1. MacDaddy123

    Catalina Boot Help

    I have a working Mojave install. I had a (mostly) working Catalina install, but hosed my config.plist badly. Attached is the working EFI folder from Mojave (as in this config will boot and run Mojave all the live long day, but refuses to start Catalina on the same hardware). Any guidance is much...
  2. mixalis

    Touchscreen using AppleUSBCHCOM.kext

    Hi, I have a portable touchscreen and it does not come with a driver. In Mojave it works with singletouch (like a Mouse) without the need of installing anything. In Catalina the touch functionality does not work. I have a dell optiplex 3020SFF hackintosh running Catalina, an unsupported 2009 Mac...
  3. DSS3113

    OpenCore 'Attempting System Restart' on Catalina

    I've decided to shift to OpenCore from Clover and so, I've made the attached OC folder. When I try to boot to macOS, the computer restarts. I have tried to find a solution to this problem and have even run a Sanity Check on the config.plist. There is no significant issue with it. If somebody can...
  4. neoskateur

    x99 Catalina PCI Cards not working ?

    Hello everyone. I've decided to update my work rig but my pci cards aren't working: - i7 5960X - Asus X99 E WS - 32Go DDR3 - NVME SSD - RX5700XT PCIe cards added: - Added Asus XG-C100C - Blackmagic Decklink 4K So I went to OpenCore (for the first time haha) and it was hard! But the system...
  5. iLyaPro280

    please go to PROBLEM

    I successfully installed macOS Catalina using Installation Guide When I installed MultiBeast drivers I restarted the Hackintosh and it says Please go to to report this panic My PC: Dell Vostro 3670 Core i3-8100 Intel UHD Graphics 630 1080p Monitor Maybe I need to do...
  6. DSS3113

    Solved > Catalina audio issues

    The audio was working just fine the other day, but now the audio output is not working. The machine is able to receive audio input as can be made out by the screenshots which I've attached. I am attaching my EFI folder too. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. DSS3113

    Solved > Random Kernel Panics on Catalina 10.15.7

    Hi, my hackintosh reboots randomly when I am working on it. It'll even do so when I would've left it idle. Other than this it works perfectly thanks to the support provided by these forums. This report was generated the last time it had a kernel panic: panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800cc13467)...
  8. romanmykytiuk

    Getting prohibited sign (Mac OS Catalina)

    Hey guys Does anyone know how to fix this?Sometimes I get prohibited sign and need to reboot couple of times Thank you.
  9. Fatbird

    Gonna attempt my first Hackintosh(Catalina) tonight, any last advise before I start?

    Hello guys, I bought all the parts using the buying guide here in December 2017.(Never got to do the build as job change and birth of a child had me really busy for a while). I bought a GTX 1070 at the time, but that is no longer compatible from what I've been reading up here on the...
  10. Gabriele05rizzo

    Random usb and audio freeze but monitor still working

    Hello to all of you, I successfully installed mac os catalina 10.15.7 on my desktop computer...fully working except imessage, facetime, and hardware accelleration (but i think its related to my smbios: imac14,2). Randomly i experienced hard freezes (keyboard don't working, mouse don't working)...
  11. 853071

    Catalina & HP Envy 13 d004no

    Already tried to install. Installer did not work without flag cpus=1 and had to add SSDT-EC.aml file to efi-folder. After reboot installation stuck on "Estimating time remaining...". process bar is about 40% Caps lock seems to respond and power button gives message "Your Mac will restart when...
  12. Luka1234

    USB catalina Clover Stuck on logo (no loading bar)

    Hello. I have HP Elite 8300 sff with i7, Q77 motherboard and HD4000 graphic. Cant get past logo (no loading bar).I followed this instruction. My EFI file is below. Can anybody...
  13. ktmsulaim

    No nvram variable found Open Core 0.6.4 Catalina Installer

    Hi, I'm trying to install macOs Catalina using open core bootloader on my build. I've followed each and every steps described in Dortania, besides I did research on this forum about macOs installation processes. Any way I got stuck at no nvram variable found in verbose mode. Also, there was a...
  14. venomInVeins

    Stuck on boot after clover and kexts updated.

    I updated clover to 5127 and updated the Lilu and some other kexts to the latest version. Now the laptop gets stuck on the boot screen. Please help.
  15. socks5

    kernel panic everytime after reboot from successful install of Catalina

    Good afternoon, I have been on this for a couple of days now. I have an ASUS n56JR-EH71 Laptop with an i7 4700HQ, GTX 760m, 16GB ram, 250GB SSD. I have installed Catalina for the 5th time with no hiccups, just takes a little time to boot but, every time I successfully install and setup my macOS...
  16. Antomac88

    Catalina 10.15.7 - final setup problem with TP-Link wifi card

    Hello everyone and happy New Year's Eve :headbang: This morning I finished installing my Catalina 10.15.7 hackintosh and everything works fine The only problem I am having is with my TP-Link TL-WDN4800 wifi card, I can't get it to work in any way, would any of you give me a hand helping me to...
  17. Kamani.Jasmin

    Can't decide which Ethernet driver select in Multibeast for Catalina

    MY CURRENT PC CONFIGURATION Motherboard - HP Compaq 8300 CPU CPU - 3.19 GHz Intel Core i5 Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2047 MB Thanks in advance!
  18. pnemanic

    Trouble creating a Catalina boot disk...

    Hi all, I recently updated my GPU from a RX 580 to RX 5700xt. Now I'm trying to update from Mojave to Catalina because I know Catalina supports the 5700 better. I've used my own EFI folder along with multiple others from builds with similar hardware to mine, but still get hung at the same spot...
  19. danhdez

    Slow Boot Times on Latest Build - Catalina

    Hi all, Hoping for some insight on my latest build. Currently everything is 95% functional but my boot time is slow (40-50 secs) and it often feels like my hackintosh is not running optimally (occasional slow downs in Logic and Davinci, lagging after sleep). If any experts could check out my...
  20. chuanfeng

    Solved > Auto shutdown when update Catalina 10.15.7 from 10.15.5

    [Solved] Finally, I succeed! What I do is use gibMacOS to download 10.15.7 and install. Hi, this is my info: Current: Catalina 10.15.5 OC: 0.6.4 CPU: i5-9400(no F) GPU: UHD-630 Motherboard: Gigabyte B365m Aorus Elite Problem: I download 10.15.7 from Sys Setting and install it. After reboot, I...