1. Wiertelus

    Asus R540LJ help

    Hi! I am interested in Hackintoshes for a while now... I have an Asus R540LJ laptop and im searching for help installing Big Sur or Monterey on it. specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.19 GHz Nvidia 920M or Intel HD Graphics 5500 8Gb ram i havent found anything on installing...
  2. hirochima

    Help with post installation for Mojave on Lenovo V130-15IKB!

    Hi! I am relatively new to this world of hackintosh. I wanted to install Catalina on my Lenovo V130-15IKB, but I recieved some errors that I (even when I googled them) couldn't fix, so I tried Mojave. Mojave did work for me, my laptop was recognized as MacBookPro 14,1 and even recognized my...
  3. aviwad

    Catalina installer can't find SSD in laptop

    Hello all! First post here. Sorry if something is wrong. My laptop (Acer Swift 3, 14-51), is generally working I think, because besides the Wi-Fi chip not working in macOS, everything else was supposed to work, but the installer cannot find my SSD! I created a Catalina installer using...
  4. MaestroSheik

    << Solved >> Trouble Installing MacOS

    So I just built my first computer ever and it's a hackintosh. Needless to say I don't really know what I'm doing but the steps in the guides on this site have been very helpful. I'm installing Mojave into a system with i9-9900K on a Gigabyte Z390 Designare, BIOS F6. I fallowed All of Step 3...
  5. janlin0116

    Error loading operating system

    Hi, nice to meet you guys. Here is my build. CPU:i7-9700k MB:Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite RAM:Crucial DDR4 2666 16GB*2 SSD1:Samsung EVO 970 plus 250GB (for OS) SSD2:Samsung EVO 970 plus 250GB (WIN10 installed) GPU:MSI RX580 8G (bought, still on delivery) POWER: Antec 650W CASE:NZXT H510 Now I'm...
  6. JohnRobie

    Solved: Catalina install stops in the middle

    Hi there, I ran into a strange issue installing Catalina 10.15.3 on a new build. Hardware: Gigabyte Aorus Master (firmware 11c), i9 9900K, 64GB 3600Mhz G.SKill RAM, Radeon Saphire 5700 XT Nitro+, 2x Samsung Evo 970 Plus 1TB m.2 I have build a Clover installer on an USB stick following this...
  7. marcus12345

    Clover is not installing Mac IOS | Just restarts

    Hello, this is my first time trying to boot a hackintosh I am following these two guides for how to install clover and Mojave into a USB and install Mac into a intel nuc. Model: Intel nuc 8i3BEK: Ram: 8GB x 1 2400MHz SSD: 240GB WD Green M.2 SSD...
  8. Pityg

    Mojave install stucked at "less than a minute remaining"

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I followed the guide and created an USB with legacy mode as my mother doesn't have UEFI BIOS. I am able to boot into clover and start the installation. It restarts twice during the process and it finally get stucked with the "less than a minute remaining" line...
  9. SelfPlayer

    << Solved >> Problem with installation

    My installation is stuck at 11 mins pls help
  10. DogsGamer

    Installation Does Not Start

    Hello, I need help, just stay on this screen, I do not know what to do since I see no error
  11. SelfPlayer

    << Solved >> Problem with codes i do Not understand

    So I‘m having a bit of a problem with debug code things, and, no matter what BIOS settings I use, it won’t work and is stuck with these messages.
  12. TECGaming

    Will my computer Configuration work

    I have a MacBook Pro I have fully transitioned to Apple Ecosystem as of last november, I want to install MacOS on my beautiful desktop I have. I feel bad that I am no longer using. I want to know if my current configuration will work with MacOS Mojave? Here the Configuration Below: Mombo...
  13. frag112

    Mojave installation problem on HP slimline 290-0001p

    Hi to all, I have stuck with installing Mac OS. CPU: core i3-8100 MB: hp Menlo (intel h370 chipset) Graphics: intel uhd 630 My PC on hp site I used BIOS settings from guide (Intel virtualization and secure boot disabled) and clover standard configs (from Unibeast 9.0.0). Installation stops on...
  14. singularityq

    Boot/ Install issue, 2 approaches (Unibeast/Multibeast issues).

    The build I am referring to is in my signature in bold. My previous system 1366 based X58, was a cake walk compared to the purposed purchased parts that are suppose to be iMac 18,2 and Macmini 8,1 compatible. Unibeast stick boots up but no functioning USB 2/3. Using USB inject Kext get me...
  15. Kira96

    Mojave installation stuck at 2 minutes

    Hi everyone! I'm having trouble installing Mojave on my HDD: My Mojave installation freezes at 2 minutes left. The mouse pointer frozen, I've left it for 30 minutes, but no luck :/ CPU: I5 8400 Mother: Asus ROG STRIX B360-G GAMING GPU: Sapphire Rx 580 4GB NITRO
  16. ThePu3ll3s

    Can make Hackintosh in MSI GE72 7RD-085XES?

    Hi people, I am starting in the world of hackintosh and I have read a lot of compatibilities, drivers, programs for the installation etc. But now I am very confused, so what I wanted to know if someone that knows about making hackintosh could help me with my installation. First I want to know...
  17. Magin

    GPD Pocket 2?

    As I am writing this I am awaiting delivery of my GPD Pocket 2. Earlier I noticed that a user named teuteux wrote a thread about success in installing on the GPD Pocket 2. Since then, this thread seems to have gone missing. Does anyone have some information on where I can find teuteux, since...
  18. olive

    [SOLVED]Installing high Sierra on gigabyte Z370 HD3 "macos could not be installed on your computer "

    Hello everyone, I have a problem installing High Sierra on my computer, I got the message: "macos could not be installed on your computer " I'm sorry if this thread already exists, I couldn't find any solutions... I used the tutorial here...
  19. Hackabot

    Disk Utility error on Erase with Toshiba Q300 SSD

    Hello. This is my second build. I already have a High Sierra triple boot on an Asus P6T SE, OCZ Agility SSD, GTX 680 working with no problems. I need to setup an other machine which will just boot as a single Mac (no multiboot). The specs are almost the same: Mobo: Asus P6T Graphics: GTX...
  20. roysoham1998

    Is my laptop compatible with Hackinstosh?

    Details: Manufacturer: ACER MODEL: Nitro AN515-51 Motherboard: Intel HM175 (Chipset: Kabylake) Processor: Intel i7 7700HQ @ 2.8Ghz (8 CPU) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti + Intel HD Graphics 630 BIOS: Insyde Corp. Version: V1.13 RAM Memory: DDR4 16GB (1200Mhz) Network Device 1: Realtek...