1. macintoshvatsalya

    2k resolution on HD 4600

    My heading is vague but previously I have only one monitor and I was unable to test but now I have 2 so I done some test I have Alienware and other specs are in bottom Now I bought a monitor which is ultrawide and having resolution of 2560 x 1080 now I tested both ports of my laptop i.e...
  2. theobear

    Card for running a wacom cintiq and photoshop

    Hello... hoping this thread will get a response here: I built a hackintosh a year or so ago and it had been working wonderfully until my onboard video stopped working. When i tried using the second port of my EVGA GeForce GT 740 2GB my system slowed to a crawl. I'm using version Sierra 10.12.6...
  3. sinclairfr

    USB-C Monitor on hakintosh build

    I am using a portable USB-C monitor from Asus (MB16AC) Here is my hardware : Intel Z270i Strix Gaming (with 1 USB-C port) I7700K - Internal graphics hd 630 2x16GB Crucial DDR4-2400 UDIMM PC4-19200 • CL=17 • Dual Ranked • x8 based • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • 1.2V Up to date bios Even thou my...
  4. suntheep

    Need help Samsung CF791 tint/purple

    Just finished installing High Sierra with latest nvidia web driver. Everything else work great just this one problem. When I chose CF791 as display profile blue will be shown as purple. Even google logo is in purple. This is standard monitor profile. No problem at all on windows 10 with...
  5. jowparks

    LG Ultrafine Screen Rotation Issue

    Hey guys, So I am running a 2017 MBP with macOS High Sierra and I am having an issue that hackintosh peeps might be able to help out with. I am running two LG Ultrafine 5k displays, and I want to rotate one of them 90 degrees. The options to rotate doesn't show up in System Preferences ->...
  6. chachimontes

    Weird artifacting after screen wake

    Hi I am a little new to the community and am having trouble with my laptop running High Sierra 10.13.3. The main trouble is, whenever my screen turns off (not from sleep) or I close the lid, there's some artifacting on the right hand of the screen as well as some fuzziness. Whatever attached...
  7. Reinoutvk

    2560 x 1440 resolution works but looks vertically streched

    I managed to upgrade my El Capitan to High Sierra and now everything works and is done except for the fact that the resolution displayed on my monitor looks a bit off still. The weird thing is the whole resolution is shown at 2560 x 1440 but circles look like ovals if I look very closely and...
  8. KaptainCam

    How do I make my monitors sleep when my Hackintosh sleeps?

    I have two HP le1901w monitors connected to my Hackintosh. I'd like to have the monitors sleep when my Mac sleeps. How do I do this? Thanks.
  9. KaptainCam

    How do I put my monitor to sleep when my Hackintosh sleeps?

    I have two HP le1901w monitors connected to my Hackintosh. I'd like to have the monitors sleep when my Mac sleeps. How do I do this? Thanks.
  10. 20four80five

    [Solved] Anyone with an Ultrawide 34UC88 at 75Hz?

    I have been trying to get my LG-34UC88-B screen to run at 75Hz and it only shows 30Hz and 60Hz. I have another drive with Windows 10 and can easily change the LG-34UC88 Refresh Rate to 75Hz. Confirm 75Hz using the UFO Test. I have an AMD Sapphire Nitro RX570 graphics card using the Orinoco...
  11. liebdeliebde

    question about updating graphic card

    Hello there! I've an Intel i3-4330 2x3,50 ghz with hd4600 integrated gpu and 8gb ram hackintosh. I use it mainly for lightroom and web surfing, i was planning to update the graphics card. Would i notice any speed up in the system/lightroom installing a dedicated graphic card? which graphic card...
  12. svavaroe

    Geforce 1050 2GB flicker dual monitor problem - Randomly

    My current build is : Gigabyte Z170X-Ultra Gaming motherboard. Intel i7 6700K Corsair LPX 32GB 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 OC Low Profile 2GB (GV-N1050OC-2GL) My OS is currently running Mac OS X Sierra - 10.12.5 with iMac 17,1 definition. Using LILU (1.1.5) and...
  13. nice97

    [Solved] Nvidia Webdriver flickering monitor problem

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my new Sierra Hackintosh that I'm building. First of all I have to say that my machine is powered with the new Intel i7 8700 with the Gigabyte z370 HD3P (but actually I think that the problem that I'm having is not because of the incompatible CPU.) After the...
  14. moog84

    [HELP] No signal after switching between monitor inputs

    So the problem I have on a fresh Sierra installation is if I switch my machine before I switch on the monitor there is no signal, only solution is to restart. It works the other way, if I turn on the monitor first and have it set at the correct input source. The other similar issue is after I...
  15. AbhikLodh

    HDMI Audio showing in System Information But No Audio

    I recently purchased a new monitor and it had a pretty neat feature. On top of hdmi audio, it has a headphone pass through so I won’t have to plug in my headphones in the back (cos my front panel audio is not present...long story). I followed the top pinned post from toleda in HDMI Audio...
  16. markmcleod50

    4 days in...I need some help. Screen turns off during install.

    After numerous issues with High Sierra I've reformatted my SSD and am going back to Sierra. I have two USB sticks, one with Sierra and one with High Sierra. The new issue is that I get to the apple loading screen (before the install) and about 75% in the screen turns off. I've removed lilu and...
  17. Yahu

    Display problem with Sierra

    Hi, I got fully working hackintosh setup which is MSI PE60. There were no problems until I started to use an external monitor as a second screen. Now every time I boot Sierra, my built-in screen is black (backlit tho) and the external screen displays properly. Built-in screen starts to work...
  18. NewbieEditor

    Buying advice : IPS screen for video editing for less than 300eur

    Dear editors on Tonymacx, What screens are you working with ? What would you advise me to buy for less than 300eur ? I´m looking for an IPS screen for less than 300 eur (or 2 screens for less than 300 eur each), that doesn´t hurt the eyes too much when working for long hours. I´m looking for the...
  19. dam1

    Laptop isn't detecting my external monitor. Help asap:)!

    Hi friends, I've got a problem. My laptop is not detecting external monitor that is connected to HDMI port. The screen on monitor is black but there isn't any image:(. What can I do? I tried to detect monitor in System Preferences but that didn't help, also I tried to turn on laptop with HDMI...
  20. Pineapple68

    Apple Thunderbolt display

    Hi all, I decided to write a post dedicated to the Thunderbolt display, where explain my attempts and ask help. I pair the display with a z270 itx Asrock "Fatality", a mobo that on january promised finally the TB support, in a mini-itx format. The gpu is a hd530 from an i7-6700k. It was a...