1. feather21

    Building a budget Hackintosh using any of the components from the 'Buyers Guide'

    I'm sorry for my question, but I am a noob. I've seen all the 'customac' buying guides, but there is something I do not understand. Does it mean that, if I buy components from the 'customac buying list', which states full-compatibility, I will never have any problems and will be able to not use...
  2. dstyp

    Cheapest GPU for 4K Catalina

    Greetings, Just signed up as I have a system with Linux that I've been eying dual booting with Hackintosh. I got a MBP Retina 2015 as a daily driver but I could use the extra juice and nicer experience for development. The system currently got a Geforce 1080ti but I've understood it's not...
  3. niti13

    I need Help finding a Laptop

    Hello Guys, I am sorry if a similar thread has been created and answered, but I could not find anything related using the Forum search. I am looking to get a Laptop to Install Mojave on it as i dont want to spend too much money on a MacBook. What i am looking for is a Laptop varying from 13 to...
  4. eLDeus

    Quiet/silent budget video card for Mojave

    Hi, I'm looking for a video card in a budgetary category to work with Mojave (and then also with Catalina). I have now pretty old GTX 260 and it's doesn't work with Mojave and pretty noisy after I had to replace its fan for non-original one. So I'm searching for one which would be at least not...
  5. hunterowen

    [SUCCESS] Triple Monitor El Capitan on Dell Inspiron with GT 730

    COMMENTS Instructions for “hackintoshing” a Dell Inspiron 3650 PC with EVGA GT 730 2 GB DDR5 with 3 monitors (including VGA) INSTALL 1. Create bootable El Capitan USB using UniBeast with UEFI and Nvidia Inject on another mac running OS X El Capitan 2. Mount USB EFI using EFI mounter v3 and...
  6. eltong

    Building a budget Hackintosh for audio production

    Hi guys, A friend of mine wants to build a budget hackintosh for audio production, and I'd like to hear your advice, particularly from people who have built hackintoshes for audio production if possible. I was thinking that a CustoMac Budget ATX build from the Buyer's Guide would do it, with...
  7. amauro

    Please recommend budget graphics card for dual monitor

    Hi, It's my first hackintosh and I am in a small budget, trying to make things work right. I have been using mini-Macs for several years, and I just want a nice small office box to run MS Office suite, web, media view, etc... but I need to use dual monitor. After reading some guides, I bought...
  8. choomaque

    Will this build work? (i5 8400;h370 DH3;1050 windforce)

    I'm a mac user for a year. Owning a crappy old mac mini late 2010 model and a crappy windows PC, and planning for upgrade. The exact specs of the build i'm gonna buy are: for CPU - Intel Core i5 8400 for Mobo - GIGABYTE H370M D3H for Graphics - Nvidia GTX 1050 by GIGABYTE (GV-N1050WF2OC-2GD) -...
  9. 0xDEAD

    Cheapest Hackintosh Possible

    I would like a build for a cheap Hackintosh to run High Sierra. My budget is 350AUD, but I would like the cheapest possible hardware.
  10. AwesomeQ


    Hey, guys. I'm looking for a $500 to $800 USD laptop compatible with High Sierra. Thanks!
  11. jake21987

    High Sierra Hackintosh Build

    Hello! This is my first time building a Hackintosh, I'm trying to build a budget computer that can run smoothly, with little to no issues. Please let me know if my build will work, or if you have any experience with any of these parts! Thanks! Here's my build! Motherboard (Link...
  12. BudgetNoob18

    $650 to $700 build advice please

    Hey guys (guys is used loosely, I do not mean to trigger anyone:lol:), I am on a tight budget as the title explains. I want a future proof build for later upgrades when I have a extra cash on me. I would like for the build to run dual OS for some casual gaming and video/photo editing. Thanks.
  13. antblg

    ultra budget bild

    Hi friends! I need ultra budget bild for Hackintoch. Pls tell me whether the system will work correctly on this bild: CPU: Pentium G4620 OEM Motherboard: ASUS H110M-R-C-Sl RAM: Ballistrix Sport LT 2x4gb HDD: WD Blue 1TB
  14. DukeLavis

    Budget Build Comparability

    A few weeks ago a friend upgraded his PC and gave me his old CPU for free. A different friend has been in the market for a new mac for quite a while, but is on a college students budget. He loves using logic for band demos and does not want to make the switch to windows so I told him I would...
  15. Thekenji0909

    Super Budget Logic Pro Hackintosh

    I am new to building hackintoshes, but not new to Mac OS, though I have built a computer in the past. This is my first time building a hackintosh but I don't want to spend crazy lots of money. My requirements is to atleast run Logic Pro 9(I still have a copy of it) to a relatively modern macOS...
  16. SonnyRR

    Kaby Lake ATX build (possibly w/o dedicated GPU)

    Hello, I want to build my first hackintosh machine. In the last 6 months I've gone through various possible configurations but I've been financially set back several times, so I never got around to building it. It will not be my first hackintosh, but it is the first machine built purposely for...
  17. abdullahmemon721

    [Budget] Gaming Dell Studio XPS 8000 is Compatible for Sierra?

    Hey ya'll, building my first Hackintosh, I know good about Hackintosh but has no sense about compatibility. I saw many users making hackintosh from oldest buyers guide for new sierra and their own AND THEY'RE STILL WORKIN. According to this site threads and buyer guides, there is not available...
  18. abdullahmemon721

    Does CustoMac Budget ATX from March 2017 work for Sierra?

    Thanks alot for helping, you guys are amazing. But my country 5x expensive then US so gotta find another one. Visit: https://www.tonymacx86.com/buyersguide/march/2017#CustoMac_Budget_ATX That PC is absolutely compatible but how much? How about sierra? Will it work on it?
  19. abdullahmemon721

    Best budget graphic card for High Sierra with HP 6300 pro

    By the very long of research, I have found that people are happy with HP 6300 pro, arn't they? And I know It won't without a graphic card. I did research on that too, the answer was GT 710 (MSI or Gigabyte). PROBLEM IS: GT 710 doesn't handle games smoothly and not good mac experience, then I've...
  20. fmhuq902

    Dell Optiplex 990 SFF

    Hi guys, I am very new to hackintosh. I wanted to build one, did a little research. Having some trouble finding research on older system so if you guys could help that would be great. I found a dell optiplex 990 SFF with a quad core 2nd gen i5, 250GB HDD, an LGA1155 motherboard, 4GB of DDR3...