1. balazs631

    Dell display on iMac stand

    (See most recent version at post #10) Hi there! I want to show my monitor stand mod. It’s basically a Dell display on an iMac base. I read a lot of case mod posts in this forum (G4, G5, Mac Mini, Custom cases etc..) but hard to find display mods. I decided to make one because it’s very easy to...
  2. ym58

    iMac G3 (slot) mod - Video Connector

    iMac G3 (slot) mod : problem with Video Connector Wiring Hi, I have been trying (to no avail) for the last few days to include a mini ITX-PC board in an iMac G3 slot-loading while keeping its PSU and CRT. I made a short custom cable to internally connect the VGA output of the PC board to the...
  3. scottbastedo

    Software/Hardware Compatibility on Editing System

    I am going to be building a hackintosh or buying and iMac in a few weeks, and I need some advice. I will be using: Premiere Pro (mostly) FCP X (when desired by clients and prepping for teaching editing) After Effects (infrequently) Photoshop (frequently) AVID (rarely) MAYA (looking to...
  4. someperson

    Use Unibeast to install Mavericks on a real iMac (or any other Apple computer)

    Hi, Since I don't have 10 hours to install Mavericks on my Late 2009 iMac, I thought I'd use Unibeast instead. Guess what? It works! Instead of 10 hours on DSL, I downloaded Mavericks in 20 minutes! Here's how. So let's say you erased your hard drive on your Apple computer, and your...
  5. dyeylet

    Imac Mid 2011 Intel CPU 2700K Samsung SSD wont boot with mavricks

    :banghead: Hi everyone I will start with the latest test trial. This week I ordered a 3770k Intel cu and installed it in my Imac mid 2011 with 16 gigs of ram and a Samsung 830 ssd with 2 gig video card. The screen would not even turn on. So I went back to my old Intel CPU 2700k installed it...
  6. beyre83

    Airplay Mirroring Z77 Does Not Work

    I know what most of you probally are thinking Airplay Mirroring does not work with a HD4000, iMac Sys Def, works with a MacMini Sysdef but then you can not watch itunes trailers just get garbled graphics as tested by others here... but HD4000 works with itunes 10.7, 11.0, 11.01 in 32bit mode...
  7. musicreator

    Using an iMac case for a build?

    I have a 24 inch iMac from 2009. There were persistent problems with it's logic board ever since I bought it. Recently it gave up completely and the machine goes into a restart loop whenever I turn it on. I was wondering if I could some how make a basic low cost hack using the same body and...
  8. MyBengaliFaceIsNoob

    £2000 Pound Hackintosh Build for Gaming & Art and Design Degree ?

    Hi, To start my story off, I have a partner who is going to study Art & Design at university this year September. We walked into the open day and saw a whole row of IMAC's and was wondering yeah, this might be a great thing to maybe invest in for her university studies. We walk into Apple and...
  9. kiwisincebirth

    Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2 - 10.8.3

    "This update provides stability fixes for thunderbolt and target disk mode." I dont have thunderbolt enabled motherboard, so no reason to run it. But is it safe to run?
  10. AdamInNi

    Custom top of the line iMac 27 inch

    Hey guys. At the minute, I have a core i3 hackintosh with 8gb ram and a z77-ds3h motherboard and a GT520 graphics card. It's fine but just not quite the performance I am after. It served perfectly as an upgrade from my 2011 Mac Mini 2.3ghz i5 but just isn't cutting it anymore. I am ready for an...
  11. Johnnytosh

    2012 21.5 inch iMac or Hackintosh?

    So I'm looking to buy a new computer and debating whether or not I should get the new 21.5 inch baseline model iMac (2012) or custom build a hackintosh with the same price range. I use a computer for video editing with programs such as final cut pro X and Sony Vegas Pro 11, web browsing, usage...
  12. lockers90

    I'm getting the iMac 27" customised on monday... Suggestion?

    Hi Guys so after 3 years of playing with hackintosh builds i've finally took the plunge and pre-erdered the iMac late 2012 27". before any one asks. i am willing to provide any ioreg or other dumps to admins only! i do however want to to know what the must have accessories are for this...
  13. stevenwl

    Venturing into Hackintosh as a frustrated video editor.

    I have been working off my Macbook Pro 2011 15" system for nearly a year now. It is the most practical machine for me due to the traveling I do with my editing work. However, I am working more and more out of my office and I believe it is time to get a heavy duty machine on the go. I was aiming...
  14. Pxndxm3nth3

    New iMac 21´s GT640 to bring Optimus Solution?

    I´ve just read that the new iMac of 21" has a Nvidia GT640M, reading GPU´s specs at NVIDIA, i´ve found that the GPU has Optimus. I know that many cards doesn´t work because of that (Mine 630M). So, my question is.. Those cards are going to work now? I hope yes :D
  15. slibby

    OSX Mountain Lion USB install & UniBeast... how to work?

    I recently upgraded my mid-2010 27" iMac to Mountain Lion - I installed the OS of a USB key. Now that I'm attempting to put together a UniBeast USB key so I can also run OSX Mountain Lion on my PC...
  16. greyham_666

    OSX Mountain Lion in iMac G3, hardware compatibility

    hey, looking to build a mini-itx based hackintosh inside an old blue slot loading imac g3. im quite comfortable with the casing modding aspect of it, but after checking out the guide for custom mini mac builds (as i...
  17. mmmka

    After installing MSRDumper got a Kernel Panic (on IMac)

    /SOLVED/ After installing MSRDumper got a Kernel Panic (on IMac) Hey Guys! I need YOUR help. I was today by my sister and wanted to try MSRDumper on her Imac (i think 2011, or late 2010, BUT Sandybridge CPU). After I installed the KEXT with Kextbeast and rebooted, i got a KERNEL PANIC :(...
  18. taylorwatson18

    Can't change system definitions (imac,mac pro,mac mini)

    Everytime I try to change my system definition off mac pro 3,1 my ML partition wont boot anymore. I want to change it to the new imac so I can get native airplay without using airparrot. Anyone have any ideas why as soon as I change it I cannot boot anymore? Thanks in advance! specs...