1. SnaccPacc

    HWMonitorSMC2 not showing CPU temps

    Hey there, I'm having trouble getting HWMonitorSMC2 to show any other info besides graphics, RAM and media health. I'm using FakeSMC sensor kexts and have them installed properly in EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/Other. Not sure where to start when troubleshooting this issue. My guess is that it has...
  2. optiplexer990

    HW Sensor of Nvidia GT 710

    I have an Nvidia GT 710 which is supportet OOB. I've installed HWMonitor and see some CPU, SSD and other Tempratures, but not the GPU. How can I get the GPU-Temprature be shown in HWMonitor?
  3. douira

    HWMonitor reports 127°C for Vega 56 constantly

    I recently upgraded my graphics card to a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 Pulse 8GB and also updated to the Mojave 10.14.6. It works fine in general but I can't get any sensor readings from it. I have the following installed kexts: AppleALC.kext AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext FakeSMC_ACPISensors.kext...
  4. robnlauren

    HWMonitor Overheating Alarm

    I'm running a 9900K at stock speeds using a Noctua NH-D15. It manages the temperature well for everything except video exporting - where I regularly see the overheating alarm from HWMonitor. I should also mention it cannot handle Prime95 small FFTs (hits high 90s) With video exporting I hit...
  5. ErsatzAcc

    HWMonitor reports overheated (115°C) CPU (i5-4590) heatsinks after sleep

    I think this must be a bug, i opened the case and the heatsink is completely cold, not even warm. Or is the CPU heatsink heat measured directly at the CPU? But all other CPU heats are only 30-40°C. Is there any risk for my hardware?
  6. Yann

    [Solved] Z370-F One fan not working on hackintosh

    Hey, So I got : - 1 pump + fan for CPU working - 1 rear fan working - 2 front fans So this goes crazy : On my windows partition every fans work like a charm. But on my hackintosh partition, only one of the 2 front fan works. As soon as I boot to the mac one of the top fan stop working and stop...
  7. Gaming.Amigos

    HWMonitor shows 111 degrees on fan cooling

    Can anyone help me HWMonitor show 111 degrees on fan cooling but the rest ist on 30- 40 degrees. Is it possible that a air cooler can be overheadet?
  8. alfanerd

    CPU Temp from command line

    Is there a way to monitor the CPU temperature from a script so I can send warnings remotely? HWMonitor does not have a Applescript Dictionary.
  9. Saganic0

    [Solved] FakeSMC Plugins 10.13 (High Sierra)

    Hi all, I've had a pretty deep search online and couldn't find much regarding FakeSMC plugins and HWMonitor for 10.13 (High Sierra). Has anyone come across anything or are they still in development? Also congrats to everyone who has managed to update to 10.13, so far I'm enjoying it and...
  10. BasementFruit

    Cant Boot after Kext Installation

    Hi Guys. I got a very strange problem here. I recently installed the hwmonitor Kext's to see the temperatures of my system in iStat. But as soon as I restart my system, it just shows the text in the picture and reboots and does the same thing again and again. Can anyone help me? Thanks in...
  11. ralab001

    HP ProBook 4530s: False Processor Speed + Fan speed does not appear in HWMonitor!!

    Hello Everybody, Given Problem Reporting Files in https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/processor-temperature-is-90c-in-hp-probook-4530s-with-macos-sierra.229284/#post-1560666 Question - Why fan speed doesn't appear in HWMonitor? - Why is processor speed is 792MHz most of the times and 2.48GHz...
  12. TheBiteInTheApple

    [Solved] Kernel Panic after installing HWMonitor with MultiBeast

    My Hackintosh was working just fine until i decided i wanted to install HWMonitor on my Sierra HD. After I installed HWMonitor, i couldn't boot into my MacOS Sierra Partition. The OS would seem to load until i get a Kernel Panic Message: Kernel Panic GPUDrivers by TheBiteInTheApple posted Jun...
  13. laci021

    What is the good idle temp for intel i5 4460 on idle? Is hwmonitor good ?

    Hi, Im running sierra 10.12.4 and my cpu temp is around 38-46 c, gpu 36-40c (gtx960ti). I have stock cooler on the cpu. My cpu cooler become loud around 40. I have two questions: Are those temps ok for idling ? Is hwmonitor accurate? cheers
  14. A.Rahman

    Why is my CPU hotter in Hackintosh than in Ubuntu ?

    HWMonitor in my hackintosh sierra tells me after quitting all apps that the CPUs temp is 60:70 c but in Ubuntu after quitting all apps it's 40:50 c it's about 20 c higher , is that normal ? if not , what can i do ? i'm using Probook 6450b CPU : Intel i5-520m GPU : 1st Generation Intel HD...
  15. remuslord

    How do you get Pascal sensors to work?

    I've tried to reinstall the latest HWSensors and HWMonitor, but nothing helps. Cant get a reading on the GPU fan or the temp. Drivers work fine... Thank you!! Running on a Gainward GTX 1080 GLH
  16. popwebz

    HWMonitor save fan settings?

    Is it possible to save fan settings with HWMonitor or is there another application you guys are using for fan control? I am able to control my CPU radiator fans with HWMonitor. Without control, the fan runs at 100% which is very loud. However, the process of clicking on HWMonitor on the menu...
  17. gooberstank

    Almost no data in HWMonitor

    Hi, My i7-7700 and GTX1080 system seems pretty stable running on an Asus H110M-R motherboard so I'm happy, but a little concerned why HWMonitor or any other software isn't seeing much sensor data at all. Seems like it's only getting info from my two SSDs. Any ideas what could be causing it...
  18. jordanferras

    HWMonitor Trying to Install new helper tool - Continuous prompt for installation

    After adjusting the fan settings with HWMonitor, the fan RPMs do not readjust to the desired setting (even though the setting remains saved at a lower RPM). I believe the issue has something to do with the continuous prompt which keeps asking me to install a new helper tool. After entering my...
  19. Dagoe

    HWMonitor fan control not working.

    Hi! first I'd like to apologize if this thread isn't il the right place. there is a lot of categories and I don't know where to put it. I have a problem with HWMonitor. one of my CPU fans I can't control the speed. once I turn it on, set the threshold and speed, it drops to 800 rpm and does not...
  20. iovlui

    R9 280x HWMonitor GPU frequencies

    Hi everybody i can't see the frequencies of the GPU in HWMonitor tab. I have the last release 6.23 Let me know. Thanks