1. devandriev

    (AR5B93/9283) Bluetooth fix?

    Hello. I am using macOS Big Sur and I have successfully set up WiFi with my card, but the fix only touches WiFi. Now I really want to set up Bluetooth for AirDrop. I know that the card works with High Sierra as I am using HS80211IOFamily.kext with AirPortAtheros40.kext, but I still have yet to...
  2. CheeseOnWheat

    Bluetooth Connectivity Issues Ventura

    Bluetooth is not working in Ventura, and at this point I'm at a loss of what is causing the issue. I've gotten it to work exactly twice for a minute before the whole connection drops and I can't get it back. MOBO is a z390 aorus pro wifi, with the wireless chip removed (since this computer was...
  3. Neeko

    Lower resolution after Ventura 13.4.1 update. Bluetooth not recognized, black screen when connecting mouse or keyboard

    So I am running latest Opencore, and I get a lower resolution on macos login screen (see attached pic) : it is less sharp and more grainy than the desktop resolution. After login, resolution is ok. Bluetooth is only recognized after login (TP Link UB400). My wireless mouse Logitech M170 is...
  4. uchika96

    Bluetooth not working (bcm94360cs2) and no boot with HDMI plugged in

    Build - i5 8400 - z390a pro - bcm94360cs2 - gygabyte vega 64 Hello all, mostly the build is working fine with my current configuration. I executed USB mapping, but it did not help with the following: - bluetooth not working - pc not booting when hdmi is plugged in (it only boots with vga)...
  5. Turkifier

    macOS 12.6.6 "Could not load Bluetooth preference pane."

    Greetings. As you can see in the attached image when I try to open Bluetooth preferences, it says "Could not load the Bluetooth preference pane.", and "System Report" is unable to load Bluetooth information. Bluetooth sometimes works, and when it doesn't, this happens.
  6. greyham_666

    << Solved >> AW-CE123H Bluetooth Issues

    Hi All, Recently picked up a Dell 9020 USFF to give Monterey a go, and have had it booting nicely for about a week now thanks to trs96’s guide. Currently trying to get bluetooth going with a AW-CE123H (BCM94352HMB) card that I salvaged from my previous Dell 7010 USFF running Catalina. I've got...
  7. thursdayscoming

    Bluetooth audio lag with Fenvi FV-T919 card

    My wifi and bluetooth using a Fenvi FV-T919 card seem to generally be working fine. However, when connecting via a bluetooth headset the audio lags by perhaps 3/4 of a second, enough to be distinctly noticeable. When the same headset is plugged into a standard audio cable to the motherboard...
  8. eLDeus

    Bluetooth AX200 randomly stops working

    It works stably on Windows and Monterey on the same hackintosh, but on Ventura, which is installed on NVMe, the bluetooth falls off a couple of times a day, either out of the blue, or if one of the connected bluetooth device is disconnected, most time with the error "Volume Hash Mismatch" in the...
  9. Coolzrock

    Broadcom 20702B0 issue with Ventura

    Hey all, I hope you're doing great. I have a Ventura installation on OC 0.9.0 and just prior I've been on Catalina and everything worked flawless - both WiFi and Bluetooth with Fenvi FV-HB1200 which according to the Dortania Guide works without any patches necessary. The issues I have are...
  10. scullen

    Bluetooth not working

    A little help much appreciated from a still newbie after my third Hackintosh build! OK so I have successfully(sort of) built my 3rd Hackintosh with the following specs; MoBo: Z790 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 CPU: Intel I9 13900Kf GPU: AMD Radeon RX6600 8Gb Everything seems to be working after a few...
  11. const4ntine

    Fenvi T919 Wifi works, Bluetooth partially works

    Hi I need your help :) I have managed to install Ventura on my desktop (i9, z390 Aorus Pro), everything works besides AirDrop and Bluetooth works partially (I can connect wireless headset but when I restart system forgets it and I have to pair it again - same goes with Mac keyboard). Maybe...
  12. bubabooey

    Cannot get bluetooth working whatsoever on Monterey

    Hello, I have been having trouble getting Bluetooth working on Monterey with Opencore 0.8.5 with a Fenvi BCM94360NG card. Wifi works well, but no matter what I try (mapping USB, adding different kexts), I cannot seem to get bluetooth to work. It has partially worked (no keyboard) when I used...
  13. fixandinstall

    << Solved >> Bluetooth not working/finding any devices with native Airport card on Monterey

    Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with Bluetooth after doing a clean install of Monterey on my Z390 hack. Everything is working and correctly recognized, except BT. I use a BCM94360CD Airport card with 3 antenne terminals on a PCI-E adapter. It's correctly recognized by the OS but is stuck on...
  14. kgoode517

    << Solved >> Bluetooth not working since Monterey 12.4

    Hey folks I've had my Fenvi T919(BCM94360CD)working great for bluetooth/wifi but I've noticed recently that it is greyed out and I can no longer turn it on. As I understand it is a native wifi card so I don't have or need any kexts for it. Wifi works fine as it always has only bluetooth is not...
  15. LoveAppleTimmu

    macOS big sur 11.6.5 to 11.6.6–lost bluetooth

    I use a fenvi t919 and macOS Big Sur. Computer specs below and to the left. The bluetooth chipset is still supported. I have noticed many users posting about losing Bluetooth when going from 11.6.5 to 11.6.6. Initially, an nvram reset fixes the problem and bluetooth is restored. Then, the next...
  16. eqcq

    Z390+BCM94352HMB+Monterey issues

    Hi everybody, I've updated my system to monterey (oc 0.7.8) and I have no wifi nor bluetooth (bt is activated but doesn't connect to any device). I have a BCM94352HMB for wifi and BT on a z390 designare. Some body has any idea ? Here is my EFi (I've just delete serial etc ) Thanks !
  17. cezar02

    Need help with BCM94360CD Bluetooth on Monterey

    Hi, I have a BCM94360CD WiFi card installed on my system but have some problems with Bluetooth, I have the airpods and it keep disconnecting just like another Bluetooth headphones and the mouse, I've configured the USB ports and have the proper kexts installed so maybe a made a mistake...
  18. competetowin

    Bluetooth is connected........NOT!

    My apple keyboard and trackpad shows as connected after wake, BUT, they're not behaving like apple products. The gestures are gone on my trackpad, and the brightness, media, brightness controls on my keyboard are not recognized (instead I think it's behaving like F# keys). Then some arbitrary...
  19. Aim4cha0s

    << Solved >> Kernel Panic on startup after not starting for months El capitan

    Hi all New account as old email died along with my memory of the password :( Fired up my computer last week to get my CV off, and it booted, then restarted and hung at the apple logo. After some messing with the BIOS I was able to get it to start loading the progress bar however it dies at the...
  20. k.kemic

    Bluetooth Monterey (BCM94352Z)

    Does anyone know if the problem with Bluetooth is going to be fixed soon? The latest drivers for Broadcom BT cards are from Nov. 1 2021. I installed BCM94352Z on my HP Probook 450 G6, and due to the issues with Bluetooth needed to downgrade to BigSur...