1. pjrezai

    Mouse random side scrolling

    Hi guys, first real post I updated to 10.13.5 and now whenever my mouse is over finder or something like a small browser window that has content to the left or right and my mouse is over that window it will scroll horizontally without me doing anything. You can imagine how annoying that is in...
  2. jazzyseesaw

    Autopower on - USB Mouse

    I have successfully installed Hackintosh with High Sierra 10.13.4 and have Network, Sound and graphics working the one strange issue I have is that the PC will automatically power on from been powered off when I move the USB mouse. I have disabled Wake on Lan, and recover from Power failure...
  3. nyctota

    Mouse move prevents sleep

    Hello... When I click Apple/Sleep monitor starts to go to sleep mode. But if I eventually move the mouse this breaks it all and computer will not get to sleep this try. Otherwise if I keep myself away from mouse for about 15-20 seconds then computer goes to sleep normally. And will wake up...
  4. d4vinder

    [SUCCESS] HP Z600 High Sierra Installation Guide

    EDIT: See post below for a fully detailed installation guide of High Sierra on a Z600.
  5. SumanKhanra

    (Litte - Fixed )Intel Sandy Bridge - Intel - Nvdia

    System : Board : Intel DH61WW (Sandy Bridge Chipset) CPU : Intel® Core ™ i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz GPU : NVDIA GeForce 610 Problem : This is my first Hackintosh with second hand parts at very cheap price. I have successfully booted High Sierra 13.3 but there was so much problems like..... No Sound...
  6. viinnnzzz

    Can`t move my mouse or KB

    Hy There I just installed Hackintosh High Sierra. Everything worked fine, but when I install the MultiBeast ,restart with clover and get to the login, I can`t move my mouse or use my Keyboard. What can I do? Thanks for your attention
  7. malvino

    Right click from Apple Mouse not working

    Hi! I just upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra. And the right click from the Apple Magic Mouse isn't working. Bluetooth works fine, except that yesterday I clicked to show it o the menu bar and today this option isn't marked. I tested with another mouse and right click works. Any idea of what is...
  8. MadGear77

    [Solved] Unable to use Keyboard & Mouse (X99-High Sierra)

    My specs is as follows: i7-5820k Asus X99 Strix Mobo ASUS GTX 980ti I'm unable to use the keyboard and mouse when i go to the lock screen. Does anyone have the same problem ? and how did you rectify it. I'm using the latest version of High Sierra 10.13 and please tell me the values and how to...
  9. HaroldBluetooth

    Non-Apple wireless keyboards and mice

    I've consulted the Buyer's Guide, but the list of compatible wireless keyboards and mice is rather limited. Why is this? Bluetooth devices are usually plug and play and effortless to set up. I have also noticed that a lot of people seem to be having problems with generic BT adapters. Wouldn’t a...
  10. XploRa1

    Problem: Ms All-In-One media keyboard

    Trackpad is very sensitive, and also speed etc. is handled by Mouse preference pane settings. I know it seen as a mouse by MacOs, but is there a way to separate it from the mouse settings, and configure it as a trackpad with a kext injection, something like Andy van Dijk's...
  11. dastle

    Help! Mouse and keyboard stutter/not working

    Hi there! I am completely new to Hackintosh, and I've installed it following all the guides on this webpage. Whilst everything seems to be working fine, my mouse seems to stutter accross the screen! It happened , even on the installer , but I thought it might have been due to using a USB, but...
  12. Tachikoma

    DSDT and/or SSDT for Z97X-UD3H neccessary? Sleep and mouse issue.

    I'm troubleshooting a Sierra 10.12.6 build which I migrated from Yosemite two weeks ago. My question is, do I have to create a DSDT/SSDT to make it work correctly or does Clover cover all bases? I did. You can find them attached. But do I need to? Is it recommended for stability? I am...
  13. easytermss

    Cannot connect Surface Mouse over Bluetooth

    Hello there !! I just finished installing my hackintosh with a ASUS z270i motherboard The bluetooth wasnt working even with the help of this thread : So i bought a bluetooth dongle...
  14. abaabaabaaba4

    Mouse rollovers and dock magnification not working unless log out and back in

    I've just installed Sierra and everything's great except for the fact that I have to log out and log back in in order for the mouse to be able to hover over items and have a reaction such as the dock magnification or the red x cross appearing. Any help would be much apreciated
  15. mastermark

    Mouse and trackpad preferences crashes all the time

    Hi! Hopefully someone can help me.. I've installed Sierra 10.12.6 successfully and have a bluetooth adapter attached (ASUS BT-400). I have a magic mouse 2 and a trackpad 2 and they seem to connect fine. Only when I want to open the mouse or trackpad options the system preferences crashes...
  16. defcon8

    [Solved] USB Not working: AppleUSBXHCIPort::resetAndCreateDevice errors

    Hi, i really need some help here, today i tried to install a new system. Its based on: Mainboard: Gigabyte Z270X Gaming 7 CPU: Intel i7700K All my USB busses are continuously dropping out, even during installation of Sierra. The behaviour is like this: - Keyboard and mouse working for like...
  17. Z

    left mouse button causes System to invoke some key stroke, when dragging window

    Hi all, my mouse acts weirdly on Hackintosh. I have tried changing mouse, which didn't help. I think it's kind of system problem. To be concrete, when I hold left button to move some application window, the system seems to invoke some key stroke. And often with system warning sound to indicate...
  18. DeepStar

    USB mouse and keyboard extremely laggy

    Hello guys So I eventually managed to install 10.12.5 onto my machine (i7 Kabylake, GA-Z270X G7, 960 EVO) but my mouse and keyboard are super laggy. It's been like that since the installer so when I installed Sierra I thought the problem would go away but it didn't. It's so bad I can't use...
  19. Jakevin

    How to disable touchpad when using Magic mouse

    I already Install RehabMan-Voodoo-2017-0527, and following In Universal Access, I can't see Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present. Now, how can I disable when using Magic mouse or Magic...
  20. FlameFusion

    Mouse Freezing When Opening Certain Programs

    My mouse a Razer diamondback keeps freezing when I open system preferences and sound, Please help me fix this issue as I want to fix this issue asap