dual boot

  1. voucher1swap

    Can't boot into windows after using OpenCore

    I'm currently facing an Issue with my Dell Laptop (G3 3590) where if I boot macOS after installing windows on a separate internal drive, I can no longer boot into windows either through OpenCore including "bless" in System Preferences, or through my MB even after manually adding the Windows boot...
  2. LeoGFX

    Dual Boot Issue - Can't boot back to OS X - Machine reboots

    Hello everyone, I'm facing a really weird but I guess common issue and I can't find my workaround on it. I've been running 10.14.6 and since we're all in contamination where I live, I decided to install Windows 10 for some gaming on a separate Inner HDD. And so I did, successfully. I am...
  3. JoshHT

    HDD not showing up in Catalina

    Hi everyone, i have successfully installed Catalina since last year (August 24th to be exact and it was the beta version), all updates went smoothly. I have to SSD one for MacOS and the other one for Windows. I also have two HDD for backup inside of the computer. Everything was working perfectly...
  4. dtx

    Solved > How to extend mac hd and reinstall windows?

    Hello I've successfully installed dual boot mojave on one 512gb ssd. Currently Mac has 200gb and Win has 312 gb. And now I want to extend Mac to 400gb and reinstall Win. How should I act? Disk utility looks like this:
  5. glaiwo

    Fixing permissions on a dual OSX setup

    I recently did a fresh install of High Sierra on an SSD but wanted to use my old HDD to store my work files and a backup system in case I screw something up. Unfortunately I couldn't get my config or any bootflags to stick on the SSD EFI for some reason so I'm just using the HHD EFI to boot OSX...
  6. marfti

    Dual Boot MacOS & Windows 10

    Hello everyone, (I'm completely new to Hackintosh and my components are still on the way for my first build) I already have a Sata SSD with Windows 10 installed which I used to boot into Windows on my iMac via USB-C adapter. Now I want to have it in my Hackintosh build and I use a nvme m.2...
  7. aniknik

    Can I install Hackintosh with windows 10 in HP Pro 3330 MT PC

    MY HP Pro 3330 MT PC Configuration Intel Core i3 3220 (core 2, therad-4) RAM 6 gb HDD 320 Graphic- Intel HD Graphics 2500 Audio driver - Realtek Lan Drive- Realtek
  8. brainstormer

    Windows Boot Disk Has Disappeared

    Hi, I had a perfectly working system with Mac OS X Catalina and Windows Dual Boot setup. Today, when I fired up the system, I suddenly noticed the Windows boot disk was missing from the Clover menu. When the system booted into Catalina, I noticed the Windows disk was also missing from the list...
  9. Barley194

    I reinstalled my windows and probably removed clover (no access to macOS)

    Hi, I formatted my windows partitions (all, efi, recovery etc). But I did not touch my macOS partition. (it's on the same disk). Now, after installing fresh windows 10, when I start my PC, it instantly goes to windows. Tried all available boot devices and no one booting into clover. I can't even...
  10. CharlesClaypoole

    How to "Dual Boot Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard Using Chameleon" starting with Windows 7

    Where do I start if I already run Windows 7 (Professional) , and I want to do this Dual Boot, and I have the Snow Leopard install disc, but not a Windows 7 disc ??
  11. AliAdapter

    First hackintosh - audio production; Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming, Intel Core i7-9700K, will Thunderbolt work?

    Hi there, this is going to be my first hackintosh. Thank you guys, for all the handy info I was able to gain while browsing tonymacx86! Currently I'm on a Mac Pro 5,1 Mid 2010 "cheesegrater" and unfortunately it doesn't support thunderbolt. I'm tired of not being able to use my Antelope audio...
  12. SteveGary

    Clover bootloader gone after shrinking partition in Win10

    Had both Windows 10 and macOS on the same SSD in dual boot. On Win10 disk utility, all the space used by Hackintosh appeared as unallocated space so I had half of the drive for Windows 10 and half for mac (unallocated). I needed to shrink a bit the Windows partition and I did, but what happened...
  13. elyo

    Running storage drives in RAID0 - Visible for OSX and WIN10?

    Hi, My current setup: I have windows 10 on a 180GB SSD OSX High Sierra on 500GB SSD 2x 3TB HDDs in RAID0 for storage. Is there a way I can make my Raid0 drives visible in both windows and OSX? So that I can use the same drive for storage on both operating systems. It seems that if I want to...
  14. hkisthebest

    Win10 couldn't boot after restarting, "Your PC needs to be repaired." Error.

    I wanted to dual boot a win10 on a transcend ssd with a High Sierra(Samsung Evo) which is what is used to have. So I followed the instructions: Unplug Samsung Evo. Plug in Transcend ssd. Install win10. Disable update. Shutdown. Plug in Hackintosh ssd. Add clover to the UEFI firmware boot menu...
  15. Sike

    RAID 5 on Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi?

    Hello guys, I'm planning on getting a new PC and thought about having a raid 5 with Mojave + Windows dual boot. I was wondering if RAID 5 affects in any way the dual boot or it should be safe to do? The motherboard I am using is the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi. Thanks
  16. wajdideutscher

    PNY SSD or TeamGroup SSD

    I am planning on buying one of these two models of SSD I can only afford these models, but I am concerned are they going to work well and for the long run If: 1. Install macOS Mojave or High Sierra with APFS 2. Dual Boot macOS Mojave with Windows 10 3. Still getting the feel of fast SSD...
  17. TKhaldi

    [Success] ROG Maximus XI Hero + i9-9900K + Radeon VII + Dual boot Windows/macOS

    TKhaldi's RGB Open-Air Build ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi), - i9-9900K - AMD Radeon VII Components ASUS ROG Maximus XI HERO (WI-Fi) Motherboard [Amazon] Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 16GB 3200 MHz C16 RAM [Amazon] Intel Core i9-9900K Processor [Amazon] Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB...
  18. PrasannaNadagoud

    Multi booting windows 10 pro and Hackintosh sierra

    Hello Sir/Madam, I have installed two operating systems in two different hard drives, windows, and Hackintosh sierra, I am unable to boot through the cover boot loader because I am using old DELL workstation (T3500 model) and this workstation is not supporting UEFI boot. windows 10 pro...
  19. AlexGrozX

    Solved > Guys HELP. Restore EFI partition dual boot windows.

    Hello I broke my system. I have an EFI backup. But I cannot load in to Mac OS. When I connect my USB boot drive it causes a kernel panic and I can't even boot in to (clover boot loader). I can boot only to my Windows 10 (dual boot). I use (Mac Drive 10) to access my Mac OS drives. But how can i...
  20. LuigiBros02

    Help with Hackintosh Dual Xeon

    Hi there, I'm new with Hackintosh and want to create a dual boot Windows 10 & Sierra machine. I tried installing El Capitan but it got a panic while booting. Any help would be appriciated! Specs: 2x Intel Xeon E5640 (2.66GHz no OC) AMD Radeon HD 6850 12GB DDR3-1066 ECC Memory