1. MysticalOS

    Sleep stopped working and I'm at a loss

    Yes i've searched threads, and internet, for 3 days. I've tried literally everything under the sun from doriana guides to every work around imaginable going back to 2012. I cannot find anything wrong. In fact everything was perfect until this week when suddenly hack decided sleep feature is...
  2. mpsOsx

    Not able to connect all bluetooth devices

    I have an onboard bluetooth and wifi support on my Motherboard Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 with BLUETOOTH 5.0 So I added following 3 kexts AirportItlwm , IntelBluetoothFirmware IntelBluetoothInjector (Bluetooth on/Off doesn't show up without this) Working Wifi is working smoothly. HandOff...
  3. Maartino


    Hi all, I have a few questions about the BCM94360CS2 Card. *I want to use Wifi and Bluetooth. Have already read a bunch of forum's but couldn't find the right answer. I want to install it on a M.2 Slot ( M.2 Socket 3, with M key, type 2242/2260/2280 storage devices support (SATA & PCIE 3.0 x 4...
  4. puvellz


    Hello everyone! I have combo card wifi/bluetooth, but idk how install kext for work with that card. I'm search in the google about it, and search that topic -...
  5. aictur

    MX Master 3 connectivity problem

    Hi, this is my first Hackintosh build so I'm still learning. I recently bought this bluetooth adapter and I succesfully connected my Magic Mouse to the hackintosh. My MX master 3 for Mac also connects to windows on the same machine as the hackintosh and my MacBook pro. For some reason when I try...
  6. lukehasselbring

    Bluetooth not working on Big Sur using BCM94360CD card

    I went to pull the trigger on the Fenvi T919 bluetooth/wireless card but saw in a few Amazon reviews that the YOUBO card with BCM94360CD interface was a better option. I went for it considering the interface is still supported natively in macOS. Upon installing, my wifi works great, but the...
  7. Adiscz

    BT and Airdrop not working - Migration from Clover to Opencore - BIG SUR

    Hi, after converting to opencore from clover an installing Big Sur. I have problems with bluetooth and airdrop connection. When there was clover bootloader and i was loading opencore bootloader from flashdrive - everything was working normally. But after deleting clover and copying EFI from...
  8. Haniel74

    I can't connect SATECHI bluetooth mouse on Intel NUC 10 Big Sur

    Hello everyone! I have a small problem in my configuration, I can't connect my Bluetooth Satechi mouse to my Intel NUC 10 with Big Sur. I explain myself, I proceeded to the installation of Big Sur on all it went well, then I installed the kexts for WiFi and Bluetooth (itlwm.kext...
  9. tabarus

    [PARTIALLY FIXED] M1 Macs are still buggy

    The new mac mini seam to have an issue with Bluetooth devices : I think it is useful to know for anyone before investing into buggy Hardware.
  10. DrizzleMizzle

    Keyboard and mouse not waking after overnight.

    I have Catalina running with OpenCore and using a USB BT adapter. The satechi BT Keyboard and MX Master mouse work fine although sometimes with a little interference, however in the morning they wont reconnection and I need to use another USB keyboard to login and re-paid the devices. Any...
  11. lalithkota

    Bluetooth (BrcmPatchRAM) Problems - BCM43142A0 - Stuck in "MINIDRIVER complete" state - OC-0.6.4 Big Sur-11.1

    So I am having problems with bluetooth on my hack. (Everything else working fine.) (Dual booted with linux.) I am using BrcmPatchRAM (acidanthera v 2.5.5). And any help is much appreciated. Update: OK. lol. I just disabled BrcmPatchRAM3 and BrcmFirmwareStore (only enabled BrcmBluetoothInjector)...
  12. machadov

    Airdrop over ethernet without wifi card - Orico bta-403

    Hello guys, I really don't know if this is possible to work. I'm using BigSur 11.0.1. I'm using a USB dongle (Orico BTA-403), it works great but the airdrop doesn't work. My motherboard is a Z490 UD. I've tried to do this in this order: → Reset Nvram Open Core defaults write...
  13. jeffc3753


    hello everyone, sorry for my poor English! i build my hactonish use well, the list is CPU: INTEL I7 9700K MB: ASROCK Z390 PG6 GRAPHIC: VEGA56 MEMREY: GALAXY HOF 3600 8GX2 SSD1: WD S750(windows10) SSD2: TOSHIBA Q200(Big Sur oc0.6.3) WIFI/BT...
  14. competetowin

    Looking for recommendations for a strong bluetooth connection

    I have a ABWB-050815 PCI-E Adapter, <1m from my keyboard and trackpad (under the desk) but as soon as I connect BT headphones they become laggy, and the sound choppy. I'm wondering if a more powerful adapter/antenna combo could fix this (and maybe also increase the range a bit)? If so, what to...
  15. mrcaruso201

    << Solved >> Bluetooth audio NOT working MacOS BigSur

    Hi everyone, I have successfully installed BigSur 11.0.1 on my Hackintosh, everything is running flawlessly except for bluetooth audio. I use OpenCore 0.6.3. AppleALC and Lilu are installed and layout-id is set: audio from jack is working, only bluetooth gives problems. I have an ALC1150 and I...
  16. jaaoelias

    Wifi works, bluetooth doesn't

    Hello, I have an Acer NITRO 5 AN515-51-50U2 with Catalina installed. I recently bought the broadcom bcm943224pciebt2 network card ( I put the kext AirportBrcmFixup.kext on Clover that made my Wifi work...
  17. ImKikueSero

    On the issue of Bluetooth not working

    Sorry for the repeated bother. I have completed a clean installation of BigSur, but it does not respond to Bluetooth. I'm using fenvi T919 for Bluetooth. Is there any problem with BigSur since it became BigSur?
  18. seyed21

    Bluetooth dongle (iogear) not working on Catalina

    Hi, We are trying to get bluetooth working on Catalina. Computer recognizes the Bluetooth dongle and shows bluetooth is active but it is not working. It doesnt discover any devices and is not discoverable. Also it doesnt let me turn the bluetooth off. We have put these kexts in...
  19. russkitosh

    << Solved >> Bluetooth randomly stopped working, on Windows too

    Hey everyone, I've got an ASUS ROG 270-E, which has both onboard WiFi and Bluetooth (Qualcomm Atheros QCNFA364A). On Windows the Bluetooth driver reads as QCA61x4A and is disabled (the whole Bluetooth category in Device Manager is greyed out). In summary, here's what the situation looks like...
  20. timtattoo

    satechi aluminum wireless keyboard & bluetooth

    Good afternoon, dear experts! Today we will start talking about the Catalina MAC OS 10.15.7, the satechi aluminum wireless keyboard, and bluetooth devices in general. My build is not bad enough: Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz Motherboard: Asus Z97-AR Video card: Radeon...