1. enrique_7893

    Problems GT 740

    Hi! I have a problem with the graphic card. I chose a EVGA GT 740 SC and I installed El Capitan (and the Nvidia Alternate graphics drivers), but sometimes the graphic card crashes when I use Adobe Premier or Final Cut, I think is a problem with OpenCL. But I have returned the card and I want to...
  2. pogano

    GTX970 & OpenCL - problems

    Hi. I have a strange problem with applications using OpenCL. When turned off, most Adobe apps constantly crashing (Photoshop & Illustrator). In Lightroom and DxO (suite for photographers) i can see many gliteches. Any way to fix it? DSDT/AGPM? Using latest Clover and Nvidia Web Drivers...
  3. Brickpro

    OpenCL | Like in Previous Versions

    Hey I would love if you could impliment OpenCL In future versions. If anyone has a workaround for the GTX 770 that would be awesome!
  4. gunspunk

    780 6GB help

    Hey guys, I've been looking into getting a new gpu specifically for GPU rendering in Octane so I've been looking at the 780 6GB (the extra memory is needed for heavy scenes and displacement etc). This means I need to get full use out of CUDA and openCL but have read problems with both. Do the...
  5. xxw3stsid3xx

    Gigabyte GTX 550Ti Mavericks 10.9.4 OpenCL HELP!!!!

    Here is my setup CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3B3 Rev 1.0 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 550Ti 1GB I am to the point of almost considering selling my system and buying a Early 2008 Mac Pro because of my problems i am having. I use Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 and because of the lack of...
  6. carmelovazzana

    The GPU!!! Help!!!

    Good morning Everybody, I'm going crazy, I've to create my first hackintosh, I'm a Mac user, but I just don't have the money for a new one... So, I'm a Video editor searching for the right GPU for the machine. Unlike Adobe Premiere, Final cut pro x uses OpenCL (if i'm no mistaken) so a Radeon...
  7. pinktank

    hd4600 + gtx 660 on 10.9.2 = First HW accelerated video/animation garbled, rest is ok?

    This one is weird, with hd4600 enabled in bios screen connected to gtx 660 Mavericks straight installed from 10.9.2 smbios imac14,2 Toledo's patches applied (tried without as well) First of any hwaccelerated graphics is garbled pink noise, but anything I load after is fine. For example, I can...
  8. lucacasa

    Gtx titan et Mountain lion 10.8.5

    Hi I have a gtx Titan on my hackintosh with Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Seems to work quite good with cuda but every application (redcine or resolve) trying to use OpenCl crash on startup. I read there are problems with mavericks and the version GK110B but what about Mountain Lion? Anyway I...
  9. lukemon

    Radeon 7850 working with openCL in Premiere Pro CC - SOLVED!

    Hi all, I'm extremely excited so I felt I had to post this, since this forum has helped me out soooo much. This morning, after a LONG and frustrating battle trying to first of all get my new Radeon HD 7850 working without any hassles at all, and then trying to get proper openCL recognition with...
  10. hughjaas

    Final Cut Pro X FCPX Graphic Card performance

    Here's a link to a benchmark many are using that will help in deciding what graphic card to buy for FCPX use: (When you run the benchmark, just output to standard ProRes. Most are having trouble exporting to...
  11. rmbury

    10.9 - Enable OpenCL on a 5xx Series Card

    Hello, After a long time, I've finally been able to get 10.9 Mavericks running on my desktop. My display is working fine, however, does anyone know how to get OpenCL or acceleration working with Nvidia cards on Mavericks? I have a GT 530 (5xx series) card if that makes any difference...
  12. heystswede

    Best compatibility and performance Graphic Card for Final Cut Pro X 10.1?

    I'm building a hack (other thread) to run specifically Final Cut Pro X 10.1 under OS X v10.9.1 Mavericks of course. Let me explain: from what i'm reading so far, most graphic cards, even when they work OOB without much of a hassle (Nvida / AMD), they usually under perform in OpenCL apps, either...
  13. jakeSinger

    OpenCL Compatibility Chart and Multi-GPU?

    Has anyone compiled a chart showing which cards have shown to work well with OpenCL? This is very important for us in the Pro market, especially with FCP 10.1 and Motion... Also, multi-GPU cards in a hackintosh? Do SLI and Crossfire set ups work with OS X on a hackintosh? (I understand...
  14. kiwinz

    OpenCL Nvidia GeForce GTX670 on ML10.8.4

    HELP: OpenCL Slow Video Render Nvidia GeForce GTX670 on ML10.8.4 I only realized this the other day when someone asked me to put a quick video together in Final Cut Pro-X and I have noticed that the render times are really slow. Can anyone help me with somethings that I may have missed with MB...
  15. jayhsu5202

    help 550ti open cl

    can't use open cl NVDIA 550TI RAM 1G BUT SHOW 1536 MB ? !
  16. benbumben

    Opencl on the HD4000 coming?

    hi, I´m wondering if apple will release OpenCL driver for the HD4000 soon. I know that there is support for OpenCL with windows. Does anybody know if something is happening in the future. Apple shpuld really support this, as they have several macs which only have the HD 4000.
  17. phiko73

    Final Cut Pro Crashing (Graphics card problem?)

    Hi all, I just build my very first Hackintosh, and while the experience was trying, I am glad I took on the endeavour. The problem I am having is with Final Cut Pro X and sometimes Motion 5. I am operating the most recent version of both. When I am operating Final Cut Pro X whenever I attempt...
  18. mishavideo

    Please confirm: Hack Pro Editing build with GTX670 & Thunderbolt. Will this work?

    Hi, After some 13 years of exclusive dedication to Macintosh hard and software, I would also like to build a hackintosh to take better advantage of the graphics cards out there for video editing and vfx (see below). Here are the priorities for this build in a nutshell: 1. Good for Video...
  19. MikkoLapiz

    How to undo OpenCL patch?

    Hello, I tried the OpenCl patch for my card once but now I bought a GT 640 and I would like to keep libclh.dylib unpatched. How can I do it without reinstalling again? I'm using Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Thanks!
  20. Petroff

    Premiere CS6 and FCPX doesn't use the GPU

    Hi, I have a Sandy Bridge i7 system with GeForce GTX 560 Ti. 10.8.2 and nVidia 304.00.05f02 and CUDA 5.0.36 are installed. The nVidia driver patched with the latest OpenCL patch. Luxmark says 878, Cuda-Z says 837.000 Gflop/s so it seems perfect. But… Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 doesn't use...