[SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

With F9h available can we say F9g is stable enough and will be officially released soon?
With version F9b as the latest official release, there must have been several beta versions before F9g and F9h. None of those have been released officially. So it's incorrect to assume Gigabyte will release an official BIOS version soon, only because the beta-version has been updated.

Without any documentation available of what is being added or fixed in the beta-versions, it's hard to tell how stable the beta-versions are and how close Gigabyte is to an official release.

The only known change in the beta-versions that was reported in this thread, is that CFG_LOCK has been added as a BIOS setting. And although that is a very convenient feature, it's not enough for me to risk any stability issues with the beta-firmware. I'm fine with using grub to adjust CFG_LOCK until Gigabyte releases an official new BIOS version.

Several people have reported F9g is working fine for them though, and your priorities may be different. So if having CFG_LOCK as a BIOS setting is important for you, just try out the beta BIOS and see if you like it. You can always revert to the official F9b BIOS version.
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Hi guys,
I'm using AdGuard (paid licence) to block ads (tonymacx is on my whitelist), it works really good on my MacBook Pro and an old iMac. But it doesn't on my hackinotsh. I contacted AdGuard support service I sent them debug logs of the app and they told me this:View attachment 473663
Do you have any idea why this not working on the hackinotsh? I installed using the May Update 2020 with 10.15.4 fresh install guide.
Iv not installed any antivirus or network monitoring app.
Although I haven't used this app, Pi-Hole is a popular ad-blocking app on Raspberry Pi, and it also has white listing capability.

Hopefully other AdGuard users can chime in...
Last night, the system failed to start after I cleared CMOS. I then started the system with a backup and replaced it with OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi, and the system started normally. I'll unlock CFG your way right away. Replace it again with the OcQuirks.efi three-piece set. OK, my Mojave's back. However, the usb drive still can't start as my upgrade, the same display kernel crashes
You may also try replacing OcQuirks with OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000 for the upgrade USB.
With F9h available can we say F9g is stable enough and will be officially released soon?
It does seem that an official release is imminent.
*** OpenCore 0.5.7 / 0.5.8 / 0.5.9 Mini-Guide for Designare Z390 ***

can i use this ^^^ guide also to build my first dualboot hackintosh but with Mojave and not Catalina:
Z390 Designare
i9 9900k
vega 56 (or rx590 it depends what I can get due to the out of stocks of radeon cards here)
G.Skill Aegis DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3200
Crucial P1 SSD 1TB, M.2
Samsung evo850 1tb (for win10)
Corsair TX-M Series Modular TX750M

I want to go open core bc all say its the future, its harder to setup but i would go over it.
Mojave should be installed with Clover. One can always replace Clover with OpenCore in the future.
Yes I have the 7 wires connected and with no power going to the board the reader doesn't detect the chip, same if i power the MB up. I have double checked and created the hand note below...
View attachment 473718

View attachment 473719
Some (friendly) questions:
  • Are you far-sighted or near-sighted? Do you wear corrective lenses (contacts or eyeglasses)?
  • Are you able to clearly focus your eyes on small objects close to the eye?
  • Is the SOIC clip "swallowing" the Winbond chip?
  • Is the SOIC clip aligned properly to the 4 pins above and 4 pins below the chip package?
  • Is the PSU power switch flipped on?
  • Is the motherboard itself powered OFF? It must be powered off.
To confirm if SOIC clip is connected properly:
  • Flip PSU power switch OFF!
  • Connect pin 8 (3.3V power)
  • Do the LEDs on motherboard light up?
Well.. just gone ahead and installed F9g ;)
Why not F9h? One would assume F9h was released because something in F9g wasn't quite right...
I have reinstalled uad software 3 times, but as always I still don't recognize what I have to choose from the bios setting under thunderbold
One of the Thunderbolt options to try is Thunderbolt Boot Support --> Boot Once.