Has anyone managed to install MacOs on a Dell Precision T5600?

Oct 30, 2010
GA-X58A-UD3R rev.2.0
Core i7 950 3,06 GHz
Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 Ultimate
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Hello, I am looking for information for installing MacOs on a Dell Precision T5600 Workstation. I have not found anything yet and I was wondering if there is anyone around here with experience in these towers. Thank you very much.

Precision T5600 Chipset
Manufacturer Model Intel Intel C600 Chipset
Manufacturer Models Intel Sandy Bridge E5-26xx series, LGA2011 :Intel® Xeon™ processors
4, 6, and 8 Core support
Up to 150W
Instruction/Data Cache: 32KB
Supports Dual Processors
Intel® Xeon®E5-2620 Processor (Six Core HT, 2.0GHz Turbo, 6 MB Intel Smart Cache, 95 watt)
Discrete PCIe 3.0 / 2.0 x 16 Up to 2 full-height, full length (maximum of 300 W)
2 GB AMD FirePro™ W5000
Specifications Supported configurations Memory type DDR3 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz RDIMM ECC Memory connectors 4 DIMM slots with single processor; 8 DIMM slots with dual processors Supported memory module capacities 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB RDIMM ECC Minimum memory 4 GB Maximum memory 64 GB single processor; 128 GB dual processor
Integrated RealTek ALC269 High Definition Audio
Integrated Intel 82759
Mar 28, 2016
Dell Precision T5400
2xQuad Core Xeon X5460
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There is no information in these threads, but thanks anyway.

Hi I know this is a pretty dead thread but I'm gonna post anyway in hopes it notifies you if you're still interested and haven't figured something out yet.. (this is my first post here so IDK if it will..)

Not a T5600 but I'm typing this on a T5400 and found this cause I came here looking for info on a slight annoyance. They very different machines but so was the T3500 the installer I used versus my T5400.. I think the installer may just mostly compensate for some Dellish differences in how they do things versus everyone else.

I'm running Sierra with ALMOST no hitches. I don't think the Firepro card is gonna fly at all but I have two different Nvidia's in two different 5400 workstations working fine, both with dual monitors even. Sleep works, integrated audio no problems, integrated network no problems, all like 10 I think USB's work fine, etc etc.. The only thing I've noticed is HW monitor had to be shut off because it thought my processors were running at like 100+ degrees C when they were cool to the touch with giant heatsinks that must be at least 6 inches tall and 4 inch square!

Oh and on the one I still have El Capitan on I can't remember a problem whatsoever. Both are running dual quad-core Xeons, I don't remember the model.

The ONLY problem I have and it's only on the one running Sierra is occasionally when it hibernates it corrupts the BIOS a TINY bit but it's annoying - it turns on OS Install Mode and the next time I boot I have to go shut it off b/c that only lets the OS see 256MB ram and it won't even boot.

I installed it with a T3500 installer I found and IIRC (I installed these at least a year ago) it was pretty much turn-key.. I think I might have had to install Voodoo for the audio or something easy like that. I dug up the installer with a Google search and you'll need the install apps from the app store + I think this was one I had to roll the date back to install it and change it back later.

Hope you get this and it helps.