Dual Booting Windows 7 + Mac (Mountain Lion) with both Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse - Bluetooth Se

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Jun 19, 2011
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Setting up bluetooth with magic mouse and trackpad in both Windows and Mac Dual boot

Hi Folks!

I know this information is scattered through the web and forums, but I couldn't find one step-by-step guide to get both my Apple Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse working from boot in my dual-boot Windows-Mountain Lion setup.

I could bond the mouse and trackpad in Windows, or Mac, reboot into the other OS, bond it there, reboot back and I'd have to debond and rebond over and over.

This might be ok if you use one operating system 99% of the time, or don't mind a cluttered desk with both windows and mac peripherals, but it was driving me nuts, I use Mac and Windows about the same each and frequently want to reboot from one into the other and then back again.

Anyhow. I finally sorted my woes, so thought better share the solution here in case others stumble across the same problem. Forgive the woffle! If there's anything that doesn't make sense, please let me know!

1. In Windows first download:

• The latest version of PTools from, this will allow you to edit your registry as 'System' later, allowing you to edit your bluetooth device link keys.
• Bootcamp drivers for both Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad (you can get these from or follow the guide there for installation of Bootcamp 4.0 drivers using 7-zip 4.65 and BootCampESD.pkg
• Mouse and Trackpad utilities from:

2. Install PTools (put files in System Drive:\Windows\System32)

3. Install the drivers for both the trackpad and the magic mouse

4. As you would ordinarily, connect both the trackpad and magic mouse via bluetooth (Add Device etc..)

5. Once installed, right-click and select 'Properties' for either one of the devices and go to the 'Bluetooth' tab, take a note of the 'Unique Identifier' near the bottom of the page under 'Troubleshooting Information' (This will be noted as a series of letters and numbers, eg. 1a:b2:c3:45:67:8d). You will need this later to identify your device in Regedit.

6. Restart your machine and boot into Mac.

7. Connect to either your magic trackpad or mouse as usual via blueooth

8. Open terminal and copy-paste the following command and hit enter:
sudo defaults read /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/blued.plist

EDIT: You can also go into System Information and find your devices under the Bluetooth section to see which device is which...much easier!

9. Take a note of the link key that this will then give you, this will be a series of letters and numbers formatted for OS. You will need to reverse these for use in Windows. Below is an example:
Mac: 12345ab6 78c91234 567891d2 3456789e
Windows: 9e785634 d2917856 3412c978 b65a3412
(note how the characters are in pairs, to convert the sequence from Mac to Windows you need to take the last pair of characters (9e), then the one preceeding that (78), then the one before that (56) etc etc until you have reversed the entire sequence)

10. Now connect to your other device and carry out the same procedure to get the link key for that device.

11. Reboot into Windows, neither of your devices will work yet, but fret not!

12. Open the command line tool as an Administrator, Start Menu -> type "cmd", right click on 'cmd.exe' and select 'Run as Administrator'.

13. Copy and paste the following:
psexec -s -i regedit

14. Hit enter, regedit will now open with full access to the keys you need.

15. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\BTHPORT\Parameters\Keys\Unique ID
(Unique ID of your bluetooth adapter not your device, you can find this by going to Device Manager, right-click on your bluetooth adapter, select 'Properties', go to the 'Advanced' tab and see your ID under 'Adddress:')

16. You will see a list of devices in the right-side pane, you can determine which is your trackpad or mouse by using the Unique Identifiers you noted earlier in step 5, right-click on the relevant device and now click 'Modify Binary Data...' and type in the appropriate link key for your device (the link key that you changed into the correct Windows format in step 9)

17. Do this for each device.

18. Exit regedit, click your magic mouse and your trackpad and hey-presto, they'll start working!

19. Reboot and they'll still be bonded and working for Mac!

Thanks to and for all the above! :)

I have tried this and it does not work for me.

After I complete all the steps, it says "A bluetooth device is trying to connect, allow this?" I click yes, and it says enter a code, I enter 0000 and it connects. But after booting into mac it doesn't work. I then reconnected in Mac OS X but then won't work in Windows?

My wireless bluetooth keyboard works in both, I would really appreciate it if anyone can help?
Would this work with the apple wireless keyboard too?
Absolutely superb post, i've been trying to figure if there was a way to do this for ages (weird how the keyboard just works in both os's without this though).

I've now done it and it works fine, no more second mouse for me, and my trackpad now works in both too. Ps is there really a need for the additional mouse and trackpad control panels as this works fine without them, and i noticed one of them only runs for 28 days without a licence.
hi and thank you but for me its not working or that I did not understand is it possible to post it on youtube thank you
Thank you so much for that guide, The bluetooth cutting out every time I went from one OS to the other was doing my head in. You saved my mini macs life cos I was gonna chuck it out the window! Haha (as if I would).
Again thank you :)
Setting up bluetooth with magic mouse and trackpad in both Windows and Mac Dual boot

8. Open terminal and copy-paste the following command and hit enter:
sudo defaults read /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/blued.plist

After executing the command in OSX Terminal I get this as LinkKey:

<00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000>

I'm quite sure that isn't right. Can anyone tell me how to get the right LinkKey for my trackpad?
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