1. BabySeale

    GPU Acceleration in Premiere: GTX 770 or HD 7950?

    I am building a hackintosh for my sister for video editing. She edits in Premiere Pro. As I am new to hackintoshes, as well as OS X, I was wondering which of these two cards was better for GPU acceleration: the two gb 770, or the three gb 7950. Will either even work? Please leave suggestions for...
  2. Demeter

    GTX-670 2Gb OpenCL fix?

    Please help! How to fix GTX-670 (GV-N670OC-2GD) to handle openCL properily (clover, 10.13.5) ? Is it possible?
  3. charlesbelisle

    Premiere Pro makes the computer crash

    Hi, I'm using Premiere Pro on a frequent basis but have a major problem with the software : whenever I'm trying to render a sequence (Render In Out), the computer restarts randomly. It only takes a few seconds before it shutdown by itself. I'm not sure why it's happening. Here's what I...
  4. slidspitfire

    Optimus and GPGPU

    Dear Communauts, I want to have this community feedback on a pair of questions. I am perfectly aware of the incompatibility between Mac OS X and the optimus technology a lot of recent laptops are (unfortunately) packing. My questions come driven by: My work needs (CUDA+OpenCL on the go)...
  5. SkyBry

    3d Interface Causes a Crash in a 3d Program

    Here is the problem: When I run Poser 11 and try to animate or move around in 3d space, the program crashes immediately. Also when I try to move windows around it crashes. What does this have to do with a hackintosh? Well, I'm thinking that it as to do with my build. Here's why. I have...
  6. yuchia

    OpenCL for GTX 710

    I have a computer dual boot with MacOS 10.13.2 and windows 10. The graphics card is GTX 710. When I ran Novabench under MacOS. The OpenCL shows 0 GFLOPS. Under Windows 10, it shows 263 GFLOPs. When I tried to run darktable (an image editor) under MacOS, the OpenCL is disabled. Is there a way...
  7. kreispendl

    [Solved] radeon 580 pro - horribele OpenCL performance - help

    hi! I now have my first hackintosh up and running (well) - but the compute score in Geekbench gives me not even half (rather a third) of what it should be (compared to an iMac with a 580 pro). my score is about 55000 (my result ID: 1556109) OpenGL scores seem to be ok (cinebench, valley etc..)...
  8. MrXXIV

    High Sierra Issues & Concerns - Audio / OpenCL / USB 3.0 / Dual Boot

    So even though we're around the corner with Multibeast supporting the new APFS, of course I'm still using clover off the USB. Ballsy enough, since Multibeast can't see my SSD (I have a Samsung 960 Pro 512GB by the way), I'm using it to at least configure the USB's clover, although that actually...
  9. kkdart

    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    In order to help users who plan on using Final Cut Pro X (FCP) to edit video, this is a benchmark that has been designed to test your GPU and because FCP is Open CL based it should preference AMD cards over Nvidia. So here are the instructions: Step 1 Download the XML file Step 2 Open...
  10. stevep314

    Beat the 2016 Macbook Pro GPU performance?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any hackintoshable laptops out there that could potentially beat the AMD Radeon Pro 460 OpenCL performance (FCPX) of the 2016 macbook pro? 1024 shaders of the Polaris 11 chip (1.86 TFLOPS) Thank you for your time!
  11. kb8wfh

    Building an Adobe Premiere/Cuda/OpenCL Hackintosh

    Greetings. I'm new to Hackintoshes but used to build PC's years ago. So I am pretty familiar with concepts, builds, general and technical but out of date on current details, especially with a Hackintosh. Been watching tons of YouTube videos to get caught up. So here's my situation... I have an...
  12. StoneyMahoney

    POLL: 980Ti vs AMD CF vs Mixed for Use in a Mac Pro

    I'm planning on upgrading an official Mac Pro with a couple of X5690's and a new GPU setup. My intention is to edit video under FCPX and game under Boot Camp using an adaptive sync monitor. I'm aware of the FCPX performance issues with the 980Ti and the spotty compatibility and scaling issues...
  13. benhurt

    Why can't I render video with Screenflow? Does Screenflow work for you?

    Hello everyone, Do you use Screenflow? Can you correctly render video with it? I can render video in every program from Quicktime Player to iMovie to AnyVideo Converter HD to Camtasia. But Screenflow fails on me and I like it the most! I've had this particular Hackintosh running for a couple...
  14. iUserosx

    Geekbench 4 Released, Now includes both CPU and OpenCL Benchmark, Please Post your Scores

    Good News, Our favourite Geekbench is now updated to version 4, it now includes both CPU and OpenCL Benchmark. Please post your Scores Here. Here goes mine..... System : i7 3770 @ 3.4 GHz | DDR3 1600 MHz 16GB | Radeon R9 280X 3GB CPU Score 64 Bit : Single Core 4092 | Multi Core 13530...
  15. Koubi

    Premiere CC freezes with OpenCL, CUDA and Mercury

    I have this problem with Adobe Premiere CC. OpenCL, CUDA or Mercury Software acceleration, none of them work. When previewing footage in Premiere, the timeline freezes and doesn't play. Only solution is to quit Premiere and open it again. The freezing seems to occur whenever I'm doing something...
  16. dogstardied

    Cuda causes boot loop El Capitan GTX 570 and GT120

    I clean installed El Capitan 10.11.4 per tonymacx86's El Capitan+Clover guide without a problem, and the OS X native graphics drivers were working great, recognized both my GTX 570 and my GT120 (I'm running a DaVinci Resolve machine, so the GT120 is my cheap GUI card and the GTX 570 is my image...
  17. shilohh

    GPU CUDA/OpenCL Acceleration Support in Adobe CS6/CC apps.

    I created a simple AppleScript app to automate the process of adding your unsupported/uncertified GPU/s to the supported cards lists of older versions of Premiere Pro CS6/CC, After Effects CS6/CC, and Media Encoder CC. This will enable CUDA and OpenCL acceleration on your unsupported/uncertified...
  18. Kafke

    GTX 780 ti Photoshop / OpenCL

    GTX 780 ti Photoshop / OpenCL Graphic card advice Guys, Anybody here that has a 780 ti in his Hack that runs Photoshop (and other apps) in OpenCL? You can test if it works by switching it on under preferences/performance and applying a smart sharpen. I'm searching for a card that is...
  19. JRGN

    OpenCL Crash in Photoshop CC using a GTX 960

    Certain processes in Photoshop CC (2014) cause a CTD when OpenCL is turned on, and I'm having a tough time figuring out why. Examples of these processes are : Smart Sharpen, Image Resize They all work when OpenCL box is unchecked, but obviously I'd rather have it, than not have it. Here's...
  20. enrique_7893

    Problems GT 740

    Hi! I have a problem with the graphic card. I chose a EVGA GT 740 SC and I installed El Capitan (and the Nvidia Alternate graphics drivers), but sometimes the graphic card crashes when I use Adobe Premier or Final Cut, I think is a problem with OpenCL. But I have returned the card and I want to...