1. AlexGrozX

    Solved > Guys HELP. Restore EFI partition dual boot windows.

    Hello I broke my system. I have an EFI backup. But I cannot load in to Mac OS. When I connect my USB boot drive it causes a kernel panic and I can't even boot in to (clover boot loader). I can boot only to my Windows 10 (dual boot). I use (Mac Drive 10) to access my Mac OS drives. But how can i...
  2. dimmutris

    Can't boot in Sierra without USB flash drive!

    Hello to all! I got this problem that I can't boot to Sierra without the USB flash drive! I have installed Sierra correctly with all the drivers needed and everything works as a charm! I have also copied the EFI folder from the USB flash drive to the EFI on the disk that Sierra is installed...
  3. Fede1132

    Stuck on "End RandomSeed"

    Hi guys, today i have tried to install Mojave on my HP Laptop (HP Tre 71025), the system starts up and read the Mojave Installer USB, before i lunch "Install Mojave.." I add in the boot args -v and i got this output: These are the the drivers: - APFSDRIVERLOADER-64.EFI -...
  4. MojoGamerz

    Solved > No entry / prohibited symbol half way through boot - High Sierra

    Hi, So my USB installer works perfectly fine (created with UniBeast). I can also launch the installed OS X via the USB. I have re-installed 3 to 4 times now. My first approach I followed the guide using multibeast and tried rebooting, no luck, no entry symbol. Second, I installed Clover, no...
  5. Empusas

    Strange Problem with Mojave and Clover

    Hi, I have changed my Nvidia 1080TI to the Radeon RX580 prior's to my install of Mojave. I already had a High Sierra on a Fusion drive and decided to install Mojave on a separate HDD. Everything went fine, except some minor problems that I could resolve. 2 Days ago I added a new drive to...
  6. gabrycosta04

    HELP! Compatibility information and EFI folder for installation

    Hello, I'm new to the hackintosh world, I wanted to know if my pc is compatible with high sierra, my build is: CPU: Intel i5-8400 Motherboard: MSI B360M Gaming Plus GPU: Radeon R7 250x 2GB I also have some questions about it: What kexts do I need to make Hackintosh work? What DRIVER64UEFI do I...
  7. robo731

    Selecting the EFI partition to install clover to

    I currently have a 100MB EFI partition for booting Windows and a few Linux Distros, but it is only 100MB. Rather than moving or resizing which would be undesirable in my current situation. I am planning to create a second EFI partition, but at the end of my disk at a size of 200MB. I want to...
  8. i.can.c

    clover wont be detected

    so I can boot mac os from my USB drive and nothing is acc working, there's no animation plus its really glitchy after I change the name of bootmgfw.efi to something else, mac os finally works fine btw I'm booting it from the EFI partition of my hard drive (i was booting it from the EFI...
  9. macfanatic

    Does it make sense to move the entire EFI partition to a separate drive?

    I currently have a Hackintosh that I am putting together slowly (i7 8700 Coffee Lake/GA-Z370 Aorus Gaming 5/32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM/AMD Vega 64), and have gotten the MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 loaded and so far appears to be stable. I have been toying with the idea of setting a dual boot system with a Win...
  10. Hernandah

    Need Help - Stucked on Apple logo while installing

    Hi there! I was following many guides as there are not a clear one for z390 chipset, so I followed z370 ones as they may be really similar. First I tried with Tonymac one, but I got stucked on the apple logo. This also happened to me with every guide I followed, not even a load bar. I also...
  11. TheFox

    H370 Adrus Gaming3 Wifi [success]

    After it was very difficult this time to find the necessary settings I would like to share my EFi folder with you. So that others have it easier.
  12. atrbx5

    Creating bootable usb, efi partition not get created

    i am using unibeast 9 USB flash drive And Mojave’s install Unibeast completes successful but if I open clover config no efi partition on that drive
  13. jacky123456

    Slow boot time-No Audio

    Hi guys Since updating to Mojave my audio stoped working and the boot time has risen up from 10s to about a minute. I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. I've got a 8700k on a Asus Prime Z370-A, also i changed the GPU from Nvidia GTX 1070 to the RX 580 hoping to get much faster...
  14. rimini

    Don't Use Rapid by Samsun Magician on Sam's SSD!!!!

    Just sharing what happened yesterday, after re installing Win 7 on my Hackintosh! I've update my NVME 960, win 7 system disk, using Samsung Magician utility, but then I did a huge mistake: checked the other SSD to see benchmark differences and after I noticed that on my Sam 850Evo ssd was...
  15. christianmagill

    Updating Clover: How do you know what options to use?

    I installed Clover a while back on version 4411 and would like to update to 4700 before ultimately upgrading to the latest High Sierra. I did a straight install and wound up with booting issues, so I have since restored from the Clover backups. I'm wondering how do I go about finding what...
  16. christianmagill

    [Solved] Reverting to Clover Backup From Shell

    I updated my Clover install incorrectly and am wondering if I can restore from EFI-Backups folder via the shell. I’m able to mount the EFI drive and the OSX drive where the backup folder is. I’m just wondering what items I need to copy over and what shell commands I might use to do so? Much...
  17. AnDwHaT5

    boot0ss after Mojave installation

    So more or less heres my story. Problem: boot0ss:error when attempting to load clover from hard drive (yes in UEFI mode) Description: Previously, I had High Sierra installed on my desktop with no problems at all. I had the clover bootloader working just fine on USB and on the hard drive...
  18. Dibyendu

    Can't find AMD 8000 Controller.kext

    Hello Everyone, I am not new to hackintosh, I came across numerous videos and threads regarding enabling ATI Graphics card on the hackintosh. Sadly I found that its impossible to enable AMD Radeon HD 8730M (2 GB DDR3 VRAM) . But later I found out a video: The guy talks about AMD 8000...
  19. brianwong11031

    Help! how can I get full resolution with EFI boot mode on Asus P8H61-M LX MotherBoard?

    I can only get 1280x768 resolution on clover boot menu.
  20. Nelx

    [Solved] Still waiting on root device (prohibit sign)

    Hello there. I'm currently having problems at this step. I've been reading many information I found using the search feature and most of them suggest to use USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 (which I did). Also using the USB ports located at the rear, trying on different ports but I had no luck. I'm...