1. hanbugra

    Catalina 10.15 / RZ09-03017GM2 - Razer Blade Advance 2019

    Hi everyone ! when i started the system it shows up such a code as a panic error as shown in the image below. Frankly, I wanted to share it with you because it is a subject that I am inexperienced with. You can find the information about config on the attached file. Other problems with the...
  2. Mttk

    Showing black screen on Catalina usb installer on HP Z440

    Hello friends, I need help fixing the boot issue from Catalina USB installer. Working on HP Z440 with E5-2670 v3 Processor and 16GB Ram with Quadro K2000 with nvme drive using PCIe expansion card. I'm stuck at this point where the system just about the load the installer UI. It says unsupported...
  3. VinventN

    << Solved >> Install stuck on Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement: .user-access-keyboard

    Hi guys, I am trying to install Catalina with OpenCore 0.7.3 following the dortania guide, and I am getting gIOSCreenLockState 3, hs0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 and then black screen. Motherboard: asrock z490m-itx/ac CPU: 10600k GPU: UHD 630 Edit: problem solved, need to use DisplayPort instead of HDMI
  4. SimeJah

    can't get past EXITBS:START error.

    I am trying to boot catalina. A made a bootable USB with opencore 7.2 and 0.6.6 after that. Both times I am getting this error; Any help is greatly appreciated. specs; ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII EXTREME Nvidia GT 710 Ryzen 5950x Nvme SSD added EFI folder with text dumps.
  5. akinci

    << Solved >> Gt 740 Catalina pre installation Unibeast question

    Hi all, I am planing to upgrade my system High Sierra to Catalina with a new SSD. I got a Nvidia GT 740 . I noticed that a Graphics Configuration option in Unibeast says Inject Nvidia. (for series 900-800-600-500) not 700. I heard that GT 740 accepted by default in Mojave and Catalina. Should...
  6. domtech

    "forcing cs runtime for entitlement" macOS Catalina

    Been getting this issue when booting from an installer "forcing cs runtime for entitlement". Can someone please help me, this is making me so mad. I don't know how to fix it.
  7. wavecraftproject

    Catalina won't boot from USB on Intel Sandy Bridge, Gygabyte, RX570 system

    Hi my mobo is Gigabyte GA-Z69X-UD3H-B3 with intel sandy bridge 2600k cpu and Radeon rx570 gpu I am trying to install Catalina from USB but after a long time I am waiting, the boot stops with a black screen after clover boot menu. I have no kext in EFI/clover/kext/10.15 folder and I have not...
  8. domtech

    macOS Big Sur Hackintosh

    Hello, I have been trying to install macOS Big Sur on my PC with an Evga X99 motherboard and a Core i7 5930k (haswell-e). This has been the hardest thing I've ever done with Hackintoshing. Catalina didn't even work until I installed it on an external drive off of my MacBook. I have tried using...
  9. LOQuence

    << Solved >> GPU acceleration issue?

    My mouse is sluggish and some kind of artifacts happen as you can see on the video. Is this an issue because of GPU acceleration? Since I use iGPU of my Intel i5 7500 processor I thought I don't have to make special adjustments for the graphics except the BIOS where I've selected 64 mb. Here is...
  10. AleixDako

    Fenvi T919 on Catalina

    Hi all, I bought the Fenvi T919 to work on my Hackintosh, Catalina, at first it works properly directly out of the box, no need ob installing kext neither enabling the adapter, just connect to my wifi and run, but, after a few minuts all of a sudden the Wifi adapter just change to disable and...
  11. Tutenchamun

    U.2 NVMe Kingston DC1000M on WS-Sage X299/ OC - Catalina

    Finally my Kingston DC1000M (connected by an U.2 cable to an Asus WS-Sage X299) is booting and running! It was first of all shown in the OpenCore 0.6.6. Catalina Install. 1. The Install Guide of the Asus X299 informs us about, to have at least an CPU with 44 lanes to bei able to use the U.2...
  12. TikittyBoo


    His all I’m getting the attached error when booting my opencore usb stick. I have followed the opencore info and have rebuilt my usb stick twice. I have also checked the troubleshooting guide for that error and applied any required changes but I still get this error. I am running an HP...
  13. St1g

    Don't boot from USB

    Built from scratch OpenCore. 0.7.1 with the latest kexts. Created the flash drive with createinstallmedia. Catalina from appstore. Nvram reset. On startup it hangs after creating ram disks. I attached my configure and debug log of my OC. PS. Big Sur boots and installs without any problems...
  14. MDee


    Hello problem solvers, I have one for you... :) I cannot get past the Apple logo after I do the initial format of the hard drive in recovery mode followed by installing Catalina. After the install finishes (in like 5 minutes) the computer restarts. Whether I choose the pre-boot or the...
  15. dzseti

    No audio device with ALC668

    Post installation of Catalina using OpenCore (with much thanks to @Feartech and others) I have been trying to get my audio to work, but without success. I have followed the troubleshooting guide here and checked that the device appears correctly with IORegistryExplorer which shows this: I...
  16. MerakdanDesign

    Lenovo Flex 2-14 (20404) MacOs Catalina Please Help !

    First of all, I don't know anything about hackintosh, I don't know anything about config or anything. Since I'm just a graphic designer, windows is not enough in some places, so I decided to install catalina, but I don't know how to do it, I would appreciate it if you could help. 2.. I think...
  17. Bvek

    Studio One 5 deactivating after boot

    Hello guys. I recently got a Dell optiplex 3060 and installed the latest version of catalina. So I have this issue where a software I use which is called Presonus Studio One 5.3 that keeps de-activating itself after every boot or restart. When I do the re-activation, the machine code required...
  18. danielswater

    Hackintosh Catalina gets black screen when restarting with HDMI turned on

    Hi, I'm new to Hackintosh and I would like someone to help me. I have an intel core i7-7500U 7 generation with intel HD 620 card. I didn't need to do any configuration for the HDMI to work, and it works fine. The problem is when I restart the computer. When I restart, it's just a black screen...
  19. mlkt

    << Solved >> HD4000 Loss of graphic acceleration when installing apps.

    Hi, I have a HP EliteBook 9470m i7 laptop with OSX Catalina 10.15.7 with HD4000 at 1366x768 , everything works correctly except card reader and fingerprint reader. The problem I have is that when installing some applications the system loses the graphic acceleration at the next boot and the only...
  20. Obligated.Penguin

    I need some advice regarding dual-booting Windows 10 LTSC and Hackintosh

    Hello there fellas, I am new to the tonymacx86 community and I'd love to build a dual boot build but I have some very newbie doubts I thought I could get resolved on this brilliant community. Here is my configuration first: Motherboard: Zebronics Zeb-H61 (which supports the Intel H61 Chipset)...