1. balder16

    Solved > Mojave 10.14.5 reboots when HDMI monitor turns on

    So everything was working just fine on 10.14.4, but ever since I upgraded to 10.14.5 I have this annoying thing going on: whenever the monitor goes to sleep, when you click ot type and the monitor awakes, the PC reboots. I tried maybe setting the monitor to never sleep, and turn it off in the...
  2. jc123

    no external HDMI recognition - intel HD630 laptop

    I got a new monitor at work because I've been cranking my neck to look down at my laptop screen all day and i'm not getting any detection at all through hdmi. Tried enabling graphics/inject/intel in config.plist. tried using nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext because it fixed a similar issue for someone...
  3. jailbre1ker

    Monitors „No signal“ randomly

    Hello. I’d like to describe the problem quickly. Sometimes my dual monitor setup simply goes to „No Signal“, but the OS seems to continue operating normally. Also if I restart them simply nothing happens anymore. Most often this happens when I simply insert a USB device in my front USB ports and...
  4. jc123

    External HDMI monitor not recognized

    My HDMI port is at AppleIntelFrameBuffer@1. The connector type is correct at <00 08 00 00>, but when I plug in the HMDI cable it doesn't show a display under that specific AppleIntelFrameBuffer@1, or in the Mac display settings. The monitor does however realize that it's been plugged in and pops...
  5. onursarigul

    Mojave 10.14.4 Black Screen After Monitor Reopened

    Hi guys, I just installed the Mojave and having a problem with my screen. When I turned off and turned on my monitor it's going black and does some glitchy things like showing a little screen for a moment and repeats some sort of things like that but no screen I'm afraid. I did a little research...
  6. hackelbarrel

    No signal on a different Monitor // GTX 1080 TI

    Hello forum, I am new to the hackintosh-univers, and a bit lost after years of mac-usage (plug and play) Think you can feel me! :D Hope someone can help me out of the problem that I've got. I switched the monitor (HP) of my computer and had no signal on the new one (LG). The first one was...
  7. aldoalfalus

    Can't go desktop when HDMI is connected at the first boot

    This is the only problem that I have not been able to finish since playing hackintosh. The problem is that my laptop can't go to the desktop when it is connected to HDMI when before booting. But the problem was not encountered when plugging HDMI when it was on the desktop. At first I thought...
  8. nivekc711

    Monitor not working - Asus VS228

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my current setup. Boots fine when connected via HDMI to an old TV I have, and when I switch the connected HDMI to my newly acquired Asus VS228 (recommended in the buyer's guide) it works perfectly as well. However when I try to boot while connected to the Asus...
  9. SelfPlayer

    2 little Problems

    1.Only one of my Monitors is working 2.Sound isn‘t working System:Asus H61M-C I3 Dual Core Some NVIDIA Card
  10. Slickademo

    Vega 64 Mojave 10.14.3 issue

    I am trying to do a fresh installation of Mojave on my system. For some reason my Sapphire Vega 64 will not display correctly after apple loading screen. I've tried different outputs and monitors. It only shows a small box and partial screen. Makes it impossible to set up new system. I have...
  11. Slickademo

    Mojave 10.14.3 fresh install problems

    I am trying to do a fresh install of the newest version of Mojave. Only way I could get it to install on to disk was to use my internal graphics. Now my internal and or Vega 64 will not work in Mac os. I have yet to reach the start up screen. Internal graphics cause a reboot and my Vega 64...
  12. DaSpikeSydavong

    4K Display Flickering on High Sierra

    Hey guys, My Hackintosh is connected to my LG 27UD68-W 4k through HDMI 2.0 and I experience extreme flickering (mostly when swapping windows and playing videos). Chrome is the worse, though. I tried to tweak Chrome settings (turning off the hardware accelation), but it didn't do anything. I...
  13. mizznfizz

    1440p monitor recommendation

    Building a Hackintosh as we speak and looking at what is the “hot” budget monitor right now. Would like a 27” monitor is possible but anything down to 21” is fine. Been running a mid-2011 iMac since and it has been fine for my normal usage. Won’t be gaming on this machine. Specs are ASRock...
  14. vlgngrbrdmn

    Solved > Monitors do not Display Output after Waking up from Sleep

    Hello all, I recently reinstalled macOS Mojave on my computer (specs listed on the sidebar). I have three monitors attached to my Sapphire AMD Vega 64 in an "H" setup. Once my monitors go to sleep from inactivity, if I try to wake them by pressing keys on my keyboard or moving my mouse, my...
  15. axcell2

    Macos high Sierra dual monitor

    I did installed the mac high Sierra on my windows pc.. I have problems detecting my second monitor from the gpu gtx1060 6gb the Nvidia drivers are working fine but my second screen on dport and on hdmi does not work no signal at all.. my main display is on dvi btw.. I uploaded my config.plist...
  16. Wtfmac

    iMac replacement Light gaming/Logic Pro X parts list

    So here's the deal I am using a late 2013 27 inch iMac with 24GB ram 1TB HDD I want to upgrade to something faster and more up to date. I use Logic Pro X and I want to play X-plane 11. My current iMac can handle Logic for the most part. But it can't play x-plane. I am currently using High...
  17. ShippoLover

    Custom Resolutions & A Rotated Display

    Hi all, First Hackintosh build here in about 10 years, but after about two days of toiling around with the installer, Clover, and the Nvidia web drivers, I finally managed to get a fully functional High Sierra 13.6 installation running on my computer. I suppose everything is working as...
  18. oksiz

    Black screen when booting with dual monitor

    Hiya, I tried looking on Google and this forum for answers but couldn't find any. When booted into MacOS I can connect my second monitor and then it works again. With both monitors plugged in while booting I get black screen. Nvidia Driver: 387. MacOS Version: 10.13.6 17G3025...
  19. brianwong11031

    Some resolution issues during boot up.

    I'm using 750Ti and 1080p monitor with a VGA cable now. But I cannot get full 1080p resolution during boot up. it looks like you put a 4:3 picture in a 16:9 monitor, it looks strange. I can get full 1080p resolution with HDMI before. (Because my monitor doesn't provides me the correct colour...
  20. SimonT

    How to get a true 4k monitor

    I'm looking to upgrade my monitor, and ideally want something that can at least get close to the retina screens used in an iMac, 27 inches or bigger, but without spending an arm and a leg. I've been looking at lots of models, and came across a comment on Amazon which made sit back and rethink...