boot black screen

  1. cloin

    High Sierra boot fails after 3 secs on previously running system - HELP!

    Hi all, I had until this morning a perfectly stable running system - High Sierra with 10.13.6 running on an SSD. After installing a new NVMe SSD using a PCIe x4 extension board I was able to initialize the new disk, format it with APFS, copy 500GB of files to it and all seemed well. I decided to...
  2. fercho3138

    Sudden Couldn't allocate runtime area

    Hi! So I've successfully built my rig and installed Mac os Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Intel Core i7 9700k Ballistix Sport 32gb Samsung evo 500gb nv Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse Corsair h60 The thing is that I got it running perfectly, even performed some heavy video renderings with no...
  3. BigOncleSam

    Black Screen & Clover update

    Hi guys, I've been searching for 2 days how to fix my Catalina installation, tried many solutions... But it's still broken... I've installed a clean Mojave on my build, restored my time machine backup and checked, everything was working fine. I tried to upgrade Clover from 4910 to 5200 and I...
  4. ShoryuK

    Can't boot MacOS Catalina installation on my machine

    Whenever I try to boot up the macOS installation, I get stuck on "Couldn't allocate runtime area". My build: i7 5960x Gigabyte Intel LGA 2011-3 X99 Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660 ti 3GB 16gb RAM DDR4 Sandisk SSD 480GB
  5. godshorn8678

    Can't boot from Unibeast USB

    Gigabyte H87-D3H Intel I5-4430 No Graphics card PC running windows 10 no problem. I'm using the main Mojave installation guide and following all the instructions to a T. On a friend's Mac I download Mojave and have Unibeast create the bootable USB (which btw after it does this it changes the...
  6. isth

    [SOLVED] Machine not booting after updating Clover & kexts

    Hi all, I have been running High Sierra on an Intel NUC very happily for about a year now, and wanted to get ready to move it over to Mojave. Following the guide at, I started by updating to the latest version of Clover...
  7. kSilva

    [Solved] Won't boot after update

    I turned on my computer today after not turning on for two months. It booted with not problems. After I logged in I was prompted to update clover and I did. Then MacOS prompted me to download and isnstall the latest update, I did. When the computer restarted during the update process it got...
  8. edjie

    [SOLVED] High Sierra, cannot wake up from deep sleep, No USB/dark display after reboot

    I usually kept my hackintosh on with cafe to prevent it from going to sleep mode, but the other day i accidentally click on sleep button thinking I was shutting it down. The machine went to sleep for around 1 hour. The it won't wake up from the "deep sleep" mode. My keyboard and mouse have no...
  9. Worldi

    Intermittent Black boot. GTX 780 6GB. El Capitan. Mac Pro 3,1.

    Greetings! Please read this entire post in context, as there's more going on here than what can be deduced at first glance. I've searched far and wide and have yet to find another person having the issue I'm having. Intermittent black screen at boot after installing the latest version of El...
  10. owain

    Installation black screen after attempted install

    Hi there Recently I've been trying to get High Sierra to install on my system which was previously running Sierra. I had difficulty doing it directly through Mac OS so opted to create a bootable usb to be able to install it. I've been through the process of creating the usb and adding kexts to...
  11. Ivanlopto

    Chimea Boot Flags ASUS GeForce GT 710

    I'm building my first Hackintosh and I can't load the Mavericks installer. I've tried some boot flags combinations with no success so far, just files loading until I get the black screen. Can anyone help me? Gigabyte GA Z270X UD5 Intel i7 7700 ASUS GeForce GT 710
  12. KR13

    HELP: Sierra - config.plist for MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon / i7-6800 / GTX 1080

    PLEASE someone help me setup the proper config.plist for my build. All these options in Clover Configurator are driving me INSANE and I don't have the hours upon hours to spend working on this, aside from the fact I've never done this before and all of this is brand new to me. Right now, all I...
  13. pl2k

    New Gigabyte GT 730 2GB DDR5 card will not allow me to boot past half way apple progress bar

    I have purchased a Gigabyte GT 730 2GB DDR5 card to replace my old bfg 8800GTX , the problem is after I have installed it, when it boots, it gets to the apple logo with the progress bar and reaches half way before rebooting. It keeps on repeating this cycle. ** When I installed an EVGA 1050TI...
  14. lucasnookerreturn

    [Solved] Sierra Installation won't boot. Pics of terminal

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone on this forum could help me out. I got a little advice and help before when installing el capitan a little over a year ago but since then I have updated my GPU to a TITAN X Pascal and need sierra installed in order to update the drivers so I can use my...
  15. sethi091

    How can i install Mac OS X Sierra on HP pavilion 15 p-235ne

    Hello there, i tried all way to install mac os x but couldn't help me to install any mac laptop configuration is below. Thank you HP Pavilion 15 p235ne Memory - 16 GB Graphics - Nvidia Geforce 840m / Intel HD graphics 5500 Processor - Intel 5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz Hard Disk - SSD SAMSUNG...
  16. jfg57

    my Hackintosh does not boot anymore

    Hi, I recently (6 months ago?) built my first hackintosh. Easy build based on someone else experience of course. All components chosen for their supposed compatibility. My small hackintosh worked liked a dream, until recently. No boot anymore. But not all the time. My screen stays black (not...
  17. Arpit723

    For installing Mac OS, Could not Boot Clover from my USB drive.

    I want to install Mac OS El Capiatn in my Seagate Harddisk. I have created Bootbale USB drive by using Unibeast with UEFI. I have a Laptop of ASUS X53E model, 8 GB RAM, and Windows 7 OS. I have set the Boot priorities/BBS boot priorities. Then also It is not taking the USB drive, and can not...
  18. romantosh

    Black Screen after install Sierra 10.12.2

    I am trying to install Sierra on my PC after an upgrade to MSI Radeon RX 460 4GB. Before, i had on my PC El Captain and graphics card HD5750, and everything worked, i also tried to load El Captain on my RX 460 and it works. On Sierra it shows a black screen after install. I am using a Clover and...
  19. Zeev

    [Issue] Black Screen while booting

    Hi there, hope this is the right place to post my issue. I updated my el capitan CustoMac to macOS Sierra and it worked fine. But now i recognized that no audio was supported anymore and tried to fix it. By doing this i somehow created the problem i have now: When i boot my PC, clover shows...
  20. TheMadKing

    Sierra not booting up, black screen.

    So, I decided to install Sierra on my old Asus laptop, I thought that I would give it a try. I had Windows 10 and Ubuntu in dualboot on it, but I was getting sick of Windows, so I eventually came to the idea that I should replace them both with Sierra. I have tried to turn my laptop into a...