1. mattg42

    Clover Windows 10 Frustrations

    Firstly thank you to Tony, MacMan and the whole community, you are great. Hopefully this question could be answered by someone and hopefully help someone else. Basically I have the following config:- 256gb SSD - El Capitan (EFI) 500gb SSD - Windows 10 (EFI) 1Tb HD - Windows 8 (Legacy)...
  2. sclinton

    Panic when booting from EFI partition - boots fine from usb

    My system is configured as a dual-boot OS X and Win 7 on the same drive with the extra EFI partition configured with the boot-loader. All has been working well for some time. However when I boot now I get a Kernel Panic when selecting the OS X partition. What's interesting is that the system...
  3. Jippa_Lippa

    [CLOVER] EFI Partition Un-Mounts Upon Reboot. Can't load Config-plist and so the "Nvda_Drv=1" comman

    Clover (And Preferences) Ignore The "nvda_drv01" Command (UPDATED) Installed 10.11.1, everything fine, smooth performance, graphics card shown in "About My Mac", but clover simply ignores my nvda_drv01 command and sets the choosen video driver to the OS X standard one. If i try to do that with...
  4. nikotel

    EFI Partitions

    I have 6 HD’s installed on my i7 build. El Capitan on 1 SSD Windows 10 on 1 SSD 2 Time Machine HDD’s 1 Mac data and docs HDD 1 Windows data and docs HDD When I mount the EFI partition the current boot disk is disk1s2 and the choices are: disk1s1 disk2s1 disk3s1 disk4s1 The...
  5. ccyrano

    UEFI GTP Partition Dual boot Yosemite/W7sp1 with Chimera/Multibeast: Possible?

    Hi, I have a very nicely running Yosemite/Windows 7 build on UEFI only GTP SSD drive.:headbang: The dual boot with clover works like a charm and I could not be happier were not for one main issue. The whole point for me to have a customac is to use it for doing music editing with Pro Tools and...
  6. Baasjebram

    EFI doesn't mount anymore "Unexpected disk identifier: disk0s2"

    After installing Windows on a different SSD, both OS are working successfully. But since then I can't mount the EFI in my Hackintosh anymore. Both the EFI Mounter-v2.app and Clover say: Unexpected disk identifier: disk0s2 Is there an other way to still make changes in my EFI?
  7. lucafusi

    EFI partiton delete itself after reboot [osx el capitan]

    Hi, I successfully installed dual boot with OS X El Capitan and Windows 7 following the guide, but when i mount EFI partition it disappears when i reboot. I Use Clover boot loader. OS X doesn't boot every time, sometimes yes and sometimes not, as windows does, i don't know why. I tried to mount...
  8. jonvaldivia

    EFI Not booting - Legacy

    Hello! First of all, apologies if my question is rookie-worthy. I have spent the last three days trying to get my head around the booting system and clearly there are several things I still do not understand fully. I have installed El Capitan following the installation guide. My booting is...
  9. AngryG

    Multiple config.plist files in EFI partition

    In various clover guides it says edit the config.plist file, but in my EFI partition I have 3, at the following locations: EFI > EFI > CLOVER > OEM > SystemProductName > config.plist EFI > EFI > CLOVER > OEM > SystemProductName > UEFI > config.plist EFI > EFI > CLOVER > Config.plist Which do...
  10. bkendig

    Should I move kexts from SLE to LE, or to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts?

    I'm running Yosemite under UEFI with Clover. I want to upgrade to El Capitan. I have a few kexts in /System/Library/Extensions that I need: FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, EvOreboot.kext, VoodooHDA.kext, &c. If I simply move them to /Library/Extensions, will everything work now...
  11. Baasjebram

    Not able to boot anymore after installing clover theme

    I got a serious problem after installing a theme within the clover app. After rebooting OS X it didn't start anymore. I'm stuck in the clover boot menu and I don't know what to do. I tried the next boot with F12 from my bootable USB stick en selected my SDD which has OS X installed on. It...
  12. dbtsai

    Clover EFI: Direct upgrade from El Capitan Beta to Official Release

    Hello, I'm trying to upgrade my beta el capitan beta to official release following this guide, http://www.tonymacx86.com/el-capitan-desktop-guides/172107-direct-update-os-x-el-capitan-using-clover.html After I downloaded the OS X El Captian from Mac App Store, and installed it to my Disk, my...
  13. mistah

    Clover Stuck at Root Device uuid is. Any help would be appreciated

    Hi I have been trying to get a clover boot working but when I boot through efi and then click on the disk with the yosemite installation I get the following message: "Root Device uuid is xxx-xxxx-....." Solutions I have tried already after reading forums: 1) Installed all necessary x64...
  14. MacOrDie

    HELP: Won't boot, moving from UniBeast to Clover, Gigabyte, i7, NVIDIA - EFI Folder shared

    In preparation for the El Capitan upgrade and getting iMessage working I made the move to clover. Unfortunately on boot it freezes the system on the root device UUID ################ screen. I tried setting it up as a 14,1 and 14,2 using the kexts that other recommended for my Gigabyte...
  15. tchit

    Clover installed on the wrong EFI partition

    Hey guys, I happen to have an installed Clover EFI on the wrong disk (the partition is on the 2Tb drive I only use to make backups). I wanted to clone that EFI partition to my system SSD EFI partition but as soon as I do that (or install clover on it), I can't boot my computer at all and...
  16. zurie

    [SOLVED] SSD Cannot boot clover keeps booting Chimera 4.1

    I run the Clover installer, UEFI boot, install to ESP, check the EFI partition, etc etc.. no matter what, reboot, there is Chimera 4.1 bootloader. tried to format the EFI and redo, same thing.. almost like i am stuck with chimera forever. any ideas? Gigabyte X99-UD5 Wifi
  17. SirDavid

    Yosemite Can't Boot After Clover Theme Change

    I've been working on my mackintosh for about a week now, and yesterday I finally got everything perfect. I was dual booting Windows 10 and Yosemite with Clover all in the UEFI boot menu. So today, I decided to change the theme of Clover. I started up Yosemite, opened up Clover Configurator...
  18. BundlePlist

    "Missing operating system" after installing Windows 7

    Hello everyone! After I had installed Mountain Lion via UniBeast on my Hackintosh, I decided to follow this guide to install Chimera onto the 200 MB EFI partition. It all went well, until I tried to install Windows 7 Professional on a 350 GB NTFS partition I had previously created during OS X...
  19. SERGE2013

    Is there any proven_Socket 1150 with M.2x4 support and EFI boot available?

    Hello, Is there any _proven_ Socket 1150 with M.2x4 support and EFI boot available except ASRock Z97 Extreme6? I have ASRock Z97 Extreme6 with SAMSUNG m.2x4 256GB / YOSEMITE. OSX works, but it only boots from regular SATA HD or USB 2.0. This motherboard acts so weird when a) booting into BIOS...