1. e621

    Transfer my macbook air save to a hackintosh

    Hey, so I'm new to tonymaxc86 and the installation of Hackintosh. I'll get a future compatible pc with macos, I've already get a macbook air and I want to know if I can restore my save of this Mac to my future Hackintosh
  2. NewbieEditor

    Help-Reboot and Select proper Boot device -after restoring startup disk

    I recently did an OS upgrade from El Capitan to High Sierra but due to unresolved NVIDIA driver problems, I decided to go back to my previous El Capitan install. -Before the HS update, I had used CCCloner to make a backup of my El Capitan internal SSD startdisk on an external HDD. -I rebooted...
  3. korbie

    Restore Apps after new Install Mojave

    Hello, I am about to install Mojave over my current OSX Mavericks (I think, I haven't been able to access it for a while which is why I am upgrading) Here is my question: Anytime I need to do an update I have to format my drive and install fresh, at which point I have to go through the...
  4. selfJuicing

    << Solved >> Accidentally Deleted the whole S/L/E directory on Mojave

    I accidentally deleted the whole /System/Library/Extensions when I tried to delete a kext I was messing around with. I mounted the recovery partition and copied the directory from it. But after restarting I won't get past the login screen. What should I do now?
  5. BigOncleSam

    Restore TimeMachine Backup on High Sierra from Mojave

    Hi, The title speaks for itself. And more generally, the question is : how to restore higher OS X backup version. Just after my downgrade following this thread, I wanted to restore TimeMachine backup during the installation process but it poped a windows saying "You must install Mojave to...
  6. weplay00

    Clone SSD to external Hard Drive

    Hi guys, after many attempts I've got my hackintosh working perfectly on 13.5. Now I was wondering, is there any way that I can completely clone the SSD that I have the SO running on with every partition (EFI) to an external hard drive? So if I mess anything up on the ssd I can always boot from...
  7. lxhxxnxxx

    Time Machine usage on a Hackintosh

    Hi all, Just finished by first hackintosh build recently, so very new and scared lol. I've always been using Time Machine to backup once a week. Never really had to use the backup as final resource, but of course having something as a safe door is nice. So can I use Time Machine on a...
  8. Matteo1998Roma

    Downgrade From High Sierra to Sierra

    Hi everyone, i updated my hackintosh from sierra to high. Due to performance issue i want to restore sierra from a USB Backup i made with CCC. How can i do that? How to return to HFS+ from APFS? thanks
  9. whitecold

    Migration Assistant to custom location

    Hi, I have an issue with my new build. I successfully managed to install Sierra to my SSD in my hackintosh. However my trouble is my backup is from a single disk, and my user folder can't fit on the SSD, I thus want to restore it to my HDD, but I can't find any option in migration assistant to...
  10. branchini

    Fresh install recover from time machine

    Greetings, I couldn't quite find an answer to this specific type of time machine restore. I am about to build my first hackintosh for work. Currently I work on a macbook pro running sierra. My question is; is it possible to set up a fresh hackintosh from a time machine back up? I'd like to...
  11. sp00m

    [SOLVED] Panic cpu caller error - Set up from Time Machine

    Build: gigabyte z170 ud5 th evga gtx 970 Samsung 950 m.2 mvme i7 6700k vengeance lxp ram (2x16gb) Issue: I had an old mac mini that I backed up using time machine before I sold it. Now that I have my hackintosh built I was trying restore from the backup. All seemed to work well. I installed...
  12. tonnikala

    How to boot into macOS Recovery with clover?

    I have been using Time Machine and now for several reasons I would like to boot into macOS Recovery to restore from Time Machine backup. I found that when using real mac it can be done by pressing Command (⌘)-R before the apple logo appears. In my case that is not possible because of clover...
  13. Ledde

    Successful Sierra install -- How to backup / restore?

    Hi there, New to this forum and Hackintosh building. I have a general question. I'm sure it's been addressed on forums and guides out there, but I'm having a hard time finding it stated clearly. I just finished tweaking my Sierra 10.12.1 install. It's now stable and at a point where I am...
  14. Zak

    recovering form a time machine backup into Hackintosh

    Dear all, I had a Macbook pro, untill last week when somebody stole it from me in the campus... lucky for me I had a external hard drive back up at home, now with the black friday coming up I will build a hackintosh as i can't afford another macbook pro right now (they even increased the...
  15. oxoCreations

    Restore files with time machine after El Capitan fresh installation

    Hello, I have make a fresh installation of El Capitan and I try to restore my applications, files, Itunes music with time machine. If I do that directly with the Apple utility, I've a crash at reboot. I try to restore at the parameter screen just after the first step of installation...
  16. RodrigoBG

    iMessage Stopped Working After Time Machine Restore

    Hello you all! This is my very first post here, so first of all I'd like to say many thanks to the community, which made it possible for me to make my first successful Hackintosh! Now, my question is, I was using the OS X Yosemite (Unibeast/Multibeast/Chimera method), and now I've done a clean...
  17. nicolasd

    Hackintosh pro stability ?

    Hi guys in there ! I've been a mac user for years now, and I'm currently working with a 2009 4.1 mac pro running really well ! 2 years ago I tried to build a hackintosh, with the guide from this website. Even if it worked (osX installed and functionnal), I found it a little bit unstable ...
  18. wavesequence

    Restoring with TimeMachine SL from an external HD

    I need some advices on how to solve this little enigma. Assuming I have a H55M-UD2H F11, i7 870, HD5770 running Snow Leopard on a single WD 1TB HD. On an external 1TB HD I do frequent backups with TimeMachine. What can I do to restore my SL install if I can't boot my computer from the internal...
  19. DigiDan

    Can't boot after SuperDuper restore, can chimera be recovered?

    Hello! Forgive me if the answer to this should be obvious, but while I've used Macs for decades, i'm quite new at the Hackintosh scene. I have a hackintosh running 10.9.1, specs below. It's basically based on one of the 2013 Ivy Bridge golden builds, and was installed using the...
  20. vonbooten

    Problem recovering from a CCC Cloned partition

    I'm having an issue which is causing me a lot of confusion. I have a working 10.8 system via Unibeast. I have recently cloned this via CC Cloner, which I understand copies the startup volume verbatim but not the boot loading partition. In order to test the backup I have started up with the...