1. TheKing464

    I Cant install Catalina on my Nvme

    Hi I'm trying to install mac os Catalina With OpenCore 6.1 on my new Crucial P1 Nvme After preparing the BIOS and USB I started the installation process and when I select the target disk and hit continue the screen returns to the mac os utility without any error message. Here is my spec...
  2. miliuco

    [GUIDE] Repair macOS Catalina EFI partition

    Repair macOS Catalina EFI partition when from Disk Utility it is not possible to complete First Aid on the disk on which that partition is located with the message "The partition map needs to be repaired because there is a problem with the EFI partition's file system (-69766) ". Sometimes...
  3. davstrom

    Solved > Copying the EFI files to my cloned drive is not working

    I have a Hackintosh that runs well. I wish to clone a backup, just in case. I used the free version of SuperDuper to clone the drive. After that, I ran Clover Configurator from the Hackintosh to mount the EFI partitions, and I copied the EFI folder from the Hackintosh main drive to the clone...
  4. A.Tony

    How do i find out which Config.plist my system is using?

    When i created my hackintosh several months ago i did two efi folder for whatever reason. I see two folders when i mount my drive on Cloverconfigurator. Now i dont know which config.plist the right one is unfortunately, is there a safe way to check that?
  5. A.Tony

    How do i find out which SSDT my Hackintosh is using?

    When i did my Hackintosh several months ago i had multiple SSDT files and now i dont know which one is the right one, how can i find out which the correct one is? Thanks in advance :)
  6. Yedkriz

    Solved > Stuck on Apple logo at booting in Catalina 10.15.4

    Hi, I used EFI folder from kasix since he has Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard with Inte i7-9700k. I copied it to EFI folder into Pendrive. Right after booting it got stuck in the apple logo with the black background screen. By using verbose this is showing some error. I have attached the image...
  7. zLeqitEclipse

    "Your Computer was restarted because of a problem" after every *normal* restart

    Hi all, i just restored my Hackintosh with an Time Machine Backup. I used MultiBeast for the first time to create my EFI folder. Everything works fine, but after a normal Reboot my Mac Says this Error Message which is not a Problem, but annoying. In the Message box it says something about an...
  8. Almarma

    Is it normal to have an EFI folder in "Macintosh HD" volume?

    First, let me say this: I've been using a hackintosh thanks to this site since 2016 and I know and understand most of the things about it, and I know Clover installs itself inside the hidden EFI volume, and that's where I of course do all the set up and tweaking (edit the config.plist, install...
  9. d4vinder

    Solved > HP zBook G1 Catalina 10.15.4.

    Hi i have created a working EFI directory for the above mentioned laptop. You can download it here. non-working items: External nvidia display port. SD card reader. working: Everything else.
  10. Piero2411

    Aborted returned from boot.efi Catalina

    Hi, I rebooted my hackintosh and then I got this screen on startup from clover I tried to change the efi folder with a backup one that I had but the problem persists I attach the photos
  11. ckrueger99

    Running Catalina installer onto a disk with a pre-built EFI folder.

    Is it possible to run the Catalina installer (from a USB drive or whatever) to install OS X onto a drive with a pre-built, fully formatted EFI folder? In other words, does the installer do anything to the EFI volume as it does its thing or is it simply adding OS X and related files into the...
  12. CallMeChad

    Trouble booting Clover from USB

    Hi guys, this is my first post and also first Hackintosh. I'm trying to achieve a Dual-Boot Hackintosh solution using Intel Graphics for macOS and RTX for Windows (I know that I have to disable my dGPU from my MoBo but it's fine.) The thing is that even if I try my hardest, I cannot seem to...
  13. PliSsK

    EFI sys partition error 69766 & sudo fsck_msdos

    My dual boot system was working normally, with Catalina and Win 10 on the same 970 Evo+ NVMe drive (latest firmware) and both Clover and Win Boot Manager in the first EFI partition. When I performed Disk Utility First Aid on all the devices, the main EFI repair failed with the error 69766...
  14. SpiderIan

    Installed Mojave clean and now I only get a black screen with no information.

    Hi, I have a desktop with: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU MOBO: MAXIMUS IX HERO GPU: AMD Radeon VII Here is a link to my EFI: I went through the install, it worked fine. I booted in and used multibeast and followed the install guide except where I had to follow alternate...
  15. buccky

    SSD not recognized by BIOS

    Hello there, I have managed to install MacOs Sierra on my Asus X550vc, but the thing is I am only able to boot into it by Clover installed on USB. I have installed clover bootloader to the SSD MacOs is on, but the whole SSD is not recognized by my BIOS. I am clueless, what can I do about it...
  16. arcticmonkey

    EFI Installed on External Drives

    Hi all, Newbie here. I recently updated from High Sierra to Mojave on my hack—everything's running smoothly and no complaints. However, I think I probably made some sort of mistake when I installed since I am seeing an EFI partition on my external drives (see screenshot and diskutil list...
  17. brownknee

    (RESOLVED) Slow boot on apple logo 10.13.6

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh running for a few months now just fine, but it is starting to boot really slowly recently. I've looked and tried a few fixes, that shaved off about half of the loading time, but now Im stuck. I've disabled TRIM added config.plist/Boot/Debug=false Initially the...
  18. JerryJia

    MSI Z370: Can similar motherboards share the same EFI file or tweaks required?

    Hey guys, I am working on a Hackintosh build. I currently own a MSI Z370 Gaming Plus and 8700k, but unfortunately I cannot find anyone who has ever finished his or her build based on this motherboard. Meanwhile, I found out that there are many successful cases builded upon MSI Z370-A PRO, and...
  19. fill0r4

    Unable to boot without the USB

    Hi everyone! I've finally installed macOS on my system by UniBeast 10.0 and all work fine (audio, wifi, ethernet etc) there's only 1 issue: I can't boot without the usb installer. Searched on the internet for a fix and I founded out that I need to copy my EFI Folder from the usb to the SSD, so I...
  20. thejavigames

    problem to fix battery on acer aspire 5738

    Hello, and installed mac os x el capitan on an acer aspire 5738 with unibeast, I have everything working except the battery, it shows me that I have the charger connected / disconnected, but it is always at 0% and installed the kext, I patched my dsdt.aml with the RehabMan patches and tried...