1. rajk09

    I cant Use ps2 mouse and keyboard while installing sierra on my pc

    I am installing sierra on my pc but i cant use ps2 mouse and keyboard bootloader is clover and its simply boots i just select -v and its good to go for me...can u plz help me about
  2. nikotel

    Mouse preference pane quits unexpectedly

    If I open the mouse preference pane it crashes. I get the message “System Preferences quit unexpectedly.” If I turn off the mouse I can open the mouse preference pane with my trackpad but as soon as I turn on the mouse the pane crashes. I have two magic mice and they both have the same effect...
  3. whiplashtony

    Intermittent Mouse / USB Issue

    Hello, I'm having an issue where about once or twice a day my Hackintosh will randomly start automatically losing focus on the application window. Essentially I could be typing something in a browser, editor and something happens where I lose my cursor position and the OS goes into an...
  4. irjawais

    My Laptop trackpad stop working sometime

    Hi i have installed mac Sierra on my laptop hp pavilion g6. When i installed it was perfect. Every thing is going well. After some days its trackpad mouse stop working like hang at one place then i have to restart my laptop though button. and again working. but now the problem is increasing that...
  5. BadGoldish3725

    My Logitech Mouse stopped working after new monitor

    Hi there, So i have been dual booting Windows and MacOS El Capitan for a while now and used to only have a single 1080p monitor. But recently, I have upgraded to a 4k monitor, which I use as my main and my old one sits right next to it on the right. All was well up until a few days ago when my...
  6. fannar182

    Hackintosh won't start after long video export - Black screen and mouse cursor

    I'm on Sierra 10.12.2 and my system has been working for 3 months now (4 month old system) flawlessly but last night I started a 3 hour video export (Premiere Pro) before I went to bed and when I woke up this morning to check on it I moved my mouse (to get the screen back on) and the computer...
  7. jakeglav21

    My mouse isn't working key board is please help!

    last night I was editing a project it was getting late so I went to bed. When I woke up I was able to log on thru the home screen but as soon as I hit the desktop I was unable to move my mouse. I navigated thru setting with the key board to see if I could find anything and I didn't. Also by...
  8. BlakeS90

    USB Mouse/Keyboard Works Sporadically

    Hello! I successfully installed Sierra on a spare Dell Optiplex 7010 tower I had. I am having an issue now where sometimes after booting Sierra the Mouse & Keyboard do not work. Both will light up but have not functionality. Normally I can shutdown, switch ports and reboot and they will work...
  9. devpull

    [Help] unibeast and ga-x58-ud7 (rev.2) USB keyboard and mouse inactive.

    Hi all. Tried to install Sierra with Unibeast. Successfully created Unibeast USB with Legacy mode. Followed the recomendations in installation guide and reading forum, stuck on Clover bootloader. My mouse and keyboard refused to move cursor or select anything. Rig: Motherboard: GA-X58-UD7...
  10. romsfreak

    [solved] Trackpad recognized as Mouse

    Hi, I've installed Sierra 10.12.3 successfully and everything works fine, incept of trackpad and keyboard. In the trackpad preference panel doesn't show it and so I think it is recognised as mouse (and I can't scroll or everything else). Also in the keyboard preference panel I can't edit...
  11. unbound

    System76 Oryx Pro no keyboard/mouse

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to get OSX on a System76 Oryx Pro ( Using the main guide I get it to boot up, but no keyboard/trackpad or USB ports seem to work. I followed several of the guides (listed below), but I'm still not sure which changes I need to make...
  12. mikeplus

    No keyboard/mouse at login when using recommended SMBIOS

    Hi! That's my first install in a non-VM build. All went without trouble using UniBeast and MultiBeast (UEFI - ALC898 - FakeSMC Plugins - AppleIntelE1000 v3.3.3) and I let it install using the default SMBIOS (iMac 14.2). Restart and everything was almost fine (no Bluetooth, for example). I then...
  13. lgwells1

    HP Z600 Sierra USB Ports Not Recognized

    Recently upgraded my Z600 from El Capitan to Sierra. Everything is great except for USB ports, it does not see that I have a mouse/keyboard plugged in. The keyboard functions as in intended, the mouse is not working correctly. I am using a Razer DeathAdder Chroma, and if I click on anything...
  14. cri3343

    Mouse+Keyboard problem on a succes El Capitan installation

    Hi, guys. I would like to ask you for a solution with my problem. I managed to install El Capitan on my Asus P8Z77-M pro + i5 2500k, but I have a problem. Sometimes when I start El Capitan my mouse and keyboard don't work, I can't say that's the solution, but when I start Windows and I go back...
  15. hylkej

    FCPX mouse and timeline stutter

    Here is a video of the issue. My openCL score is 12666. I got a hackintosh for Final Cut Pro X so it not working perfectly is really a pain for me. If this a known problem? what can i do? PS: my BruceX score is around 9 seconds... or am i doing the render incorrectly. Thank you, Hylke
  16. ajp96

    Mouse and Keyboard not working in Installer

    I am trying to install Sierra on my Xiaomi Notebook Air 12,5 but when i get to the installer i can't use my mousepad, keyboard or usb mouse.
  17. ericdong886

    Keyboard/USB not working after upgrade?

    Hi! I recently upgraded to 10.12 through direct upgrade, but now my keyboard doesn't work. My keyboard and mouse are both razer, deathstalker and taipan. I'd expect them to draw more current, and thus i saw the USB limit patch and patched it, but it doesn't seem to work... I don't know if its...
  18. iNeed-Downloads

    Laggy Cursor

    Problem I've been having problems with my mouse on OS X El Capitan. Sometimes it's completely normal & works smoothly and like it supposed to. Other times it jumps around the screen lagging. I use an Logitech MX Performance so it is wireless & it's connected using USB. I don't have high CPU...
  19. tbjem0013

    Random Freezing, Can't use mouse or keyboard.

    I've seen other threads reporting random freezing, but many of them are able to move the mouse. I am using Clover to boot to El Capitan. I'll be editing in Final Cut Pro X and then it will randomly freeze. Mouse doesn't move, keyboard doesn't work. Sometimes I can't even restart or shut down...
  20. PetersenHansen

    Is Smart Zoom in Safari possible?

    Smart Zoom (double tapping with two fingers on a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse to zoom in to a paragraph or block of text in Safari) is an incredibly useful feature and one that I've come to miss while using a Hackintosh. It seems to me that this driver/functionality must be built in to the...