1. pinyonet

    Mouse/Keyboard lost

    After charge the first bar with the Apple logo, after boot, there is coming a animation message with the apple mouse saying that I need to connect it, someone with the same issue or know how to fix it? My keyboard and mouse are off when happen this. Thanks
  2. BlvckBytes

    Laggy bluetooth on DW1560

    Hey guys! I always thought: The fact that my mouse sometimes lags is due to its low price of only 15 euros, which today I found out is NOT true! I found that out through using my new Apple AirPods, which occasionally lag aswell. That means that something gotta be wrong with my Bluetooth setup...
  3. oldman20

    How to use mouse and keyboard via USB port at GUI Cloverbootloader

    Hi all, i just want to know how can use mouse & keyboard USB with USB port when Cloverbootloader startup? I installed Ps2MouseDxe.efi and UsbMouseDxe.efi but not work, while touchpad and keyboard integrated laptop working!! thanks all! and 2nd question is: i installed success Catalina with APFS...
  4. cpike

    Mojave Hackintosh/RX580 Odd Issues - Help!

    Recently completely nuked my High Sierra Hackintosh and setup a new Mojave install. Got everything up and running with the hardware listed at the bottom of this post and everything seemed fine until my wired mouse started jumping around randomly. I noticed it only goes crazy when I have 1 or...

    macOS Mojave Synaptics Touchpad detected as a mouse

    I have just installed 10.14.6 on my HP Envy 15 as105tu. I'm tackling problems one by one. The first issue is that my Synaptics touched is detected as a mouse. As a result there is no tap-to-click feature available. Every time I had to perform a physical click which is very annoying. Scrolling...
  6. NikolaDelchev

    USB devices not working on a Coffee Lake build

    Hey people! So, I've recently built a new PC and everything with the Windows side of things works fine. However, I just can't seem to be able to do anything with macOS Mojave. When I started the installer, it got to the screen where I'm supposed to choose a language, but when I looked at my...
  7. jc123

    Dual boot Mojave/windows mouse speed bug

    Hey guys, whenever I boot into my mac OS and then back into my windows OS the mouse speed changes every time. For gaming this really screws me. Any reason you guys know that might cause this? or potential fixes?
  8. Precision M6800

    FIX Crazy Jumpy Mouse Pointer and Mouse Click delay Issue

    Hello everyone ; If you have a problem with your mouse pointer like " crazy jumpy cursor or Mouse click delay " !!!! SOLUTION : You need ( GPU Power Management ) Follow this thread It's so easy steps...
  9. Rey

    Corsair M65 pro mouse issues/Gaming mouse

    So I purchased the M65 pro mouse from Corsair and it worked great for about two weeks.Now the mouse randomly will not start when Mojave boots. In Clover it works fine and in Windows 10. If I unplug it and reconnect it may or may not work. I have a Logitech mouse that is connected as a spare to...
  10. DushFernando

    Anyone knows how to get Wacom CTH-490 to work?

    I have updated from Sierra to High Sierra, everything was good, however my mouse pointer freezes sometimes(Only Wireless mouse) (TrackPad work without any issues) for a moment then starting to work again and it repeats( sometimes doesn't respond at all).. I don't know if it has something to do...
  11. Nmogv2

    General questions about Mojave on the ASUS F510UA

    Hi, so ive really started to play around with installing Mojave on my laptop (asus f510ua), and i was able to have it all set up and boot into the os, but i couldnt get the trackpad or the keyboard to work, nor could i get the wifi card to work, which is all i really need so that I can start...
  12. jkkmcppants

    Mojave Install Issues

    I successfully installed Mojave yesterday, and now i have a few issues, first and most importantly, my corsair keyboard and mouse no longer work, i tried adding usbinjectall kexts to my kext folder, and doing that now allows my mouse to move the cursor, but it still will not interact with...
  13. jkkmcppants

    keyboard and mouse on mojave

    Hi, i updated to mojave yesterday, and it seems to be running mostly fine, except for a few things, my corsair keyboard and mouse no longer work at all, i tried adding the usbinjectall kext to my kexts folder, and that made the mouse move the cursor, but would not allow it to click or activate...
  14. samgurung

    Mouse frozen on resume

    I did an update from High Sierra and it went well. However I now find that the mouse just freezes when I resume after the screen goes off after a period of inactivity... Any ideas why and how I can solve this?
  15. sorginetxe

    Help: mouse and keyboard stop working just before login and screen goes black

    Hello Yesterday, while I was working in lightroom, the screen suddenly went into a random pattern of grey and pink vertical lines. I rebooted and, after the apple symbol, instead of login screen I get a black screen, and the keyboard and mouse also stop working. The system was perfectly...
  16. tyler2727

    No mouse or keyboard during install

    I've created my USB boot drive using Unibeast, installed USBInjectAll.kext and XHCI-300-series-injector.kext, when I boot into the installer it appears to load correctly but I have no mouse and keyboard. I've ensured everything is plugged into USB 2.0 and tried multiple ports. Mouse and...
  17. krishnapal

    [solved] Touchpad not working correctly!

    Sometimes while i'm coding all lines get selected or click just won't work! i am using VoodooPS2Controller.kext
  18. Fratta

    Mouse and Keyboard not work on Language Screen GigaByte H370 HD3

    Hi, i've follow the buyers buide and my pc have: [ Gigabyte H370 HD3 motherboard Intel i5 8400 GeForce GTX 1050. ] the problem is on the "language screen",mouse and keyboard not work but in the bios and clover are working. how i can fix it? sorry for my bad english :D
  19. pjrezai

    Mouse random side scrolling

    Hi guys, first real post I updated to 10.13.5 and now whenever my mouse is over finder or something like a small browser window that has content to the left or right and my mouse is over that window it will scroll horizontally without me doing anything. You can imagine how annoying that is in...
  20. jazzyseesaw

    Autopower on - USB Mouse

    I have successfully installed Hackintosh with High Sierra 10.13.4 and have Network, Sound and graphics working the one strange issue I have is that the PC will automatically power on from been powered off when I move the USB mouse. I have disabled Wake on Lan, and recover from Power failure...