1. NewbieEditor

    Buying advice : IPS screen for video editing for less than 300eur

    Dear editors on Tonymacx, What screens are you working with ? What would you advise me to buy for less than 300eur ? I´m looking for an IPS screen for less than 300 eur (or 2 screens for less than 300 eur each), that doesn´t hurt the eyes too much when working for long hours. I´m looking for the...
  2. dam1

    Laptop isn't detecting my external monitor. Help asap:)!

    Hi friends, I've got a problem. My laptop is not detecting external monitor that is connected to HDMI port. The screen on monitor is black but there isn't any image:(. What can I do? I tried to detect monitor in System Preferences but that didn't help, also I tried to turn on laptop with HDMI...
  3. kumait

    Graphics card and monitor for Retina 4K

    Hello All, I have built my Hackintosh about 2 year ago and it is working perfectly since then. Specs: CPU: intel 4790K Mother Board: GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD3H Memory: Kingstone 16 GB. Monitor: HP 22Xi I want to upgrade my hackintosh to a Retina 4K display @60HZ. What are your recommendations for...
  4. tirams

    Best 4k monitor recommendation request for Asus z170a onboard graphics?

    What's the best 4K monitor (or retina like)that works with the Asus Z170a motherboard as hackintosh with no additional graphics card I have a 27" Apple Thunderbolt Display Monitor already but seems I'm not able to use it with my hackintosh build, there is no thunderbolt input port on the card...
  5. wishmylove

    [Solved] 21:9 LG Ultrawide 34UM88-P sound problems

    Hi Guys! I have bought a new 21:9 Ultrawide monitor (LG 34UM88-P) for my hack connected with Dp it works like a charm. My problem is the built in speakers are not working and I do not know why. My previous monitor Apple 24 Led Cinema display's speakers had worked perfectly with my hack. What...
  6. JCMunsonII

    SSDT for i7-7700K - Is it working properly?

    Greetings! I'd like to know if my SSDT.aml for that processor is working properly. I have no idea how to tell from the graphs, etc. (not been educated as to meaning). I've attached the relevant files. If the SSDT.aml IS working, please feel free to share it (it was created using 14,2 as the...
  7. tibiafry

    Advice searching for a beautiful monitor (iMac like)

    Good morning everyone. In the first place I do believe this is the right place to make the post, but if it's not, please move it, and accept my apologies. *EDIT* Sorry, I think this would have to go on buying advice... I have a hackintosh, but I do also own a mid 2010 27'' iMac. I've had a...
  8. rakibtg

    Dual monitor in mac sierra Intel HD Graphics 4600 1536 MB hackintosh?

    I am using Mac Sierra (10.12.4) My motherboard is Gigabyte B85M-D3H-A with no additional graphic card, I am depending on the built in graphics of the motherboard which is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600. It seems that it dosent support dual monitor, because if i try to boot macOS sierra while...
  9. TheRubenizer

    Hackintosh detects tv only when tv is off.

    Happily using my first hackintosh build now for almost a year, only dealing with some minor work arounds. But the other day I ran into an interesting issue. I tried to hook up my tv (LG M2550D) to the computer as a secondary monitor (4th monitor actually), and in osx it will only detects the...
  10. hatchtherat

    ongoing Monitor problem - help

    Hey there, I am so happy with my hackintosh build but I have got extreme problems with my monitors. I hope anyones got an idea what to do. Before I start Don't wonder why I could try so many monitors, I had some of them at home and some of them I have ordered online. So, I have installed my...
  11. FivyBridge

    Scrambled mouse pointer after sleep/monitor restart

    Hello, thanks to this great guide, I installed Sierra (10.12.3) successfully on my Intel NUC. My HDMI monitor usually works perfectly well, but: When my computer wakes from sleep mode or when I turn my monitor off and on again, it displays nothing but a scrambled and flickering mouse...
  12. Blackeye42

    Sleep issues in Sierra

    Hi, I have a weird problem with sleep mode in my laptop. When I close the lid or select the sleep option, my laptop goes to sleep. After a couple of seconds some of the hardware (fans, ssd, usb) tries to reactivate and then it goes back to sleep but the screen is still off. This loop keeps for...
  13. wilsonator5000

    Black screen when turning on MONITOR (not the computer)

    Hi, I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 motherboard and an Intel i3-6320 LGA1151 processor with built in Intel HD 530 graphics. The graphics work fine when I enable them in MultiBeast, but there is still a problem - When booting the computer, the graphics work and I can use the computer UNTIL I turn...
  14. 4realleb

    [Solved] HDMI not working for extended desktop

    Hey everyone, my current set up on my Samsung NP550P7C-T02CA is working great with one exception, I can't seem to get multiple displays going. A little background: My laptop contains both a HD4000 as well as a discrete card, the Nvidia GT630M, which I currently have disabled via DSDT/SSDT. I'm...
  15. iFunner

    macOS sierra is not loaded with VGA monitor

    I have a DVI monitor and VGA monitor. When vga monitor is turned off system is not loaded. Web driver installed, gtx 970, macOS 10.12.3, clover.
  16. Westechy

    Monitor and Power

    hi, i finally got my successful build done and installed to a point where no network or glitches at the menu bar. Problem 1: the one problem i havent been able to fix is i can only use one monitor and i would prefer to have two. i have confirmed that the two monitors im hooking up to the...
  17. jimihat

    Monitor needs power cycle after boot up

    Hi All I've just installed Sierra and its pretty much working perfectly now. One very odd thing is that when the system boots my monitor is black, if I switch it off then back on again I'm at the login page. I'm hoping this is an easy issue to fix, it's not the end of the world but it would be...
  18. alexlab

    External monitor via DP and HDMI wont work on laptop

    Hello, I just installed Hackintosh with clover and my biggest problem is the fact that i cant get my monitor to work with it, my laptop is the Asus ROG G501JW, do you have any suggestions on what i could do?
  19. jorgevaldespino

    Is there a way of use a VGA Monitor?

    Hi, i wish connect a monitor that just have VGA connection. I know that thing about VGA is not support in OS X but here explain some things and hope there is a minimal possibility of use that monitor. I have a Video Card with three connections: (DVI,VGA,HDMI) I use HDMI as main monitor and...
  20. JotaOliveiraa

    Hackintosh: Monitor and Graphics Card advice

    Hi there guys, I sold my Macbook Pro a couple of weeks ago because I was looking forward to create my own Hackintosh. This weekend (black friday) I took the opportunity to buy the most part of my build but the monitor and the graphics card went to expensive and became out of stock. My (almost)...