clover boot

  1. Luxab

    [Solved] Internal EFI Clover: macOS boot stuck

    I've had this laptop set up on High Sierra (currently on 10.13.3) since late January. My installation recently became un-bootable via my internal EFI Clover install. I can still boot in via my flash drive, but I haven't had any luck at fixing my internal EFI setup. I have even directly copied...
  2. assyrianpro

    UX501VW (Zenbook "Pro")

    Hey Guys hope all is doing well, anyone here had luck installing High Sierra on the UX501VW ? > i Tried installing sierra and it worked it booted up i used the kexts and files from kprinssu > but whenever i try to boot high sierra with the same...
  3. kavlos

    Can't boot after clover bootloader update

    Hi everyone. I updated to clover 4586 and when I booting I get a black screen. Attached is the verbose detail...
  4. snice

    Dell 7460 - Restart in middle of boot for install High Sierra

    Hello! I'm trying to do my first Hackintosh, but when I boot on USB Clover Boot, I choose to Install macOS, then the apple logo appears and everytime that loading reach middle, the laptop reboots. I trying do the same thing with verbose mode to take a shoot of the screen and attech here. I'm...
  5. jjdizz1l

    Dell M6800 High Sierra Helpful Kext

    Attached is my Clover Bootloader Folder and the KEXT drivers I used to install and run macOS High Sierra on my Dell M6800 with NVIDIA Quadro K3100M 4GB GFX Card. I have 12GB of DDR3 1600MHz Ram installed in 3 separate Banks/DIMM slots. I am currently running a vanilla macOS High Sierra 10.13.4...
  6. fade2nada

    [Solved] Can’t upgrade to High Sierra

    trying to upgrade to High Sierra and can’t make it to the installed no matter what I try. I have removed all hard drives except High Sierra USB installer and a SSD that I have formatted previously in Sierra. I’m thinking it’s something in Clover maybe? Have booted in -v -s no luck...
  7. Pineapple68

    Ghost disks in clover screen (or duplicated disks)

    Hello, I finally managed to install Windows 10 on a separate disk as well. Note: To be able to install Windows 10 I had to physically disconnect NVME disk with Mac OS. Now I have 3 disks including a NVME with Mac OS and clover, an archive disk and a disk with Windows installation. The problem...
  8. AkTeCk

    Problem during High Sierra boot (clover)

    Hi, when I I turn on my pc and in clover boot I select "boot macOS from...", after the apple logo the pc reboot(without loading). The problem I don't understand is that after 2/3 reboot like the first the apple logo loading starts and my macOS work perfectly. Every time I reboot/shut down my pc...
  9. HaroldKurtz

    Problems with El capitan boot on Asus P5KPL-AM SE

    Hi people!! I read the guides and I've installed El capitan on Asus P5KPL-AM SE but I only boot with usb created. I've installed clover Legacy 2.44 and Clover 2.4 but not boot. I have also tried the autogenerated configuration but I can not boot without the usb, if I put it in verbose the error...
  10. Hamza003

    Need Clover EFI Bootloader.

    i need these Clover versions. 1. Clover_2.4k rev 4077. 2. Clover_v2.3k_r3676. i need one these version. Give someone if you have it.
  11. coryhenrique

    Slow boot HS

    My hackintosh don't boot normal like El Capitan/Sierra, I would like to upgrade but I can't, 'cause Clover boot takes too long to get into the installer (10 minutes), and freezes inside the installer in the language selection. I made the bootable USB by Unibeast 8.1, and I'm trying to install...
  12. HigeMynx

    [Solved] Updated Clover via Clover Configurator results in freeze boot

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to prepare for the High Sierra Upgrade so i updated Clover via the Clover Configurator App. I didn't changed anything else. But on the Next boot of my hackintosh the boot Freezes. With Verbose boot flag i found out that he freezes always at the same time. I tried...
  13. slideproject

    Cover boot show only Windows partition

    hello, i have a boot clover problem as you can see from last night after editing the "config.plist" file I can not see the Macintosh and Recovery HD partition more. More on Smbios me by "macbook air 6.2"
  14. ticobfr

    Stuck in booting from usb

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to install sierra in my new external HD and I'm stuck with this screen. In another forum, I read a guy change from -v to -x and worked, so I did it and I got the apple. Before changing it I was stuck with the same result but without the apple. Thanks in advance!
  15. Kashifjawed

    OS X El Capitan graphics Issue

    i have a hp probook 4540 laptop....i had dual boot OS windows 8.1 and OS X El capitan 10.11.3 on clover bootloader.... everything was working fine but when i update my macOS from app store to 10.11.6 suddenly sound not working "No output devices available" then to diagnose this i updated to...
  16. np112983

    Triple Boot Ubuntu 17.04, Sierra, Windows 10

    Hello everyone, So I recently upgraded from a triple boot using chimera with windows 10, Yosemite, and Ubuntu 16.04. I am now using clover with Sierra, Windows 10, and ubuntu 17.04 on 3 independent SSDs(same as before). With all but the EFI drive unplugged(to ensure no corruption of the...
  17. ryansandlin

    [Solved] OSX Sierra SOMETIMES Boots

    So for the most part I have got OSX Sierra working on my hackintosh with only a few minor bugs. The most annoying of those bugs is when booting into sierra it won't always boot. It'll hang on the apple logo screen for a second and either the loading bar will appear and it'll boot. or the apple...
  18. ryansandlin

    OSX Sierra Hackintosh(Clover) doesn't always boot

    So for the most part I have got OSX Sierra working on my hackintosh with only a few minor bugs. The most annoying of those bugs is when booting into sierra it won't always boot. It'll hang on the apple logo screen for a second and either the loading bar will appear and it'll boot. or the apple...
  19. JuulJuup

    Help! My Sierra partition doesn't work. Can't do anything! Can't boot, CloverUSB doesn't work either

    Dear reader, I'm not sure where the problem resides.. My Hackintosh has been working perfectly for 2 months, and yesterday I suddenly couldn't boot anymore. Simply put, I can't do anything without it.. I need it for my work and school and even my USB with Clover doesn't seem to work. I'm...
  20. leanndroguedes

    [Solved] MacOS Sierra does not start from HD without the USB Pen.

    Hello, I recently did the installation of MacOS Sierra. In the post-installation, I installed the features of the MultiBeast, everything happened normal. The problem is when I restart the computer, why the system does not start, it goes straight to the BIOS, I tried to start the HD through the...