1. jonlikesquirrel

    GC-ALPINE RIDGE(rev2) --> Thunderbolt3 --> Thunderbolt2 --> iMac (27-inch, late 2013) target display mode => [Cmd+F2 = BLACK SCREEN on ALL displays.]

    Long story short.. I have a `MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) - 16gb 1600MHz DDR3 - NVIDIA GT 750M 2gb / intel ires pro 1536 mb` it is running `macOS High Sierra - Version 10.13.3` it took a large CHUNK out of my collage funds to purchase, back in 2013.. I had to buy it for a video...
  2. Effendyhu

    Budget Build for OSX Catalina or get iMac 24"

    It is time for my Hackintosh for an upgrade, I have been searching with the intention to upgrade my current build so that I can get 4K monitor up. Here is what I found so far for the best buy currently without breaking the bank. Gigabyte Z490 VISION D Motherboard Core i5-10600K 4.8Ghz...
  3. Pfanner

    Hackintosh on a "refurbished" iMac?

    Hey, this might sound weird but I found a good deal on a used iMac from 2009 / 2010 with an i7, 6GB RAM and a 500GB SSD. Problem is, it only runs Linux because it got repaired. The GPU was dead so the owner replaced it with a GTX 660M. He says that macOS won't boot anymore, but since it's...
  4. power911

    << Solved >> SMBIOS - iMac19,1 RX580 dual display Catalina

    Hello! I've a question. Here is my hardware list: Intel Core i9-9900K, 3.6GHz, 16MB Asus ROG Z390 MAXIMUS XI CODE SSD Samsung 970 PRO 512GB PCIe x4 NVMe SSD Samsung 850 Pro sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ 8GB Noctua NH-D15 SeaSonic Prime Platinum 1300W Ballistix Ballistix Sport LT, DDR4, 32...
  5. nch107

    [SUCCESS with some issues] Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING - i9-9900K - DUAL GPU AMD RADEON RX 5700 XT

    Hi everyone! I was able to get my Mojave 10.14.6 build completed by following both @pastrychef @themageman and @ModMike (shout out to you guys!!!) builds, find their guides below: pastrychef's Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming themageman Asus Rog Strix z390 ModMike's TEWB (The Everything Works...
  6. meeloshmedia

    iMac 27" 2011 with eGPU over mini PCIe port (EXP GDC)

    Hello to all, I am new to this site and forum so I would like to say sorry if some rules are broken by my side. I wanted to create this thread since there isn't one anywhere that I found. Let's start from the beginning: I am YouTuber in making and wanted to create a channel around how-to and...
  7. kn15

    Multibeast setup error.. need help!!!

    hey dear community I recently build a Hackintosh for me and I got some problems with the bootloaders with multibeast.. I could successfully install Mojave but cannot setup multibeast for a customised Setups like those settings for Skylake iMac 17.2 after I flashed the EFI I cannot boot , it...
  8. loksan3

    Hackintoshes reliability - audio production

    Hello guys! I have a 15 inch 2018 2.6ghz. 6 core MacBook Pro but the thermal are terrible! When I use heavy vst instruments it starts to sound like a jet engine. I tried everything including a fresh install of the OSX ,this laptop is just bad! I have had my eye on hackintoshes for a very long...
  9. Segmaster

    Quick question about 15" iMac G4 DVI Conversion

    Hello all. I've been working on a 15" iMac G4 conversion for some time now. I've gotten around to the display portion and using the various pinouts I've found online, managed to successfully get the backlight (& dimming) working. I am now working on the TMDS portion, but have run into a snag. I...
  10. tardis89

    Screen Freezes But Some Background Processes Working

    I am currently having an issue with my video freezing up after some time. I first tried messing with different settings in the Energy Saver settings. This seemed to postpone problems, but the inevitable still happened. I experimented to see if it was just a sleep issue, so I set both Computer...
  11. brianwong11031

    Need Help With SMBIOS

    Which SMBIOS should I select? iMac or MacMini, which is better for my desktop pc? my cpu: intel core i5 2500k. thanks for advices.
  12. hughesyadaddy

    [Solved] High Sierra X299 Gigabyte Gaming 7 with Intel Core i9-7960X

    EDIT: It works perfectly. Great Community. Will update with more information soon.
  13. Rock1407

    eGPU Help: Nvidia Card not recognized 10.13.4 on iMac Pro

    I can't seem to find anyone else posting about this specific issue so perhaps I'm just ignorant on the subject or it's happening to a small group. I'm running a iMacPro1,1 connected to a AKiTiO Node Pro via Thunderbolt 3 loaded with: NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti. I'm running 10.13.4 and updated Nvidia...
  14. lulupulu

    Graphics card advice

    Hi, I'm trying to find a good graphics card for my computer to primarily run Adobe Premiere Pro. My current graphics card is extremely slow in export and rendering times. Here are the specs for my computer: iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013) Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3...
  15. donald_jackson

    [Solved] Gigabyte X299 Ultra Gaming + 7900X + 1080ti can't reach installer

    Updated -> See below. All working. I apologise if this is already solved here but I can't find anywhere in the forum. I have a Gigabyte X299 Ultra Gaming with 7900X and GTX 1080 Ti, I can't get into the installer unfortunately, I have built many Hackintosh's but this may be my first failure :(...
  16. funkthew0rld

    [SOLVED] iMessage on iMac 18,2 smbios?

    Hello tonymac! I recently had some bad luck with my first build (was sandy bridge) and I had to pull the trigger on some new hardware. For my new build I chose a smbios of 18,2 on clover configurator because it most closely matches my new machine. I have gone through the iMessage for iDiots...
  17. KrishnaR

    Connecting a Target Display Mode (TDM) iMac to a Thunderbolt 3 Mobo?

    OK, so this question has been asked in some different forms on the forum, but none have in the way I need them to. So I currently have a Mid 2011 iMac, with a Thunderbolt 1 port. I want to know if I buy a mobo with thunderbolt 3, will it connect as a second display? Yeah, yeah, I know it will...
  18. Falxo

    GTX 980 Causing Random Freezes and Reboots

    Hello, As the title suggests, my computer will, at random moments, completely seize up, the sound will stutter for a second or so, and then reboot. I am not an expert on these sort of stuff, but I think that's what we call a kernel panic. This started happening after I upgraded from my old GTX...
  19. lupofiasco

    Draft components List for 4K editing Machine

    Hi All, I have been editing on my MBP late 2013 and it is starting to really struggle and Im ready to take the plunge into the Hacintosh world! I spend all day editing 4K in premiere pro so I'm trying to build a pretty solid unit. After recently seeing @juliodm have success with his i7-8700k I...
  20. akbar.ahad123

    Pegatron Odense Motherboard Compatible??

    Hi guys, Im completely new to hackintosh and was trying to install mac os sierra onto my pc. I have created a bootable usb drive but when it came to configuring the bios on my pc, I couldn't see many of the settings that were shown on the videos I watched. The bios was very simple and hardly...