1. Babeltosh

    Monterey OpenCore 8.3 Unstable & Random Boot

    Hi ! Managed to upgrade an old Hackintosh to Monterey by switching the GPU (Nvidia > AMD) and making a clean install with Opencore 8.3 (Z190x-UD3 / Intel I7 6700k /RX 6600)....The system (SMBIOS iMacpro 1,1) seems pretty stable when it's willing to boot...I can spend 10/15 minutes on either...
  2. otgr340

    Currently dualbooting W10 and Catalina w/ OC. Thinking of updating OC and updating to Monterey

    So first off I want to say that I am inexperienced, and don't feel comfortable working with OC. I grabbed an old EFI from a thread on this website (running OC 0.5.2) and I was able to successfully dualboot Windows 10 and Catalina (OC can't boot Windows but after booting into it from a clover EFI...
  3. mahyar

    Drivers not working

    I am newbie in hackintosh and I updated OC to latest version and also tried to update kexts and then I updated Catalina to Monterey. it boots now but it seems the kexts didn't updated well because none of my drivers work. It is a bad situation because I can't download new kext or use usb. so I...
  4. Djoxaa16

    Bios doesn't recognise my drive as an UEFI option, but it recognises my USB

    Hi guys, need a little help. I disabled VT-d, CSM and everything that could interrupt booting. I set my bios to see UEFI devices but it only sees my USB, and yes I copied EFI folder to EFI partition. The thing is, I don't have Windows installed, so I can't use EasyUFEI, is there something else I...
  5. Baptiste33

    I can't install macOS Monterey

    Hello, I have researched a lot how to install macOS Monterey on my laptop, compatible. I really can't do it, already to create the EFI folder (I spent 2 hours there) but nothing works. I have my iMac and my laptop available to create the key, but I can't, I need help. Thank you in advance, good...
  6. VinylNerd

    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440P [OpenCore 0.7.6]

    CURRENT RELEASE - v0.6-beta1, see releases page for older releases here - https://github.com/VinylNerd/ThinkPad-T440P-OpenCore/releases WHAT WORKS Power management/sleep Brightness/Volume Control Battery Information Audio : from internal speaker and headphone jack USB Ports, Built-in Camera...
  7. miliuco

    [GUIDE] macOS Monterey + OpenCore 0.7.6 on Z390 Aorus Elite + RX580

    Updating a Big Sur system to Monterey has been easy and the new system works fine. Pretty much the same setup I use with Big Sur has worked for Monterey. This is a (short) guide using OpenCore 0.7.6. Hardware Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard: Realtek ALC1220 audio, Intel I219V Ethernet...
  8. thescoopkid

    advice on updating 10.14.5 => 10.15+

    I'm currently running 10.14.5 and I'd like to update to an OS that can utilize my 5500 XT. My understanding is that the card will work in 10.15 and above. I also read that updating from 10.14-> 10.15 is fairly straightforward. I'd be open to something even newer, but simplicity is highly...
  9. minkirax

    OpenCore ACPI Exception Big Sur: AE_NOT_FOUND During name lookup/catalog

    I am running Catalina at the moment and it works perfectly on my system using Open Core. While trying to install Big Sur, I get stuck during before setup. I have setup EFI folder from scratch using latest Open Core. I tried both prebuilt SSDT as well as custom SSDT using SSDTTime but without...
  10. Sololvl0

    Ryzen 5 3600 Hackintosh

    Motherboard: AsRock B450 Steel Legend. Graphic Card: GTX 1060 Processor: Ryzen 5 3600 Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB(8gb x 2) Wifi and Bluetooth: Use TP-Link Adapters Does anyone with the similar build already use it as a Hackintosh? If you guys did make it work. Can you share the EFI files?
  11. SNorton

    Clover Configurator does not see my bootable EFI partition

    My system is triple booting Mint Linux, Windows 10, and Mac OS 11.4 Big Sur... using the Clover boot manager. Everything is mostly working, with the exception of the wrong partition showing up in Clover for Mac OS. I'd like to fix this, but Clover Configurator v5.18.3.0 does not see the EFI...
  12. st3g4n0

    Trackpad ELAN 1200 wont work

    Hello, Im trying several days to make working the trackpad of my laptop "ASUS GL753VD" without successful... I have installed the VoodooI2C.kext and VoodooPS2.kext... I attach my EFI.
  13. SimeJah

    Missing EFI Partition

    So I am missing my EFI partition... After some reading I figured this is because I did not format the drive to GPUID. I did not because I have a 4 TB SSD, with Windows on it and another partition with MacOS on it. Therefore I cannot format the drive. Is there a way to work around this?
  14. Jeanpierre1515Xx

    hello, I need help in installing mac os big sur as dual noot to have Windows and big sur on my I3 10105 + B460M gigabyte + 16ram + Ssd 240gb

    I was looking a lot for the configuration of my pc where I found one but it could not work since at boot time if it manages to load and several boot codes appear but then instead of leaving the apple it only stays frozen and does not come out or turns off by itself, please help
  15. Hunam

    << Solved >> Help on understanding how all this OpenCore/EFI works

    For example, I've created an installer with this superb (an long) guide. I've installed macOS. Nice that's working! Now I want to make post-install tweaks like those. When for example I have to modify the config.plist file, what do I do? Plug the USB installer, mount its EFI partition, make...
  16. miliuco

    [HOW TO] Windows entry after macOS in the OpenCore menu

    Sometimes a user says he doesn't like the Windows icon to be seen before macOS in the picker. Although I have responded to this question on previous occasions, I am writing it here as a separate post in case it can help someone with this concern. The Windows system that is automatically...
  17. venom0727

    Can someone help to me build my EFI Folder?

    I am using Hackintosh Mojave 10.14.1.I don't know too much about EFI DSDT patches and all also i do want to upgrade to catalina from this. So please help me to create EFI folder and upgrade to Catalina or BigSur. I am using HP EliteBook 840 G1 Thanks,
  18. bertaz

    SUCCESS asus prime z490-p and 10700K open core 0.6.6

    Hi all Good news ! CATALINA working well but only one issue showing i9 not i7 ( please see photo ) any one can help ? Not important but will be nice to see proper CPU :) Smbios iMac20,1 MLB , UUID , SSN has been delete . YES - you can use my EFI :headbang: No issues ! Sorted ! See last photo
  19. tohusebo

    [HELP] HD5500 - OpenCore - gIOSCreenLockState 3, hs0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0

    Dell XPS 13 9343 Intel Core i7 5500U Intel HD Graphics 5500 3200x1800 screen I have followed Dortanias OpenCore install guide for Broadwell laptops. I had to set device-id to 12345678 for the graphics card in order to get to the install screen. After install, It boots up with the device-it...
  20. misfitbum

    Clone boot hard drive with EFI in Mountain Lion

    Hello, I have an old 10.8.4 Hackintosh I'm trying to get ready to be updated and I'm needing to clone the boot drive to a bigger SSD. I know CCC can't copy the EFI to the new SSD and I've tried several of the tools around here but haven't had any luck. I've tried EFI Mounter v2 and v3.1...