1. octopusman

    What Should i5-10300H CpuFriend.kext LFM Value Be?

    I will make CpuFriend.kext, but I did not fully understand what I should do with my LFM value. Note: Graphics of Intel Power Gadget were taken prior to patching CPUFriend.kext patch.
  2. Rici

    Hp probook 4330s i7 upgrade.

    Hi. I am new here and i have a question. I have hp probook 4330s and want to upgrade it to i7 2760QM. I am asking it here because i read that some users upgraded to other quad core i7s. Is this upgrade possible ? Has anybody done it before ? Or do you know that it will work ? Current proccesor...
  3. HyperNail

    Fitting CoffeLake-H CPU in 100/200 series motherboard

    What if you are no more satisfied with your SkyLake/KabyLake CPU, but can't change motherboard? Now we have solution which allows use even 6-core CoffeLake CPU on any H110 motherboard. ShanDianXiaKeJi Store offers a lot of different laptop CPU with PCB adapter and custom metal socket frame for...
  4. SnaccPacc

    CPU Overheating. Fans not working properly? + General Post Install Help

    So I just started doing pretty heavy 3D renders with my first hackintosh and my CPU seems to be overheating and throttling when it's under such big loads. My HWMonitor graph looks like extreme peaks and valleys. I'm very new to hacks so I could be wrong but it seems to me like my fans aren't...
  5. cyberdogg

    Recommended GPU for GA-Z77X-UD5H, and GPU/CPU for Asus Prime Z490-A

    Hello! So I have an old hackintosh with a GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard for which I want to upgrade the graphics card... and separately I'm planning my own first hackintosh build with an Asus Prime Z490-A. I want to put both on Big Sur. I have never bought a GPU before, my old hackintosh was built...
  6. tyrone315

    Hackintosh crashes when High CPU Load

    I've installed hackintosh a few weeks ago, everything seemed to run smoothly, but since I am using it mostly for Xcode, I started seeing some issues. For example if I try to open Xcode, Android Studio and Web Storm my laptop will freeze totally for 3 seconds (mouse not responsive) but that just...
  7. ArthurianX

    << Solved >> i9-9900K + Asus Z390-I Gaming + RX 5600 XT - poor performance

    Hi guys, I'm wondering why I'm having poor performance with almost EXACT hardware like the successful builds from lele90 and modmike. I've rotated all the EFI's present in those two threads (same BIOS Settings, clearing NVRAM before, or running the EFI from the bootable USB so I don't 'brick'...
  8. xuegy

    Kernel panic after upgrading to dual E5-2667 v2

    Hello all, My CPU was dual E5-2670 v1, running 10.15.4. I upgraded to 2667 v2. Everything is OK in Linux(CPUs are good). But I got kernel panics booting into macOS. The error message is like panic(cpu 0 caller 0x......): "x86_validate topology() 32 threads but 33 registered from MADT~0/..." I...
  9. AlexisK

    << Solved >> Mavericks Compatibility & K/KF CPUs

    Hi everyone, I'm currently planning on building a "budget" Mac Pro, for about 1300 $. Main uses : AVID editing (no need to edit 4K as we are used to work with proxies), music making (Logic / Ableton), a bit of VFX (After Effects), lots of video exports. As I'm not that experienced in computer...
  10. WhiteIntel

    Xeon E5-2690v4 Not all Cores used

    Hello! Can someone explain me why the hack my Mac Osx Catalina is not using all cpu cores? I´m using iMacPro1,1.
  11. cpike

    Mojave Hackintosh/RX580 Odd Issues - Help!

    Recently completely nuked my High Sierra Hackintosh and setup a new Mojave install. Got everything up and running with the hardware listed at the bottom of this post and everything seemed fine until my wired mouse started jumping around randomly. I noticed it only goes crazy when I have 1 or...
  12. jazzis

    Random CPU Spikes/Freezes

    Everything Boots and Runs Great. I Do a lot of Audio with the latest version of Pro tools 2019.6 and some lite video editing with The LAtest FCPX. Since my Upgrade to 10.14.6 I get random CPU Spikes. I Updated Clover to the latest stable version and Kext and drivers. Not sure if im Missing...
  13. johnthegreat

    Can i change i7 8700k to i9 9900k and 1080ti to 2080ti

    Currently have a build with the core I7 8700k. It also has the ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 motherboard, an asus gtx 1080ti. I was wondering if I could just swap the processor and it would work out of the box since I already have functional build or if the change would require more complicated...
  14. mishumix

    Hackintosh leads to different result in Cubase - same project

    Hi, maybe someone can bring some light to my question. New build hackintosh, Z390 DESIGNARE | i9 9900K | Vega 56 8GB Mojave 10.14.5 All setup and running. DAW Cubase Pro 10.0.20 UAD Apollo Twin mkII and octo satellite via TB 2 - TB 3 mac adapter Opened an existing project that was mixed on...
  15. pkdesign

    i7-9700K or i9-9900K? What are your opinions?

    I am thinking about building a new hackintosh. My 10 year old hack is still running flawlessly but I figured it was time. i7-9700K or an 19-9900K. I know the technical difference between these two processors, but what do you all think in terms of real performance? Is hyper threading that...
  16. dannymozzer

    i3-3220, Asus P8H61-MX USB3 Boot Problem

    Hi, I've been trying to install Mavericks 10.9, I know it's older now, but It's honestly the version I want to use, the specs of the PC are: Asus P8H61-MX USB3 i3-3220 8GB DDR3 Memory GTX 750 ti 500GB HDD I've been following this guide...
  17. sadida17

    Freezes / Sluggishness after GPU swap

    Hey guys, my 980Ti died a couple weeks ago and so I got a Sapphire Radeon VII as a replacement. The card works perfectly under Windows (one random crash so far). I've reinstalled the macOS-partition, did a clean install, and went for the latest 10.14.5 beta 3 to get Radeon VII support. For some...
  18. witampanstwa

    << Solved >> CPU frequency always at max

    Hello, I am struggling with my Haswell CPU which keeps its frequency all the time at 2.4 GHz, while its minimum is 800 MHz and 2.7 Ghz at turbo. I have already set config.plist/KernelAndKextPatches/KernelPm=true, put SSDT-XCPM.aml in EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched and I do not have...
  19. serpork

    100% cpu usage on final cut

    Hello, my hardware - cpu g4400 - motherboard b150-m - gtx 750ti - 8gb ram - mac os sierra 10.12.5 i have extremely CPU usage on final cut on 5 min video. Can it be wrong clover config?
  20. TheOG

    Vega 64 crashing, PSU problem?

    Hi guys, Im about to pull my hair out and hoping someone can offer some advice. Been a month now trying to get this build to work. Right now any time I start Battlefield 5 it will run in windowed, but as soon as I enter full screen it crashes. No error logs given, no black screen, just...