1. dapanda

    CustoMac Budget ATX or Mac Mini?

    Is it worth it to make the CustoMac Budget ATX (or similar build) instead of simply buying a $800 Mac Mini? I'd like an i5-3570K, 8GB of RAM, and 120GB of SSD combined with 500GB of HDD. To me, it seems like the savings is no more than $100. Thoughts? edit: I also own a 5670, would that be...
  2. SYDE

    Graphics Card < $100

    Hi, I'm gearing up to start my first build, and I'm trying to decide on a Graphics card to be used for video editing, graphic design, and some light gaming (Civ V, Sim City etc...). Some cards I'm looking at are: GIGABYTE GV-R667D3-1GI Radeon HD 6670 ASUS ENGT430/DI/1GD3(LP) GeForce GT 430...
  3. MrUnderhill

    New in the game, aiming high...

    Hello, you all. I am considering a hackintosh for myself, but I really do not know too much about hardware and such. Though I certainly am able to find it all if I know what to look for... :geek: Hence I need some advice and recommendations on what to look for. I will be using the machine for...
  4. Krishna6

    Cheap Graphics card for Budget CustoMac Build

    I am building a desktop computer to be used for schoolwork and gaming.I am using the Ivy Bridge Customac budget build and I was wondering what I should do for an additional graphics card.If i need one and what I should get that is cheap and good enough.The computer will run both Mac mountain...
  5. superprojector

    Music Recording Based Machine

    Hello, I'm not extremely capable when it comes to computers, basically I know google, and a little social networking, and how to work Reaper with decent results. I basically seek advice on how 500 dollars would best be invested getting a machine with firewire capabilities that has some decent...
  6. Ordinary

    How's this look? Is there anything wrong with going with the older Z68 + i7-2600K combo?

    Looking at finally building my Hackintosh - I had posted earlier in the year but ended up holding off due to miscellaneous reasons. The primary reason for this build is to adequately run Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, with my catalog being just under a hundred thousand photos; right now my 2010 C2D...
  7. mylifeatadiscount

    Music Noobs First GA-Z77X-UP5-TH - Help buying parts for quiet (cheaper?) beast

    Hello all :) I'm a musician with a UAD2 PCIe card who is in need of a MAC PRO with PCIe slots and thunderbolt. At this time, this does not exist and thats how I found this lovely place! :D I'm excited! After reading a few guides and tons of posts, I'm looking to build my first...
  8. MathiasVH

    When will we see more affordable thunderbolt motherboards?

    Hi guys I'm going to make a cheap build to hook up to my Cinema Display and therefore I'm in need of a cheaper Thunderbolt-motherboard. Are there any cheap options today/is there going to be released any models in near future? :) Thanks in advance :) Mathias
  9. Apevia21

    $260 Hackintosh Full System

    Hi, I am thinking of building a second hackintosh to replace my G5 Power Mac for basically downloading and storing software images. I have put together a list of parts that are $260 with everything. What is everyone's take on it? any advice? Case $30...
  10. fatilumkin

    Budget Build Compatibility?

    So, I have been working on a budget build hackintosh; I don't have money for anything to extreme, but want it to be able to handle pretty much everything. But before I purchase the parts I wanted the community to confirm that it will work! Here is the List: CPU: Intel Core I3-2105...
  11. sirtailios

    will these work with mountain lion?

    well me and my friend are going to build apps together so we already got him squared away, now it's my turn. So i already have a macbook but im most likely going to sell this or give it to my little sister to use while im gone. So heres the parts for a "super duper mart" price components so i...
  12. ciderpc

    Nvidia 6200 LE working in Mountain Lion

    I've built a low budget hackintosh using a Foxconn H67m-S motherboard with a 1155 socket Intel G530 CPU which is 2.4 GHz dual core, 4 GB Ram and an Nvidia Geforce 6200 LE PCi Express graphics card which I bought on EBay for £1 plus postage. I wanted to use it with Mountain Lion but, it seems...
  13. nwstruggler

    Shopping List: First Hackintosh Build (economy)

    Hi all, I'm new to the community and just looking for some feedback on my build. I've done a fair bit of research and have located the following. I plan on using this as an htpc (no hd audio needed as my other equipment doesn't warrant it), light audio editing and mixing with Ableton Live, and...
  14. ajayk111

    Anyone Have a good idea for an ivy brige mini

    Im looking for an Ivy brigde budget build that i can build with a mini ITX