1. Kira96

    Mojave installation stuck at 2 minutes

    Hi everyone! I'm having trouble installing Mojave on my HDD: My Mojave installation freezes at 2 minutes left. The mouse pointer frozen, I've left it for 30 minutes, but no luck :/ CPU: I5 8400 Mother: Asus ROG STRIX B360-G GAMING GPU: Sapphire Rx 580 4GB NITRO
  2. valide.inscription

    [Solved] P5E3 Pro and Marvell88E8056 ethernet no working at all and replacing with USB eth adapter

    Hi, I have a P5E3 Pro mobo with integrated Marvell88E8056 ethernet card. When i install yosemite, i manage to make this ethernet card working with all forum help, tonymacx86 included. But a day, i use my computer all the day only surfing on the web and typing word documents, i let my computer on...
  3. gianlucaciu

    GTX 970 - Problem on the login page

    Hello! I've just installed sierra on my hackintosh. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4095 MB Gigabite: GA-Z97M-D3H 3,6 GHz Intel Core i7 Version: 10.12.6 (16G29) I don't know what kind of problem is it. There are some problems on the login page and in safari. I need your help for solve it. Thank you so much
  4. Borgel

    Stuck at „Install MacOS“

    this is my first hackintosh build. I’m currently stuck at this point. I pressed continue on “install MacOS”, it greyed out but now it doesn’t do anything. Does anyone have a solution for me ? Specs: -Intel i5 7600 + internal graphics -Gigabyte GA H270 -intenso SSD
  5. erikuelo

    Trouble with mechanical keyboard

    Hi, I just instaled macOS Sierra but my gskill ripjaws mk780 mechanical keyboard is crazy: when y press "d", it press the "k", when i press "6" it press "supr" if i put a wireless keyboard works fine but i want to fix the problem to use the mechanical keyboard can you help me please?
  6. pabgp

    Stuck on Apple Logo

    Hi guys, I'm new to hackintosh and I'm having trouble with boot flags. I've tried many different commands but i keep getting stuck at the apple logo. Here are my specs: Motherboard: ASUS B150-PRO CPU; Intel Core i5-6500 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GForce GTX 950 Any help would be very helpful. Thanks...
  7. julienscherliss

    Issue with switching to a new Hard Drive

    Hey I just purchased a new samsung 850 EVO HD to replace my old 128 GB HD. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable clone. Afterwards I installed clover and copied the EFI using Clover Configurator. When I tried to boot it just sticks on the "loading operating system..." page. When I...
  8. grootbatavia

    El Capitan on z170x trouble

    Hi all, Recently my trusty old z87x platform finally ground to a halt. It was my second hackintosh, ran for years without the slightest trouble. Like my other z87x install, set-up was a breeze, save a few minor tweaks needed. So, facing the need for a new workstation, I did not even consider...
  9. dotjpg

    Asrock z97m pro4 trouble!

    Currently having trouble when I tried installing the OS onto my SSD I followed the installation guide to the T but still end up with this error message. while running these boot flags -x-v -no-zp WARNING:IOPlatformPulginUtil : getcpuidinfo : this is an unknown CPU model 0x3c -- power management...
  10. Bernas19

    Asus X99 Deluxe Audio Trouble (5960X working)

    HI guys, So, i was able to get my i7 5960X + Asus X99 Deluxe + GTX 980 Hackintosh working on Yosemite 10.10.2 Unfortunately, there are 2 things that i cant get to work: -Bluetooth (Dont know where can i get the appropriated driver) -Sound. Here is where i wanna ask for your help. More than...
  11. hlehofer

    System freezes every second time

    Hello, since a few days my hackintosh is causing troubles: Every second time the system is bootet, it freezes a few seconds after login. During the initial startup of applications, suddenly everything freezes (it's not caused by a certain application, as starting without applications running...
  12. zbwindows8

    Trouble waking from sleep

    I got Yosemite about 2 weeks ago, I've always had this problem. Whenever I want from sleep, one (out of 2) display shows an image while the other is just black background (the mouse can go onto that screen but nothing happens). The mouse is laggy moving around, like trying to play minecraft on...
  13. ahande29

    Reaching the installer issues

    Helllo! I built a computer using a gigabyte h77n wifi motherboard,an intel i3 motherboard, and all the ither parts. I successfully made a bootable mavericks installer usb. I boot from it, select usb, and the thing never loads up! Please help as soon as you can!
  14. DarkestRye

    Rebooted OS X and now I'm getting this kernel panic

    I had successfully installed Mountain Lion on this hackintosh and it was working fine until I tried rebooting it. I've been unable to fix this for the past several days now. I used the boot flag PCIRootUID=1 and my specs are as follows: CPU: intel core i7-3770K Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X...
  15. KieranSchenkel

    Need drivers for manual installation with GeForce GT640

    I have two graphics cards right now, a GT640 and a GeForce 8400GS. I have two hard drives, one of which I am trying to install mountain lion on. When I install through Unibeast, it works but for the 8400 I had to move over some of my leopard drivers so that I could successfully boot to mountain...
  16. greyham_666

    Apple Cinema Display.. with ADC ARGH !!!!!! |:\

    Recently bought a G5 that came with a nice 20" 1650x1050 Apple Cinema Display. only Problem is that is uses apple shorlived, propriatary 'Apple Display Conector", wich provides a DVI, USB and power signal all over the one cord. ATM im looking to address this problem with a DIY Converter like...