1. nikdesign

    Best buying advice - Please take a look and help:)

    Hey guys. I am new to forum. Did read a lot though. But still I need your help. My budget is $400 USD At moment I have case (Urban R31) and MSI R7 370 2gb (Will change with nVidia graphics card =) as well I have keyboard, mouse and monitor. So I need best choice for motherboard, processor...
  2. BaeBae03

    Budget Buying Hacintosh

    Hey, I'm a first time builder and I wanted some suggestions for a cheap build that can do casual gaming, and daily use. It also needs to run iMessage and FaceTime flawlessly. Try to keep it as low as possible please:thumbup: Thanks!:D
  3. Dylanawroberts

    HELP i need help with a motherboard and cpu select

    Hello fellow hackintosh users it's now time for me to upgrade I have a fully working hackintosh that I built from a Hp xw6400 workstation. my current specs are as follows 12gb ddr2 ecc ram 2x 2.33ghz Intel xeons e5 series 120gb ssd numerius other hard drives and a 2gb zotac gts graphics...
  4. pilotj1999

    New Dual Boot Computer - OPINIONS NEEDED

    Hi, I'm pretty new to this site, but i've been doing a fair amount of research and would like to build my own dual boot computer (hackintosh and windows). Below are the parts I am looking at using. I am on a bit of a budget, but feel free to question some items. I am mainly looking to find...
  5. Locohoho

    Advice for first Hackintosh appreciated

    Hallo guys, Since I've started working on my thesis, econometric datasets made my old MBP really show its age. And here I'm trying to build a Hackintosch, since WIN sucks and Aplle is too expensive and quality got worse. The build is meant to be powerful but more for office/editing, only...
  6. lenso000000

    Need advise. %100 out of box compatible Ultra budget hackintosh with 3 monitors.

    There are many options to build %100 compatible budget hackintosh. However I'm looking for %100 compatible ultra budget hackintosh with 3 monitors . It should run at 1080p with IPS monitors. I don't care about its speed. It will be for web development. Anyone tried similar project? Any headache...
  7. schwingel

    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    I just finished my first mod using an case of Power Mac G4 model Sawtooth. Bought one from about U$40 here in Brazil. Shipped already free of motherboard, drives and power source. 8 bucks for shipping and that's all for the case. Good bargain in my opinion. Here is a victim's picture before...
  8. pranitkhedekar

    Mobo for intel i3 4330 ??

    Hi guys, i am planning to build budget hackintosh for my friend. i choose parts as i3 4330 processor, corsair or cooler master case, sandisk or kingston ssd, seagate hdd, vengeance ram. please suggest me a power supply for my build and very imp a reliable and value for money giagbyte z97 mobo.my...
  9. Nerdzilla

    Stock PC to Budget Hackintosh

    Hey guys so I have been stalking these forums for a while now and I finally decided to create an account and ask for some help, so I have this HP Pavilion a6142n PC that I would like to Hackintosh. I have upgraded the hard drive to a (1TB SATA 3.5" 6.4GB) and I the RAM sticks (2x4GB DDR2 800MHz)...
  10. medogabrbeast

    Building hackintosh:NOOB VERSION NEEDED

    Hey guys im very new too this and I want to create my own machine.-----DESKTOP NOT LAPTOP.-----Heres what ive got:P Processor:Intel Core i5 650 Processor 3.20 GHz Motherboard:Intel DP55WG Ram:2x8 BALLISTIX ram Power Supply:--taken from older dell dimension e310 (supported) Case:---Sentey Hard...
  11. dwinnbrown

    EVGA Hadron Air Intel H81 N - 2015 Build

    Hi Guys, So this is my first post on here and I'm going to be building my first computer this summer. I am wanting to have a powerful, small and good looking hackintosh that will be able to handle some gaming in windows and most importantly beat my current 8 Core Mac Pro in video editing...
  12. Cam2363

    Budget hackintosh for under $200 (Only need some components)

    I want to make a hackintosh that can run mountain lion or mavericks (perferably mavricks) for around $200. I would like to go as cheap as possible but my max is $200. I have most of the components besides, The Motherboard, CPU, RAM, and GPU. I kind of have a GPU in mine (GT 610) so if that GPU...
  13. DanEllin

    CustoMac Budget ATX issues with Intel HD Graphics 4600

    Hi all, I have recently completed the CustoMac Budget hackintosh as specified on the TonyMac buyers guide, with the following specifications: Motherboard- Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H CPU- Core i5-4460 RAM- Ballistix Sport XT (8gb) HD- Seagate Barracuda 1TB PSU- Corsair CS 550 Watt Case- Corsair...
  14. jaycevdl

    ASUS Z97-A - i5 3.2Ghz 4570 - 8g Ram

    This past year i went traveling around the world with my 15' Macbook Pro, month 9 of traveling my motherboard fried. I am a photographer, and kinda rely on computers to do my editing and file management. I went home 2 months later, and had it looked at. It was going to cost me $700+ to fix. So...
  15. UnDeaDAmP

    Buying Help and Suggestions for a 500 dollar budget

    Okay so first, i have a 500 Dollar budget for my build, and I'll tell what parts I already own and why this is a bit of a task for me... -I was planning to use the BitFenix Prodigy M case, that includes fans and a PSU, and it requires a mATX motherboard -I wanted to see if i could get a...
  16. TheDanBird

    Complete Newbie, asking for advice and tips

    Hi There, My name is Dan, and I recently discovered what a "Hackintosh" actually is, and was instantly interested. I purchased a second hand 2009 21.5" iMac a few years ago, however am now looking to upgrade it. And instead of wanting to upgrade to a more expensive iMac, I discovered to look...
  17. jmhalder

    Lenovo G510 i5-4200m, Current status and fixes.

    Spent most of yesterday getting most things working. Still a few rough edges. Specs: Haswell Core i5-4200m / Intel HD 4600 4gb DDR3 @ 1600mhz 250gb Samsung 840evo upgraded from the 500gb WD Blue Broadcom BCM43142 PCI ID#14e4:4365 I've had this laptop for a few months, played with...
  18. qasem117

    Cheapest Mini ITX motherboard?

    What's the cheapest mini ITX motherboard I can get that's compatible with mavericks? Thanks in advanced -Qaz
  19. P1LGRIM

    [SUCCESS] ThriftyMac - HP dc7900 - £100 - 10.9.4 Mavericks

    ThriftyMac - HP dc7900 - £100 - 10.9.4 Mavericks Components HP dc7900 Family These computers date back to 2008 (at least) and are therefore unfortunately no longer available on Amazon or Newegg. They are however readily available from many other sources. Already Owned Western Digital...
  20. yoshi.15

    First Build - New on a budget

    Hello my name is Josh, I am a college student, I am just trying this out for the first time. I have been reading over many different builds to try and see what will work. I already looked at the buyers guide for the mac mini itx, but I don't wanna spend too much money yet, so I am just wanting...