1. userjc

    Catalina update problem!

    Yesterday,I update my hackintosh laptop 10.15.5 to 10.15.6(latest) But today,I boot my laptop, there are two option to boot macOS, 1.preboot 2.recovery No (boot macOS from Macintosh) My clover vision is r5210 Before my SMBIOS is macbook pro 11,1 And I try to change to imac18,1 Thank you for your...
  2. elgreyghost

    Clover not Opening Up macOs Catalina Installer

    Trying to get Catalina installed on my new hackintosh and after booting "macOs from Install from USB" and once started the Apple logo appears with a progress bar that goes about halfway and then the screen goes black. I've attempted to "enter alternate boot modes such as verbose and safe mode...
  3. GugaVTW

    Dual Boot - Acer Nitro 5 (2019) - AN515-52-52BW

    Hello, this is my first post here! I just bought an Acer Nitro 5 (i5 8300H / GTX 1050) and I would like to make a dual boot with Catalina and Windows 10. Where do I get started? I have a Sata SSD with Windows already installed and a SSD M2 that I would use to install the hackintosh. Thanks!
  4. Frederikxdxd000

    Which gpu buy for macOS Catalina cheap

    Hey, My motherboard is a Asus strix b450f My cpu is a ryzon 3700x and I have a 2060 super. I Setup macOS Catalina today but the graphics su**. It’s because there are no NVIDIA drivers. But I still have space for a second graphics card, but I don’t want to pay that much for a second gpu. I just...
  5. reecevdw

    Stuck at Apple Logo with no progress bar

    I can not get Catalina to install on my PC. I just get stuck at an apple Logo with no progress bar, so I ran it with nv_disable=1 -v to show y'all the errors. I have disabled 3rd party USB 3.2 controller I have disabled VT-d
  6. opinsky

    unstable USB with Catalina/OpenCore 0.58/MSI M3 H270

    Long time hackintosher, previously with Clover now converted to OpenCore, but possibly lacking some understanding on hackintosh nuts and bolts. I've followed the vanilla guide and the hackintosh works quite well, except that USB is very unstable - camera, external audio almost never works...
  7. lorenzopot

    Random Catalina Hackintosh freezing (logs included)

    My Hackintosh randomly freezes. This happens mostly in safari when opening stuff like twitter, or opening the App Store. Running latest Clover, EFI, MacOS version and all Kexts are up to date. - Intel core I5 4670K - Sapphire Radeon HD7950 - MSI Z87-G43 - Samsung 840 EVO - 8GB Corsair Ram...
  8. stivengjinaj

    [EDIT] Installing Catalina with OpenCore problem

    I am trying to install Catalina using OpenCore (fresh install) but its stuck on [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] I READ ABOUT THIS ISSUE IN OPENCORE TROUBLESHOOTING BUT STILL NOTHING CHANGED Any idea??? I tried creating another EFI with universal ssdts and I am getting the same error. I am uploading the...
  9. haem

    How long have you been using one Hackintosh system in particular?

    I'm using my daily driver Hackintosh build for over a decade ;). Every year around my birthday I keep thinking about building a new Hackintosh for myself. I have built many systems over the years for my family and friends. Strangely enough I can't remember how this hackintoshing even started...
  10. Liam101

    Elan 2203 trackpad not working at in Catalina

    Hello everyone, can anyone help me get a Elan 2203 trackpad working in catalina? I tried to use VoodooI2C and appleps2smarttouchpad, but it's doesn't help me. My laptop is MagicBook 14. Keyboard i'm fix using VoodooController. Please somebody help me solve my problem.
  11. wlit

    Unable to boot from USB drive and install

    I follow the "UniBeast: Install macOS Catalina on Any Supported Intel-based PC" guide and got stuck on step# 4: Intstall macOS Catalina. I have a Gigabyte H170n-WIFI motherboard. The bootable USB drive was created via UniBeast 10.3.0. However, I am getting the following system message when I try...
  12. rusbs

    H370M-D3H Catalina Successful (no 3rd quicklook | no auto boot)

    The first time I installed Catalina, everything was working as it is now. But the initialization took a long time and in one of the EFI attempts gave KernelPanic and I had to install it again. I installed Catalina in a new container with OpenCore vanilla tutorial. NVRAM working, everything...
  13. ShalevElmakaies


    I Followed the opencore guide from dortania and got stuck on "acpi error method parse/execution failed..." tried troubleshooting but I'm kind of a noob at this so I need some help... :/ I Attached my latest debug log and my efi folder... Help would be amazing!
  14. JMacMink

    Stuck at PCI configuration end

    Hi I am stuck at "PCI configuration end, bridges 4, devices 11" on the first USB boot. My machine is: MB Asus Prime Z390-A Intel i5 9600K (internal GPU) I tried a few fix attempts that I found online, but none of them worked. Any help on this is appreciated.
  15. EnigmaHunter

    Ethernet doesn't work 10.15 Dell Inspiron 5570

    Hi, i've installed Catalina 10.15 on my Dell Inspiron 5570 (i5-8250u - 16gb DDR4 - HD620 - 250Gb SSD - Realtek Ethernet Card - Qualcomm QCA9377 WiFi) and i've tried a lot of kext but my ethernet doesn't work. Everytime i've the same message " This computer does not appear to have any pci...
  16. bluefox06

    Want to buy SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 5500 XT 8G for Catalina

    Hello, I'm running High Sierra currently. Now coming to my setup: I have selected iMac 18,2 for my build from clover configarator. Configuration: Motherboard: Gigabyte B360M DS3H Processor: Intel i5 8400 Memory: 2 x CORSAIR 8GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400Mhz SSD: Kingston SSD A400 240GB HDD: 1...
  17. RAFFAY

    HP Wide Vision HD Web Cam

    I'm using OC 0.5.9 macOS Catalina 10.15.6. WiFi, BLuetooth, iServices all are working except my WebCam. Any chance to make it work? It is equipped with HP Wide Vision Web Cam.
  18. Sike

    Can't upgrade from Mojave to Catalina

    Hello guys, I have followed this guide in order to upgrade to Mac OS Catalina but I'm getting these errors: I have moved (and updated) the kexts from /Library/Extensions and updated the kernel cache. I have also tried this post to see if it could fix it, but nothing... Have you guys gotten...
  19. keronei

    System reboots when external monitor is connected - UHD 620.

    My laptop goes to black screen and immediately restarts whenever I connect an external display either via HDMI or VGA. Initially it used to work well on VGA, then stopped in my Dell monitor but still worked on HP display. When I tested the HDMI then I did realised that it also had the same...
  20. flyboywn

    Vega 64 + Catalina issue

    Hi, I have a Vega 64 reference that I would like to use with Catalina via OpenCore. I can get the device to recognize and initialize correctly but I cannot use any port other than DP1 on the card. I can use a DVI monitor or HDMI monitor with that port via appropriate adapters but I cannot use...