1. khora02

    Windows 10 - Magic Mouse & Keyboard Battery Level

    Hi guys, Does anyone know any third party software that can allow me to view my battery percentage on Windows 10 for my Magic Mouse and Keyboard?
  2. macmaster2000

    Magic Keyboard work with no bluetooth?

    Has anyone here tried the newer Magic Keyboard with only the lightning cable? I don't have a bluetooth adapter, and I need to know if it can work without it.
  3. LucasRussi

    Yosemite no bluetooth, can't connect magic mouse - GA-H87N-WIFI

    Today I installed Yosemite in my build and I don't seem to get bluetooth to appear in Network, under preferences. I was previously running Mavericks, in which I had my bluetooth and mouse working fine. I'm using the onboard bluetooth 4.0 that comes with the motherboard listed in the title of...
  4. ciudadano2k

    Magic Mouse not detected by bluethoot.

    my system is OS X Mavericks, I buy the magic mouse, activated bluethoot, bluethoot ON, but not detected the magic mouse. the battery AA is new. anyone can help me? thank you very much.
  5. frankquad

    Will Asus En9500 GT work with mountain lion?

    hello, Does the Asus EN9500GT MAGIC work with mountain lion? link: mb: Asus P7P55-M cpu: i7-860 thanks,
  6. Oshawapilot

    Magic mouse loose scroll after user change

    Core i7 system, 10.8.2. Running for a few years now. Everything is working pretty peachy for quite a while now but I have one horribly aggravating issue - after someone else in the family uses my system (and we all have individual profiles), when I switch back to my main profile (which is...
  7. thomasboleyn

    Weird pre-Chameleon error message

    Hey guys. I'm experiencing a minor issue on my ML/W8 hack in the form of an error message consisting of the following line three times, each on the line below the previous: 'ntfs_fixup: magic doesn't match: 283befad != 454c4946' (photo of it here: This displays for...
  8. dysphasi

    Dual Booting Windows 7 + Mac (Mountain Lion) with both Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse - Bluetooth Se

    Setting up bluetooth with magic mouse and trackpad in both Windows and Mac Dual boot Hi Folks! I know this information is scattered through the web and forums, but I couldn't find one step-by-step guide to get both my Apple Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse working from boot in my dual-boot...