1. rashpiroert

    Help anybody!!! Gigabyte r9 280x 3G 2 rev.

    Hi everyone! I've tried to run this card on mavericks and yosemite but all my triels' in vain((( My results are less that 80 fps and card called 7... In mac information. Thanks for any help
  2. digital.discuss

    Core i5-4460 alternatives for the CustoMac Budget ATX?

    What risk am I'm putting myself into in a current CustoMac Budget ATX project if I need to choose another processor in the List of CPUs like the i5-4690, i5-4690K or the i5-4590, if I can't get hold of the i5-4460? Out of stock here at the moment. They're all Socket-LGA1150 and at 84W, except...
  3. ApfelBeat

    Hackintosh shuts down automatically CPU too heat

    Hey everyone, Soory for my bad english skills, but it´s not my native language. A few weeks ago, i installed OS X 10.10 on my new Hackintosh. The Bootloader i used is CLOVER (i don´t know what to check there for my hardware...) I also installed Adobe After Effects CC 2014. My problem is: Every...
  4. LiteGaming

    Z97X-Gaming 3 G1-Gaming Motherboard Clover Help

    Hi Guys i want some help on trying to get Clover to work :banghead: Please if someone know what i need please post a reply please and thanks :) The Method I do it is install the OS With UniBeast then install the Clover But then when i reboot it keeps crashing Here is Something that it should...
  5. lordzsolt

    Compatibility Issues - Unknown CPU model 0x3c

    Thought of giving a go at installing Yosemite on my recently built PC, but I'm getting the error: My CPU: Intel i5-4690K Is it not supported? Could this be caused by anything else or it's CPU for sure? Anything I could try? I've tried -x graphicsenabled=no, but no success.
  6. paulphilip

    Searching a Mainboard

    hey guys i notized that my motherboard (from lenovo) is not compatible with mac osx. so i decided to buy a new one. i have an intel i5 3350P cpu (Ivy Bridge) with socket 1155. can someone recomend me a mainboard that is comparible with mac osx and is a micro atx mainboard ? it shouldn't cost...
  7. doylet84

    Yosemite & Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Issues

    Hey all, I've started a trial of PP CC 2014 on my system listed in my description. The system runs great most of the time, but I've noticed some weird CPU issues when rendering and encoding. The issue is that the render doesn't utilize the CPU near its capacity, usually hovering around...
  8. ty12122

    CPU Running at Reduced Speed on Yosemite (GA-P55-USB3 i7-870)

    Hey All, So I've had this same build for a while now. It originally ran 10.6, then 10.8, 10.9 and now 10.10. I put another hard drive in this week and put Yosemite on it. Took me a while to get it going, but eventually I got it. Almost everything is working fine: - 2 DVI monitors (NVIDIA...
  9. moabyte

    EP45-UD3L Q9650 Runs hot under Yosemite and Mavericks- help requested

    I'd like some help sorting out the speed stepping on my q9650 on a EP45-UD3L MB. idle temps under ML and SL are around 100F, but under Mav its about 145F and Yos its 160F. I'm sure the speed step is not working correctly. What is the first step to solve this? Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. Fareoh

    OSX Boot problem & Drivers

    Hello, This is my first hackintosh, but i have done quite a bit of research while trying to troubleshoot several booting problems that I had. 1) Every time I boot up I have to use this command for it to go pass the Apple Loading screen. -f -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x3000 nv_disable=1 Is...
  11. RainmakerSWE

    Mavericks graphics or CPU error, need assistance!

    Hi guys! Going for the 2nd hackintosh, this one for my dad. Got the ASUS Z97-A motherboard, the 4690k, and a GTX 750 Ti. Problem is, after installing using some bootflags, and doing the thing with multibeast, i need the graphics drivers to get the graphics to work. I am using the ones from...
  12. AtharvShukla

    checkout my hackintosh build and give your suggestions...

    So i am planning to build a hackintosh for music production and gaming (dual booting windows) The parts i have chosen are: Gigabyte GA-Z97m-D3h i5 4690k Kingston 128gb ssd 7200 rpm hdd for windows Sapphire Radeon R9 270x Prodigy m matx case Corsair 650 watt 8gb corsair vengeance I will...
  13. C

    processor without graphics?

  14. cvv13

    CPU temperature goes insanlely high under mavericks

    This is not my first time building hackintosh, though my rig almost stays the same as before. ==My Hardware Info== cpu: i7 920 mobo: gigabyte ex58-ud3r video: asus GTX 660 ti Mavericks was installed without any problem, until I found out (By using HWMonitor) that the temperature gone up to...
  15. trs96

    Ivy vs Haswell

    Main difference is that Haswell is more energy efficient and the onboard graphics are modestly better. HD4600 vs. HD4000. They are not interchangeable as the 1150 socket, for haswell, is five pins less than the 1155, so you can't use an Ivy bridge cpu on a Mobo designed for Haswell. i.e. Z87 or...
  16. MaxJTihomirov

    4790K frequency

    Hey guys, as usual sorry my bad english, i have a stupid question about CPU frequency. iMac14,2 Yosemite 10.10.1 I have 4790K working on 4,5Ghz (as bios and HMmonitor say) but in "about this mac" i see 4.3 GHz Intel Core i7 and if i press System Report i see Processor Speed: 4.5 GHz. Is this...
  17. jackosx86

    USBMSC Identifier - Hanging at boot

    Hi, I've just swapped the processor in my hackintosh from a i5-4670 to a Celeron G1820 (only using this build for basic things now) and now it's hanging at USBMSC Identifier during boot. I've tried booting with -v -x -f but it doesn't work. I've attached a screeshot. If anyone has an idea how...
  18. Gamerphreak

    Kernel Panic on i5 4690k

    Hey guys, So this is my first build and i am planning to install os x yosemite on it, mthis is my build specs: i5 4690k GTX 750 ti EVGA SC GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 8 GB Hyperx Ram 1 tb seagate storage 128 crucial ssd I am having troubles while installing, i either get this kernel panic or it would...
  19. Gutz_Otoole

    CPU Upgrade

    I'm considering a processor upgrade. At a minimum I'll buy an Intel Core i5 3750K, or I may go for a Xeon E3-1230. Obviously the Xeon is a more radical jump, but it is slightly less expensive. Some people have described the E3-1230 as an i7 without on-chip video, which I find attractive if true...
  20. alexhe

    CPU temperature creep up randomly when CPU is idle

    My CPU temperature is normally around 35 when 99% idle. But once awhile (every 20 - 60 minutes), the CPU temperature will increase about 10-15c within 2-3minute. CPU fans will then speed up. After 2-3 minutes, CPU temperature goes back to mid-30 range and fans will then slow down. This is my...