boot black screen

  1. sethi091

    How can i install Mac OS X Sierra on HP pavilion 15 p-235ne

    Hello there, i tried all way to install mac os x but couldn't help me to install any mac laptop configuration is below. Thank you HP Pavilion 15 p235ne Memory - 16 GB Graphics - Nvidia Geforce 840m / Intel HD graphics 5500 Processor - Intel 5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz Hard Disk - SSD SAMSUNG...
  2. jfg57

    my Hackintosh does not boot anymore

    Hi, I recently (6 months ago?) built my first hackintosh. Easy build based on someone else experience of course. All components chosen for their supposed compatibility. My small hackintosh worked liked a dream, until recently. No boot anymore. But not all the time. My screen stays black (not...
  3. Arpit723

    For installing Mac OS, Could not Boot Clover from my USB drive.

    I want to install Mac OS El Capiatn in my Seagate Harddisk. I have created Bootbale USB drive by using Unibeast with UEFI. I have a Laptop of ASUS X53E model, 8 GB RAM, and Windows 7 OS. I have set the Boot priorities/BBS boot priorities. Then also It is not taking the USB drive, and can not...
  4. romantosh

    Black Screen after install Sierra 10.12.2

    I am trying to install Sierra on my PC after an upgrade to MSI Radeon RX 460 4GB. Before, i had on my PC El Captain and graphics card HD5750, and everything worked, i also tried to load El Captain on my RX 460 and it works. On Sierra it shows a black screen after install. I am using a Clover and...
  5. Zeev

    [Issue] Black Screen while booting

    Hi there, hope this is the right place to post my issue. I updated my el capitan CustoMac to macOS Sierra and it worked fine. But now i recognized that no audio was supported anymore and tried to fix it. By doing this i somehow created the problem i have now: When i boot my PC, clover shows...
  6. TheMadKing

    Sierra not booting up, black screen.

    So, I decided to install Sierra on my old Asus laptop, I thought that I would give it a try. I had Windows 10 and Ubuntu in dualboot on it, but I was getting sick of Windows, so I eventually came to the idea that I should replace them both with Sierra. I have tried to turn my laptop into a...
  7. slidspitfire

    [Solved] K600 black screen after complete verbose boot

    Dear fellows, I have managed to have a working installation of sierra on my precision T3600 workstation. Everything was ok with an old nvidia GPU (nvidia quadro p283). I tried to upgrade the GPU to a newer one I found in my office: an nvidia quadro K600. The boot seems to go well in verbose...
  8. josh97

    Not able to get to initial boot GA-Z170X-Gaming 7

    Hello, I've done a bit of thread searching but cannot seem to find exactly what I am looking for - apologies if there is a solution I overlooked. I just built my first custom PC for Sierra - noob to the community, but very eager!! I have Windows 10 already loaded on one of the SSDs, however...
  9. rolandtaracks

    Boot Up Help (verbose attached)

    Hello, I recently installed MacOS Sierra and it was working great. However, now when it boots up it loads very slowly at the Apple screen (like 5 minutes). Then it goes to a black login screen with a cursor. If I click the cursor goes away and the screen is completely black. When booting in...
  10. gildarts

    macOS Sierra problem

    My laptop is Sony VAIO Fit 14 (SVF14A16SGS) My problem is I got black screen after apple logo on my laptop. What should i do? Core i7-3537U Intel HD 4000 + GeForce GT 735M (disabled) Display resolution is 1600x900 RAM 8 GB MacOS Sierra GM vanilla I'm using clover for bootloader Bootflag...
  11. Isiri036

    (HELP)This pc can run any version of Mac OS?

    This is Lenovo s41-70 Processor : Intel i3 5005-u Ram : 4gb GPU : nviadia Gefoce 940 M 2 gb Mother board : Lenovo S41-70 Audio Adapter: Intel Broadwell PCH-LP - High Definition Audio Controller [B2] Please help me . I can't enter boot ( whit Clover )
  12. craggles

    Can Only Boot Via Onboard Graphics but Graphics Card works after

    Hi all, I have an odd problem. I can comfortably boot into OSX if I boot using my onboard graphics. Once booted thew nvidia graphics turns on and everything works very well. If I boot from PCI in bios, then the loading bar gets to roughly half way and and none of the graphics port produce the...
  13. silencedogood

    El Capitan fails to finish booting and monitor goes black

    Hi, I'm fairly new to hackintosh and am working on my first build. The usb booted the el capitan installer after booting in force hibernate wake mode. I was then able to format my disk and install onto it. The problem occurred when I booted off my usb again then booted off the hard drive in...
  14. Genderman2

    Nvidia Boot black Screen Yosemite 10.10.5

    Hi, I've upgraded my system with a SSD, so i had to Reinstall my perfectly working Hackintosh:banghead:. Now i had a Problem with my Nvidia GeForce GT 220. On my last Build i know i Installed the Web Driver an changed the Boot flag and everything works fine. Now after my reinstallation i had a...
  15. hakims

    Post Multi-Beast Installation boot error

    Specs: MSI Z77A-G43 Intel Core i5 2500k Nvida GTX 460 Superclocked Edition 8 GB Ram So i was able to run through the basic Unibeast Installation and get to my desktop. Everything was working fine and I had full access to OSX. After going through MultiBeast and...
  16. jojohamy

    Black screen apple boot with GTX570HD

    First off, I'm new to hackintoshing and to Tonymac, so if this is posted in the wrong place I apologize but I need help! Okay so here is my build, It's based on's mac pro build. EVGA GeForce GTX570 HD 2560MB GDDR5 SLI Ready Graphics Card (025-P3-1579-AR​) Intel Core...