1. SonCyber

    BCM43142A0 is recognised but doesn't work

    Hey, I installed macOS Mojave on my Laptop recently. Everything works fine except the WiFi (Broadcom BCM43142A0). It is recognised in the USB-Section of my System Report but doesn't work. Any Idea?
  2. robertolosada

    Compatibility revision, help and advice

    I am planning to do my first hackintosh, I am planning on the following: i5-9600k Noctua NH-U12S Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 2x8GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB SSD (for MacOs Mojave) Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB SSD (for Windows 10) Seagate BarraCuda 3.5" 1TB SATA3...
  3. BlvckBytes

    Laggy bluetooth on DW1560

    Hey guys! I always thought: The fact that my mouse sometimes lags is due to its low price of only 15 euros, which today I found out is NOT true! I found that out through using my new Apple AirPods, which occasionally lag aswell. That means that something gotta be wrong with my Bluetooth setup...
  4. riverLethe

    BRCM94352 not working in Catalina

    Hi All, I have seemingly tried everything at this point trying to get my bluetooth to function in Catalina. It was working on Mojave, but not after Catalina. I am still relatively new to the technical side of hackintoshing, so I may have missed some nuanced solution. I have tried installing...
  5. uniqe15

    Bluetooth on USB works only after plugging it after boot

    Morning everyone, after updating to Catalina I noticed that my bluetooth on USB (iogear GBU521) has stopped working after boot, in order to make it work I have to unplug it before boot, and plug it in after login otherwise it's not recognized. Has anyone seen such problems or knows how to...
  6. kajaba

    BCM94352HMB bluetooth problem Catalina

    Hello I recently bought BCM94352HMB wifi module with BLuetooth4.0. I saw on this forum many people had success with this half mini PCIe board. So I was following this thread Wifi is working but I cant seem to...
  7. spm199316

    Solved > Lenovo 330s-15IKB Almost 100% Working

    After many hours of searching and trial and error, I have fixed pretty much everything on my laptop. If you come across this and know how to fix the HDMI panic or anything else to make it run more smoothly please let me know. Thanks for all the help everyone! Working: Bluetooth (BCM94350ZAE...
  8. velopitex

    Using MIDI crashed USB ports.

    Hello Team, Before I start, sorry if I write hard, English is not my first language. Hackintosh is used to work with sound. Everything was fine before I bought the MIDI controller ROLI Lightpad Block M. When I tried to update the firmware of the MIDI controller through the native utility, the...
  9. a2hur

    New ITX Build - Intel 9700(non-K) & ASRock Z390M-ITX/ac - Expectations

    Hey there, i want to build an ITX Workstation which i want to extend with a GPU (RX580 or Vega) in December, if everything else works fine till then. Xcode and IntelliJ are my needed programs to work. So i went through the buyers guide and want to order this Hardware: Intel Core i7 9700...
  10. htc77

    How to extract file from Mojave distrib?

    Good day. I need an original IOBluetoothFamily.kext, how can i extract it from "Mojave install usb flash"? Thanks!
  11. LilKVOnTheBEat

    [HELP] Wifi And Bluetooth HP x360 1030 g2

    hello , im not sure which wifi card to replace with my intel 8265, ive completely setup my laptop to dual boot windows and OSX 10.14.4 sleep , battery , power management and all those good little features! just this last step , im not sure which bcm to buy because the form factor is kind of...
  12. sirtom

    Bluetooth not working / Mojave 10.14.6

    Hi, guys! This is my first hackintosh build and I'm totally new to this.. I'm having a trouble with bluetooth. Seems that it's not recognized by the system at all. I've tried a lot of solutions, but I can't find what am I doing wrong or even think of where the problem is. For...
  13. megabot

    Solved > Hackintosh wakes up after some minutes after sleep

    Hackintosh wakes up after some minutes after sleep upd. I've just unchecked "Wake for Ethernet network access" in Energy saver preferences. It resolves my problem. terminal command to check wake up reason: log show --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason"
  14. tekkrotzzen

    Bluetooth Audio not working Mojave

    Hello. My Bluetooth devices are showing up using an USB Dongle. After i click connect on my Speakers/Headset it connects and then disconnects. I also cant find my bluetooth device in audio sound settings.. kext for lilu and appleALC are installed so far. thanks for your advice.. regards tekkrotzzen
  15. riverLethe

    Help: deep sleep in Mojave - computer has difficulty waking from sleep

    Hi all, I am having some troubles. My hackintosh has working bluetooth and wifi and I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected. When my computer goes to sleep, if I try to wake it by using my bluetooth peripherals, it goes into some kind of deeper sleep. Sometimes it can take up to a...
  16. lutrarutra

    Bluetooth stopped working

    Wificard: Asus PCE-AC55BT (intel chip) So I installed Mojave yesterday on my Pc. I didn't expect wifi to work because it is Intel's chip and it didn't work but that's fine because I have lan. However my wifi card has also bluetooth and somehow my bluetooth worked outof the box after...
  17. elyo

    Solved > Cheapest kit for Airdrop, Continuity / Handoff - Wifi not important

    Hi, New to the forum, and looking for some advice. Ive built my hackintosh, and everything is working fine on high Sierra, except airdrop, continuity and handoff. my motherboard does not have bluetooth, or wifi natively. Ive read the thread on here with suggestions about a Broadcom card and a...
  18. irfius

    Mojave 10.14.6 Bluetooth stopped working

    Hello, I have been having strange issues with bluetooth connectivity. Prior to 10.14.6 update, the bluetooth worked fine. Now (post update), the BT does not seem to discover or connect to any devices. If I am lucky, 1 out of 5 BT devices are discovered at best but it still cannot connect to it...
  19. thomasfaso

    Wifi and bluetooth problems

    Hi, I have plug my new wifi/bluetooth cards on my hackintosh. But doesn't work... I don't know how work... Please help Look my config.plist Wifi/bluetooth cards:
  20. KrisKenesei

    Broadcom DW1820A crashing both Windows and OS X

    Hi Folks, I built my first working Hackintosh build this summer. It is fully working (absolutely no issues) apart from WiFi/Bluetooth networking. Just to get a few things out of the way: I read through the relevant Broadcom post by RehabMan. The right kexts are in place. My XHCI configuration...