1. pachofonso

    Installation Boot Issues

    Hello, I have a problem with the boot, it does not start and stays in the apple logo, I leave you the log and the efi folder (I have seen several problems within the log hopefully repair the problems)
  2. yosh519

    Help with EFI folder Monterey

    I am having issues after updating my computer from Catalina to Monterey. I switched over from Clover to Opencore for its "ease" of updating the software. My computer was running perfectly fine prior to the update, but the update was needed because of compatibility issues with this desktop and my...
  3. ryansandlin

    World of Warcraft Stuttering on Fresh Sonoma Install

    Hey All, I just did a fresh install of Sonoma and noticed that when I'm playing World of Warcraft there is some constant stuttering. For instance, Every few seconds It'll just freeze for maybe one second. It might also be helpful to note that when the screen pauses the coil wine from the GPU...
  4. Jammyjam1982

    Intel i225-V Internet fix and AppleIGC.kext boot error

    Hello, I have installed Sonoma and it boots o.k. I can't make internet work. I have a Intel i225-V ethernet card and it is a pain in the ass.. In Ventura it did work. I have read that a fix can be the AppleIGC.kext. So i have downloaded it and put it in the Config.plist With the...
  5. leoqu

    amd5600 + Asus B450M Dragon + rx5600XT Have EFI?

    up,please help me,have efi it ~ CPU:AMD 5600 Board:Asus B450M Dragon Graphics:RX 5600XT thanks
  6. sqxu

    EFI Mounter issue

    I just installed Mac OS Ventura and after trying to mount efi it gives me that error
  7. taogakiemtien

    ASUS TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4 + i9 12900k + AMD Radeon RX 6600

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an EFI with the following configuration: Mainboard: ASUS TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4 CPU: i9 12900k GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6600 SSD: WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe 1TB .... I want to install on monterey 12.6.8 Is there a similar EFI version? Thank you very much.
  8. matzoh

    Sleep Wake failure in EFI on Ventura 13.2.1

    Can't wake up after sleep, the graphics card rotates crazy, and must be forced to restart hackintool: pc hardware: help QAQ
  9. Dunbadn

    << Solved >> MacOS Unable to boot after Clover Update

    Hey All, Moderately seasoned Hackintosher (since 2013, 4 updates 2 builds), weak software skills. I decided to take the plunge and attempt to update from Catalina to Ventura as I'm unable to keep up with needed software updates. Following this guide, I updated Clover - (referencing this...
  10. parag95

    Can't find EFI/OC folders in newly installed Ventura hackintosh

    I installed ventura 13.3 in a separate SSD. Other SSD has windows installed before it. I need to edit kexts and config.plist. But I can't find any OC and boot folders inside EFI partition of the SSD in which MacOS is installed. It has only one folder named Apple. Where can I find the OC folder?
  11. Garyloffler

    14. Install UEFI or Legacy Clover version using the USB (Install macOS Ventura beta) as the target.

    Followed the instructions successfully (I think) down to 14. Install UEFI or Legacy Clover version using the USB (Install macOS Ventura beta) as the target. The downloaded file is just an EFI and User folder. There is no install option. I copied them over to the USB but when I try to use it...
  12. ImSomeOtherGuy

    I have tried everything I can think of and USB 3.0 doesn't work

    Hi everyone! I am currently getting Big Sur to run on an MSI h410i Pro Wifi build. Everything has been put together and I quickly was able to get everything working, except USB 3.0. This didn't really surprise me since I hadn't made a USB map up until that point, so I quickly installed Windows...
  13. Lensjocky

    Issues unmounting my EFI since updating to Ventura

    Since updating to Ventura I've had a strange issue with some hidden partitions on my System Drive. Whenever I unmount the EFI partition I'm greeted with the error message shown below. The partitions "VM, Preboot & Update" all throw the same error and I must "force eject" them to move forward...
  14. hey11shivam

    Do you have the EFI folder for Acer Predator Helios 300 GTX 1050ti i5-8300H Coffee Lake?

    Moderators - I'm sorry if I'm breaking any rules, I just made my account today. Please don't remove my post It's been weeks since I've been trying to install mac on my laptop: Acer Predator Helios 300 GTX 1050ti i5-8300H Coffee Lake but no EFI seems to work. Sometimes it freezes at voodoo...
  15. Douirc

    Need help with poor SSD performance

    Hi, I'm running OC 085 and macOS 12.6.1. Not sure if it's the OS (probably not) or if I've made mistakes with updating my EFI and config.plist (most likely) but the write performance on my SX8200 has dramatically declined. I tested my read/write when I first built the machine 2 years ago and...
  16. Babeltosh

    Monterey OpenCore 8.3 Unstable & Random Boot

    Hi ! Managed to upgrade an old Hackintosh to Monterey by switching the GPU (Nvidia > AMD) and making a clean install with Opencore 8.3 (Z190x-UD3 / Intel I7 6700k /RX 6600)....The system (SMBIOS iMacpro 1,1) seems pretty stable when it's willing to boot...I can spend 10/15 minutes on either...
  17. mahyar

    Drivers not working

    I am newbie in hackintosh and I updated OC to latest version and also tried to update kexts and then I updated Catalina to Monterey. it boots now but it seems the kexts didn't updated well because none of my drivers work. It is a bad situation because I can't download new kext or use usb. so I...
  18. Djoxaa16

    Bios doesn't recognise my drive as an UEFI option, but it recognises my USB

    Hi guys, need a little help. I disabled VT-d, CSM and everything that could interrupt booting. I set my bios to see UEFI devices but it only sees my USB, and yes I copied EFI folder to EFI partition. The thing is, I don't have Windows installed, so I can't use EasyUFEI, is there something else I...
  19. Baptiste33

    I can't install macOS Monterey

    Hello, I have researched a lot how to install macOS Monterey on my laptop, compatible. I really can't do it, already to create the EFI folder (I spent 2 hours there) but nothing works. I have my iMac and my laptop available to create the key, but I can't, I need help. Thank you in advance, good...
  20. VinylNerd

    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440P [OpenCore 0.7.6]

    CURRENT RELEASE - v0.6-beta1, see releases page for older releases here - https://github.com/VinylNerd/ThinkPad-T440P-OpenCore/releases WHAT WORKS Power management/sleep Brightness/Volume Control Battery Information Audio : from internal speaker and headphone jack USB Ports, Built-in Camera...