dual boot

  1. doccykaaa7

    Need some help with Clover Dual Boot

    Hi Everyone! I've been thinking a lot about installing OS X on my desktop PC. I have a Macbook Pro, but it's kind of old for editing Full HD vids and stuff like that. (I currently use it for mostly music recording and editing it, and the experience it has given me is unexplainably amazing.) So I...
  2. jimihat

    Dual boot Windows/Sierra with Windows as default, UEFI?

    Hi All I'm looking to install Sierra and Windows 10 on 2 separate SSD's but have no idea whatsoever about UEFI etc. I currently am running Windows and Yosemite and just hit F12 and startup to choose the OSX drive if I want to use the Mac, this then goes into chameleon before loading Yosemite...
  3. Farodo

    6700k + nvidia or + amd

    Hey guys, I am ghosting through this forum and this great website for almost a year now and after finally selling my old iMac i really want to build my first Hackintosh now. My configuration is almost ready to order and looks as follows at the moment: Motherboard: GA-Z170X Gaming 5 CPU: Intel...
  4. hcgaron

    Nvidia GTX 980ti Causes Kernel panic, graphics glitching, no longer boots to windows

    Today I installed a GTX 980 ti into my hack rig. I'm running El Capitan 10.11.5 and clover. After installing the card I installed the web drivers associated with the OS build. Since then booting up has been very erratic. Sometimes I can boot into my system, sometimes I get a kernel panic...
  5. Lifecrest

    Downgrade to El Capitan

    I installed Sierra but am having problems with it and would like to try out El Capitan instead. I am on a dual boot system with 2 SSD's, 1 with Sierra and the other with Windows 10. Is there any special way I have to do this other than wiping the Sierra disk and installing El Capitan? Will the...
  6. phoenixofstorm

    Probelm making chameleon default after installing Windows 10

    Hi all and Merry Christmas, I really would need some help. As you can probably figure out from the title - I can't boot into chameleon (respectively my OSX Mavericks) because I decided to install Windows 10. Now some explaining is in order. All of the mentioned OSes are installed to my WD...
  7. Bionic Beast

    Strange Issue Dual Booting Windows 10 and Sierra on Two Separate SSD's

    I used to have El Capitan and Windows 8 working on two separate drives perfectly for the most part and have had dual boot working great for years. For some reason after some time I started having strange issues while booting into either OS or having slow loadup speeds when booting onto mac side...
  8. chmmr

    GPU Advice for VR + Windows dual-boot

    Howdy, I am planning to build my first hackintosh workstation that can dual-boot into Windows for VR/Unity game development and macOS for iOS/macOS app development. On the Mac side I still need some GPU power for some apps, but not at VR/gaming levels as on Windows. I would like to make the...
  9. neflux

    Unibeast: Installer Disk Utility doesn't recognize HDD

    What I'm trying to achieve: Dual Boot Win10+Sierra on the same hdd. Relevant specs(I hope?): My laptop model: F555UB-DM039T CPU: Intel Core i7 6600U @ 2.50GHz Skylake-U/Y 14nm Technology MOTHERBOARD: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. X555UB (U3E1) RAM: 4GB+8GB Dual-Channel DDR3 GRAPHICS:Intel HD Graphics...
  10. prithul

    Dual booting with non-supported graphics card?

    I will be, hopefully, building a hackintosh soon and I plan to dual boot it with windows. Since gtx 1060 isn't supported yet, I was wondering, if there is a way to use the card only in windows and use intel graphics in mac without constantly plugging and plugging the hdmi cable between the card...
  11. TheTechSir

    MacOS Sierra i7 Z68APD3 UEFI R. 2 AMD Radeon HD 6850 Dual Boot W10

    CPU: Intel i7 Sandybridge 2600k 3.4 Ghz Quad Core GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB MB: Gigabyte Z68APD3 Revision 2 BIOS VS: UA9 [UEFI ONLY// w10 instal efi] Clover ATI Frame Buffer: Duckweed Sorry for the long video, but I wanted to make sure I provided the most detail that way you can watch...
  12. skx926

    CSM Support auto enable problem

    I dual boot Sierra and Windows in a same disk with different partitions. It works all good when I turn CSM Support to disabled in BIOS Settings, what strange is that it will be set to enabled a few days later. I'm sure I don't make this change. So anyone know how to disable this option forever?
  13. Rayyes

    SUCCESSFUL Multi booting existing windows 10 and MacOS Sierra (Separate SSD)

    Hello, this is my first Hackintosh build and the specs are as follows; Case: Phanteks Ethno Evolve ITX Processor: Intel core I7 4790k Motherboard: MSI z97i Gaming AC (ITX) Ram: Corsair 16gb CPU Cooler: H100i GTX Cooler Drives: Samsung Evo 850 250 GB for Windows 10 Sandisk SSD Plus 120 GB for...