J, but am having a few Post-Installation issues! The Most Prominent issue being: 1. I cannot properly get either the Intel 4600 or Nvidia 960m to work properly. The Intel Card reads, but only as 7mb. If I...
  9. allaboutpc

    ACPI Error on Acer Aspire 6930G

    Hi, I'm a new user and I have a problem with installation of macOS Sierra, with Chamaleon Bootloader on an Acer Aspire 6930G. To boot I use this args (founded on the Internet): "-x -v -f acpi=off PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No" Anyone have a fix for this problem? Thanks!
  10. RFMusicComposer

    Skylake Build - Can't fix Black Screen - Gtx 1050 ti - Please help!

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers, I've been struggling for a week with my new build. Everything seems to work fine except (I suppose) the GPU which is giving me way too many headaches. I hope you can help me out! BUILD iMac 17,1 Mobo: GA-Z170x-Ultra Gaming rev 1.0 (BIOS: f22) CPU: i7 6700k 4.0gHz GPU...
  11. jumpbeat

    My clock on my mac is not working

    Hello, I have a question if someone has a solution to the problem. My clock on my mac is not working properly my clock is always when I reconnect after half an hour, she goes 2 minutes before and if the pc is 9 to 10 hours on, it is about 30 minutes ago. What can I do about it?
  12. Piero2411

    usb don't shutdown and not read only HDD

    Hi last week i have install high sierra on my hackintosh but now i have find 2 problem. First when i shutdown my hackintosh usb don't shutdown i have try with fix usb in clover configurator but don't work. before high sierra I had sierra and this way it worked why not now? Second if I connect...
  13. saravanan160501

    [solved] Laptop Screen Brightness not Working :(

    Hey Guys, I have reinstalled macOS Sierra a couple of times in my laptop. The Brightness Adjustments has WORKED before in macOS Sierra but I am unable to make it work again now. Laptop Model: Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBD Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5500 with VRAM of 1536mb CPU: Intel Core-i5 5200U...
  14. enzo13enzo

    macOS 10.2.6 sierra CD Drive noise

    Hi all, i'm new in this forum and to tell the truth i was very pleased with the help received during the installation of mac sierra on my PC. Thanks again, the only problem I come up with is the "start" noise of the Sata CD/DVD Drive that leaves every 5/10 minutes. How do I fix it?
  15. Ahmedazaizeh

    headphones jack noise! sierra

    I have sierra on my acer aspire e5-575g and everything works but i noticed that sound out of the speakers is amazing while sound out of my headphones when i plug it is very bad and noisy, like some songs the music is normal but singer voice is far away and things like that, help me please!
  16. Ahmedazaizeh

    sound out of headphone jack is bad

    i have sierra on my acer aspire e5-575g and everything works but i noticed that sound out of the speakers is amazing while sound out of my headphones when i plug it is very bad and noisy, like some songs the music is normal but singer voice is far away and things like that, help me please!
  17. PACMAN393

    How to Fix the vtd[0] fault error (VT-x working)

    There some PCs that have troubles with the VT-x and VT-d technology in macOS, and the only solution that probably you find is use the dart=0 arg to boot the OS. But we lose the posibility to use the intel hardware virtualization in our PC. When we don't use this fix we see a message saying...
  18. eliapplethetech


    If your computer just gave up and is stuck on the mobo splash screen, don't lose hope! Here are a few tips: To make your computer boot, remove SATA cable, and short the CMOS_RESET pins. Your computer will turn on. Wait for a subtle "click" sound. That means the CMOS reset. Then wait for the...
  19. buenajuan300

    Trying to patch my DSDT.aml but fails to compile

    I have tried many ways to make a clean DSDT.aml without errors but when I decompile the clover dump and trying to compile with Maciasl it haves the same errors 4421, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ZERO 5486, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_NAME, expecting $end and premature...
  20. cezarvrabie

    Mac OS Sierra and VGA support

    Has anyone been able to find a fix for this problem? The Nvidia web drivers won't activate and from what I've found myself it's because my monitor is connected via a DVI to VGA adapter. Specs : 4690K Asus Z97-K 8GB RAM GTX 970