1. isaiah3467

    Cloned NVME drive not listed in Clover (10.13)

    I am migrating my data from a working Hackintosh 10.13 SSD over to my new 960 Pro. When I disconnect the old ssd, I can boot clover from the 960's EFI, but the Macintosh HD is not showing up in the clover boot options. I have been researching this for the past couple days and it seems there are...
  2. ic3cold

    My Mac OS X disk died after migrating applications from another drive

    I have a huge problem, I had a stable Yosemite system, and I decided I needed a few apps I had in another drive from a former dead motherboard, the one in my signature, so I used the migration tool, and the apps migrated fine, UNTIL I TURNED OFF THE COMPUTER AND BACK ON THE NEXT DAY, as Clover...
  3. korgo

    [Handoff Sierra] El Capitan to Sierra problem

    Hi there, I had a fully working system under El Capitan and then moved to Sierra following the guide. Now everything works except handoff: I cannot make calls from my computer using my iPhone and I can't take calls either. Sending SMS from the computer via iPhone also does not work. Where...
  4. samygee

    [Solved] Cpu panic after time machine migration

    I hope this is the right forum for my question - I didn't find anything about this specific problem in the board search... I just installed a clean macos Sierra on my system. I applied all the necessary drivers, settings and clover using the newest version of multibeast. The result was a nice...
  5. backslash451

    Migration from El Capitan installed on HDD to Sierra on SSD

    Hi all, I have a El Capitan 10.11.3 installation on an HDD that I successfully use every day. Now I received a brand new 256GB SSD and I was thinking of migrating to Sierra on the SSD. What do you recommend? 1) Installing Sierra from scratch in the SSD while having the El Capitan HDD as a...
  6. Solvoid

    OS X ML 10.8.2, How to switch from Chimera to Clover? Fresh install instead of upgrading?

    Hey, I am researching different ways to upgrade from ML 10.8.2 to El Capitan or Sierra. I think I am going to need to figure out a way to switch from Chimera to Clover. It is my understanding that, with Clover, you can upgrade right from the App Store like a normal Mac. Is this true of...
  7. hiluxtonka2

    Best/easiest way to update OS

    G'day all, Each time I update my system I run into problems be they large or small (just like most of us here I am guessing by the amount of posts). This is the reason I wait and wait and wait and ponder my next update, missing out on features that I think would be useful that are available in...
  8. amplifuzz

    Please help me migrate from P35 to Z97

    Got a working Mavericks installation on my Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P mobo, video card is a Nvidia GTX 650 TI. I just ordered a GA-Z97X-UD3H mobo with 4690K processor. Ideally I'd just like to tweak what needs tweaking on the current install, swap the new mobo assembly in, boot and resume working...
  9. Ebbi

    Clover migration failed on Yosemite

    Hi all, I try to migrate my working Yosemite installation to Clover to be able to upgrade to El Capitan. First I checked this guide, but missed an installation advice: The I followed the link to this guide and...
  10. sillyguy

    Help: Chimera migrate to Clover, boot doesn't enter EFI

    Solved: Chimera migrate to Clover, boot doesn't enter EFI Hello, I was using Chimera, the HD partition was done with Mac ( so, there is already EFI partition), it's OS X & Windows dual boot ( Windows partition is active). I didn't consider to move to Clover as my motherboard is ASUS P6T SE...
  11. leonvmetcalf

    Migrating from Chimera to Clover

    Hi! I just successfully migrated from Chimera to Clover, and I have a question. Since I no longer use Chimera, is it ok if I deleted the "Extra" folder that contains org.chameleon.boot.plist? Again, I only use Clover to boot since my motherboard supports UEFI and I was just wondering if deleting...
  12. jrd680chi

    How do I migrate from a Macbook HD to a SSD and NAS setup?

    So I've grown out of my hard drive and am moving to an SSD. It's only 250 GB while my new NAS will be 10 TB. My old setup is a 750GB Internal HD. It's filled up to about 650GB or so. Obviously this won't fit on a SSD in entirely. Here is the rest of the breakdown: 546.91 GB Home Folder...
  13. Pmontanaro

    Using Migration Assistant from Macbook Pro to my new Hackintosh.. Possible?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if it is possible at all to be able to use migration assistant from a back up of my macbook, to my new hackintosh? I'm a musician and I have a lot of apps and plug ins that are installed on my macbook that would take some serious time to re install on the fresh...
  14. Dodex

    Data Migration from old Mac

    Hello. This is my first build ever, so I am a bit new to many things. I have a backup drive that I am using Time Machine for and I would like to carry my apps music documents and such to my new HD drive on my Hack (maybe Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, or Steam to the SSD.) I am not...
  15. Kraft2k

    Hackintosh Migration - Sandy Bridge to Haswell

    Hi lads, I have a 10.7.5 Hackie which i use for Audio Production. The motherboard has started to behave weirdly and i have chosen to do a major upgrade, though my only problem is compatibility while i upgrade. I just got hold of a Z87X-OC and an i7 4770k, however my old system as you've...
  16. Durosai

    Migration Assistant Trouble - Apps won't work

    I used migration assistant to move just the apps from my imac to my hackintosh. The data transfer goes smoothly. However, none of the non native apps will work. When I try opening them, it gives an error message saying "you can't open the application because it is not supported on this mac."...
  17. mwatsonca

    Migrating FROM a Macbook Pro

    Hi all - new to Hackintosh. I am looking to dual boot a machine that I will receive later this week. The pickle is that I am selling my Macbook Pro this week, and would LOVE to be able to simply migrate my entire drive over to the new one. It is entirely possible that I may make a time machine...
  18. arutazzaps

    it is possible to migrate existing macBook Lion install to a Hackintosh?

    i have an macbook with installed Lion, now my MB is a little bit obsolete and i'm wondering if it is possible to move the macBook's SSD to the desktop whithout reinstalling Lion? thanks