dual boot

  1. KimTaeGyeong

    Using WOL function when multi-booting Windows and Mac OS

    Windows and Mac OS are multi-booting WOL operation on Windows shutdown, WOL does not work on shutdown on MacOS. What settings should I set? Used Motherboard - ASUS Z170-A
  2. mcullinan

    Dual Boot, Dual Card Mojave? [AMD - Mac, Nvidia - PC]

    Is it possible to get a cheap AMD for Mac and the latest Nvidia card for PC gaming on the same machine? I do all my UX/UI/Web work on Mac and when I game I switch to PC.... is this kind of setup possible. Im sure someone has brought it up. Thanks!
  3. awais53

    Laptop not booting to clover

    I have dual boot MacOS Sierra on my Acer Aspire 5750 with Windows 10. Everything is working fine including Ethernet, Sound. But there is one problem, I can boot to MacOS only using USB. I have clover installed in my system's efi partition. But it won't give me an option to boot into clover. My...
  4. BillApp

    [Solved] Mojave boot loop after seemingly working installation

    I've had this issue after trying to update my desktop to High Sierra where the OS works for a few reboots then it get's in a boot loop ending with "Attempting system restart" in -v. Today I updated to Mojave and everything was working great. I could reboot with no issues using the boot loader...
  5. chadirino

    Dual Boot: Mojave on DELL XPS 13 9360

    Hey guys, I am really lost. I have spent days and days trying to install macOS Mojave on my windows 10 laptop. I have made like three different bootable USBs but Mojave won't install. I use Clover. It just stops midway through the installation. Side note: This is my first time trying to dual...
  6. awais53

    Clover in efi partition works differently from clover in usb

    I have installed Mac OS sierra in my laptop. When i boot clover from my USB containing bootable mac OS it, boots Mac OS and Windows but when i try to boot from my hard disk's efi partition clover shows different GUI and do not list Windows entry. Also Mac OS does not boot. It stays on loading...
  7. NinjaOFSEA

    New Mojave Dual Boot Install on PC running Windows 10

    Hi Guys, I am attempting to build a Hackintosh geared towards Music Production on the osX platform (using Logic Pro X and/or Presonos Studio One). I am debating if its a wise idea to simply install the osX on my existing PC, instead of building a entirely new system (since there is a...

    MSI H110M Pro-D + i7-7700?!

    Hi! I'm a beginner in this world, i'd like to install Mac OS on my computer but I don't know if it is compatible with the procedure. I have a MSI H110M Pro-D, i7-770, Zotac GTX 1050, Ballistix Sport 8gb 2600Mhz. I know that my CPU is compatible with the procedure, but I don't know if the MOBO...
  9. myatminsoe

    Using onboard graphic on macOS and Nvidia on Windows

    I have installed macOS Mojave. Since my Nvidia 1060 graphic card doesn't support hardware acceleration, I'm using onboard graphic and it works just fine. But the problem is I'm also dual booting with clover. I'm having to change the bios settings and HDMI cable every time I want to switch OS...
  10. Lefty

    Adding an ssd to a Windows 10 PC as second drive to dual boot MacOS

    Hi folks, I am wondering about adding a MacOS formatted ssd drive to my already Windows 10 Computer. I am using an Asus K30AD_M31AD_M51AD Motherboard, Intel i5 4440s 2.8, 4 core processor. My Windows system is installed UEFI, first partition being "Windows RE Tools" @ 800Mb, second partition...
  11. maryhack2018

    [solved] Mojave 10.14.01 (18B75) & Windows 10 (1809 Restone 5) Dual Boot Problem

    After updating the latest version of Win10, when selecting the Win10 entry in clover 4722, the problem is that one of every two times the windows boot failed, leaving the black screen and after waiting the system restarted itself, after the auto-reboot could already be entered into Win10, and...
  12. z553993920

    What's the best sequence of installing both windows 10 and Mojave?

    or does it metter?
  13. jzrodriguez98

    Use two discrete GPUs, one for Windows (GT1050 Ti) and another for Mojave (GT710)

    I was wondering what is the best way to configure and use two discrete GPU in my hackintosh that also boots Windows: I want to boot Windows 10 using a Nvidia 1050 Ti and boot Mojave using a Nvidia 710 which boots natively in MacOS. I have read that using switchresx is an option, or just tweaking...
  14. RiverD

    Need advice about compact & quiet components for 4K video editing

    Hi, I want to build my first hackintosh and before I do, check here with the community. The build should be compact & quiet with many parts hopefully working OOB or without to much hassle. A simple case with no lights flickering is welcome. I’m not concerned with overclocking. I’ll use it...
  15. namhhgames

    EFI Windows no longer bootable after reinstalling Mac High Sierra

    Hi there, So it's my 2nd times installing Hackintosh. I have 2 separated SSD for these 2 OS. The first time I install Mac, it works, but my Windows 10 is legacy so I have to change boot orders to be able to boot into the Windows drive. Then I reinstall windows to be EFI so that I can choose...
  16. josegarcia0211

    Unable to install Mojave on my computer

    Hi everyone, First, there is my setup : MotherBoard : ASROCK Fatal1ty X299 Gaming K6 Socket 2066 CPU: Intel CoreX i7-7740X 4.3 GHz Graphics: NVIDIA GTX1080 6GB Other Hardware: Memory : DDR4 16GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX Black 3200Mhz C16 HDD : SSD 500GB M.2 SATA WESTERN DIGITAL Blue...
  17. Jandals

    Trouble with dual-booting OS X

    Motherboard: GA-Z77x-UP5-TH CPU: i7-3770K Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 680 I have two hard drives with Clover and OS X installed on them. A main installation that I use, and a dummy that I experiment with. I just discovered that, for the last year or more, Clover has been loading from the dummy drive...
  18. vikesyy

    [Help] Dual Boot won't work HS and Windows10Pro

    Hello Everyone, I have a Haier Y11B, which is currently running High Sierra 10.13.6 as default on a 128 GB SSD, I have another external SSD of 32 GB on which I installed Windows 10, UEFI via RUFUS as GPT. I installed it by replacing my Hackintosh internal SSD because it wouldn't install on an...
  19. vikesyy

    Help: Multi-Boot/Dual Boot Not working!

    Hello Everyone, I have a Haier Y11B, which is currently running High Sierra 10.13.6 as defualt on a 128 GB SSD, I have another external SSD of 32 GB on which I installed Windows 10, UEFI via RUFUS as GPT. I installed it by replacing my Hackintosh internal SSD because it wouldn't install on an...
  20. poseykw16

    Fully Functional - Windows 10|High Sierra Dual Boot - 32GB Intel Optane

    Hardware: Windows 10 - Pro Edition 1 TB - HDD with 32GB Intel Optane Support Mac OS - High Sierra 120 GB - Kingsdian SDD (Operating System and highly used applications) 1 TB - HDD for Home Folder Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z270XP-SLI LGA1151 CPU: Intel i5 7600k GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Ti...