1. simplyanin

    Nvidia gtx 760 on catalina

    im running GTX 760 on high sierra with Nvidia Web Driver..I want to install catalina which supports the card natively. Will there be a difference in performance?
  2. xploderx

    Can't Boot after replacing PSU

    Hello forum! I hope you can help me. I had to change my psu cause the previous one died, but after I did I had to work with my Intel onboard graphics card instead of my GTX 760. I am running Sierra so I noticed that I had a lot of lags so I had to make my PC work with my GTX 760 like always...
  3. appletwo

    EVGA GTX760 glitching on OS 10.12.6 and GA X79s Up5

    Hi there. I've just installed via unibeast a clean OSX Sierra on my GAX79s Up5 with i7 3930k and EVGA GTX760. Everything seems to be working fine after a bunch of adjustments in the config.plist and EFI kext folders. I managed to update to 10.12.6 with no issue, injected USB3 GenericUSBXHCI...
  4. redfocus

    Nvidia GTX 760, It works, but not on 100% performance

    Hello Guys! I have a Dell T5500 Precision (2x5690, 48GB ram etc), it works like a charm (ok, sometimes when i hit shutdown its just restarted), but everything else is semms ok, but the GPU. Cinebench score under win 10 85fps, but on high sierra, its just 56fps, and i feel the poornes in...
  5. nafeelali

    Graphics Card advice

    New to hackintosh, having trouble with my GTX 760. Looking to upgrade my GPU. What are some suggestions for good GPU's that will be easy to set up for Sierra? Thanks
  6. nafeelali

    GTX 760 - Sierra issues

    i7 6700k GTX 760 Gigabyte LGA 1151 Z170 2-Way SLI There's a lot of image tearing upon boot and both monitors won't show. Only one will. Is there a way to fix this or will I need a different graphics card?
  7. Kinkade73

    [SOLVED] Nvidia GTX 760 only showing 7mb of Vram

    I recently updated my Hackintosh to MacOS Sierra, using unibeast and multibeast, and it almost entirely works... Except that there are a lot of weird graphical glitches and flickering, and the screen (normally 4k) is limited to 1600x1200. In system info, it says that the Nvidia card only has 7mb...
  8. WarSta83

    Couple of problems.

    Hello, I have a couple of problems with my installation. (Sorry for my bad English, I'm French) - Monitor going to sleep after boot (fixed by taking a config.plist on the forum) - I don't have audio - The driver of ethernet don't install? ( I have a connection but she is very slow compared to...
  9. imbrenden

    GTX 760 - 21:9 LG Ultrawide Resolution in Sierra - HELP!

    Hello, I am currently using a GTX 760 with the latest NVIDIA Web Driver for Sierra. In El Capitan, the card recognized the 2560x1080 @ 60Hz resolution natively, but after upgrading to Sierra, the max native resolution is only 1080p. I am able to achieve 2560x1080 by using SwitchResX, but only...
  10. jcmustin

    Minor Graphics glitches with GTX 760

    Hi all, Ive been running my OSX build for about 2 years now. I struggled initially so much with it, that I ignored some of the minor problems. Now its been long enough that I dont mind digging back into it and trying to get a fix. I am running: GA-Z87X-OC Intel i5 4690k EVGA GTX 760 Corsair...
  11. razzvg

    Configuration for GTX760 and drivers?

    Hi there, been searching through all the forums I don't seem to find a suitable solution for me. I can boot into osx with the driver disabled elsewise I am stuck on a black screen. Anyone has an idea on how to get my gpu running?
  12. Doctid

    Make or Fake GTX760 to work on SL

    I have two installs. Both working great. One Yosemite. One Snow Leopard. I use the bios to choice which disk and load in from there. I had a GTX 285. Great. but not powerful enough in CC2015 on yosemite. So I got the GTX760. works perfectly and native in Yosemite. My question is. After a...
  13. gyrase

    Installing GTX760 on Yosemite

    Installing GTX760 on Yosemite, HELP! Following all the wonderful info here I've gotten my system running Yosemite with working audio and no other obvious problems. Now I want to tackle my graphics card problem. I tried under Mavericks to get the GTX760 card working and it never did so I gave...
  14. d3k1d

    Lightroom CC 2015 but Graphics Processor Acceleration is disabled :(

    I'm using a X99 System with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 and the newest Nvidia Web Drivers for 10.10.4 In Photoshop CC 2015 the system recognizes the graphics card but in Lightroom I get this error: Any help would be apreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Agnoslibertine

    for final cut pro x? ( r290x or gtx970)

    so i plan to build a editing machine, main use final cut pro x. I want to be able to edit 4k videos. Im editing shorter 4K videos on my macbook 13 (retina). And it works pretty good. but the export could be faster, and editing could be more fluid. At first I have been looking into GTX760...
  16. danben

    Unsure what to do about GTX760 in Yosemite

    I'm at the point now where I can boot with kext-dev-mode=1 -x nv_disable=1 npci=0x2000. If I don't specify nv_disable=1 the screen goes blank at some point in the boot process. Can anyone explain what's going on here? I guess the graphics card is running in some worse mode that the OS is ok...
  17. TecnoPierre

    [Success] MSI Z77A-G45 Clover Install

    Hey guys ^^ I managed to install Mac OS X Yosemite with Clover on my current build: MSI Z77A-G45 Intel Core i5 3570K MSI GTX760 TwinFrozr 2GB (Worked OOB) 8GB RAM 1TB WDC So... before getting into the steps to install Yosemite, I patched my BIOS, patching the BIOS on this motherboard...
  18. degofedal

    GTX 760 - Audio works over HDMI but not DisplayPort

    Hi, After reading up on HDMI audio i just got my LG 34UM95 set up and have audio working perfectly over HDMI (Yosemite 10.10.1, GTX 760 and Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH). I followed this guide and it was actually quite painless. Now because i need 10bit color for work i need to connect via...
  19. kromakey

    Random Restarts - in OS X even in Windows

    Hi , I am facing this problem on my main machine , machine just restart "out of the blue" sometimes just browsing the web , always reboot in FCP X when I add an effect to a movie . Thought this was OSX related so I changeg from yosemite to mavericks , and the same happen , start using...
  20. jamesle

    Asus Z9PE-D8 WS and 2 graphic cards (GTX760): Possible ?

    Hello everyone, I've spend some time reading several post and article on internet. Ther are many contradictions and I get lost because I still can't found someone who can really answer to my 2 questions: Is it possible to install 2 graphic cards (GTX 760) on a motherboard Asus Z9PE-D8 WS ...