clover boot

  1. rudamaia

    Clover fakecpuid bug?

    Hello there! It's my first attempt and everything is working flawlessly: CPU: i5 7600k MB: Asrock z170 pro4s GPU: RX480 powercolor I've been struggling with boot inconsistency, so I started to investigate it. My plist: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>...
  2. wari17

    [Solved] Do not auto boot Mavericks

    Hi I have a problem with boot loader. when i start my computer it's do not boot auto. a screen comes with 'Boot Clover from EFI' and stop. clicking HFS the OS X opens. but it should be auto. what can i do now ..need help i installed OS X 10.9.1
  3. Owlfonzo


    Components Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3 (BIOS F6) Intel Skylake i5 6500 Cooler Master Hyper 212X Crucial Ballistix 16GB ddr4 (2x8) ADATA Ultimate SU800 256GB 3D NAND EVGA SuperNova G2 550w NZXT S340 Logitech G105 Keyboard EVGA TORQ X10
  4. nir.s

    [Solved] Stuck at Apple logo on boot (Sierra)

    Hi, I had installed Sierra following the guide on this forum (first time with a Hackintosh) and it had installed perfectly and worked for a few days. I then had to move my machine to a different country (flight check-in) and disassembled and then reassembled it again in a week. Now, when I...
  5. Kositch

    Booting W10 UEFI with internal graphic card enabled

    Hi, I have successfully installed Hackintosh using Unibeast on my configuration Gigabyte z87m-d3h +Core i5 4470K + NVIDIA GTX960. Version of OS is 10.12.2, I have used Multibeast 9.0.1 and then I have installed and enabled NVIDIA Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS 10.12.2 (16C68). I had...
  6. stefano9528

    Graphics and Boot problem

    Hi everyone. A couple days ago I managed to install my first Hackintosh Sierra ever on my new PC. Now I have a couple of problems going on. First the graphics. I have a GTX 1070 and I'm aware that there are no drivers yet for the 1000 series, so I would like to use the integrated graphics of my...
  7. doccykaaa7

    Need some help with Clover Dual Boot

    Hi Everyone! I've been thinking a lot about installing OS X on my desktop PC. I have a Macbook Pro, but it's kind of old for editing Full HD vids and stuff like that. (I currently use it for mostly music recording and editing it, and the experience it has given me is unexplainably amazing.) So I...
  8. khora02

    Grey screen when trying to boot from HD.

    Managed to dual boot my hard drive with El Capitan and Win 10. Able to boot from USB but can't boot via hard drive. Clover boot screen shows up and I'm able to select OS but after selection I'm greeted with a Black/Grey screen. Ran Post Installation Tools Ran Multibeast for Bootloader Ran...
  9. szilardkoos

    El Capitan (10.11.6) won't boot unless No Cache active.

    Hi to you all! I am quite new with Hackintoshs. I have tried to read and learn as much as possible, but still I am not understanding 100% of how everything works. So sorry if my question is unintelligent at some point. So I had a very difficult time installing El Capitan: everything went...
  10. ThatRedstoneGuy

    Hackintosh on Dell Latitude E6520 - Legacy boot - CLOVER

    Hello! So I have a Dell Latitude E6520 and I am attempting to load it up Hackintosh style. I am using the CLOVER bootloader. I can get to the boot screen and I can try to boot up Mac OS X El Capitan with verbose boot. After that I see the log printing up, but it just seems to fail after I boot...
  11. awesomeepicguy

    Clover hackintosh stuck with -v

    Hi, This is my second time trying to make a Hackintosh, but surprise, there's a problem again. The boot loader was stuck at the Apple logo before, and after I enabled verbose mode, this is what it says. I have a Toshiba Satellite L505-ES5033 laptop, with a Intel Core i3-330M...
  12. gangsta6633

    can't boot with clover

    i had install el capitan and windos 10 (differente SSD). All runs ok, but my problem is that clover find 3 deferents partitions with windows (hd1, hd2, hd3) but anyone run windows. I had tried these 3 options. When i press, I get " - " flashing and does not start anything. Someone could help me...
  13. RockLee

    (HELP) Trying to boot El Capitan from Samsung Pro 950 M.2 ssd

    Hello, I am completely new to building my own PC. A beginner to Hackintosh and a white belt to software installation. After hours of struggling to get past the frozen Apple logo on the installation process, I ran into another ordeal. I recently purchased a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 (512g) after...
  14. itech

    Stop clover from creating additional boot options

    I have managed to install el Capitan on my newly built skyline system with the help of you wonderful folks, all is well except for sleep. My concern is clover keeps creating additional boot options in the bios. I am booting with UEFI, I am only using one hdd I have reflashed the bios and have...
  15. macoslover1995

    Not able to boot clover from internal hardrive on lenovo Y510p

    Hello, I installed mac os 10.10.3 using clover method on my lenovo Y510p. I did every thing given on this thread at first it was booting perfectly but suddenly it stoped working and could not figure out what is...
  16. grahamj1978

    Problem installing with Clover

    I'm looking at trying to switch my GA-Z97X-UD5H installation over to clover (currently using Chimera via Multibeast). I was able to use the "How to Install OS X Mavericks using Clover" guide to create a clover based flash drive for installation. However, when I tried to boot from the drive I...
  17. berkbox

    Asus X201E UEFI Bootloader

    Hi all I got myself a nice looking and cheap little asus x201e and I'm willing to install a triple boot OSX/W8/ubuntu The model is very similar to the asus x202e discussed here and here apart from the processor and the graphic chipset (and i guess that's where come troubles): the asus x201e is...