1. keysun11952

    Lenovo BCM94350 work with Catalina?

    I've hackintoshed my Dell Precision 5520 to Catalina. Everything works just fine except WiFi. The laptop came with Intel 8265 AC, which is guaranteed not to work with macOS. I'm considering switching to a BCM94350ZAE from Broadcom, which is reported to work with some tweaks. However most...
  2. 29satnam

    BCM94352Z NGFF M.2 WIFI 3 minutes bootup time with Catalina

    Hello! I bought this DW1560 Card off AliExpress. It was working just fine with Mojave and older versions, but with Catalina Wifi takes 3 minutes to bootup. And on the other hand BT is just fine. I tried the new BrcmPatchRAM3, doesn't make any difference. Here's detail from Hackintool: VID...
  3. gbzygil

    (BrcmPatchRAM3) BrcmPatchRAM: uploadFirmware could not open the device!

    Can someone plz help me with this error in Catalina? I'm trying to get a usb bluetooth dongle to work without any luck... Below is is the error: gbc@Gils-iMac ~ % log show --last boot | grep -i 'brcm' 2020-01-25 03:20:51.840635-0600 0x470 Default 0x0 0 0...
  4. mxjifr

    DW1820A needs help for BT

    First of all, Hi to everyone to the post. I am a newbie on Hackintosh and currently working on the project for my Asrock Z370 mini itx board as a the platform. Running i7-8700 non-k and rx 56 for the main parts. I got an dw 1820a wifi card and swapped the original wifi/bt combo card onboard...
  5. andyroo77

    Anyone know what network card model/manufacturer is being used in the new Mac Pro (2019)?

    Surely if I can find the card model, I can try tobuy one and it should be plug and play Bluetooth 5.0 & WIFI 5 via a PCIe adapter? Anyone know?
  6. BlvckBytes

    Problems with the DW1830

    Hey! Bluetooth and WLAN are really troublesome on my machine tbh... I previously had the DW1560, which also had some issues, and now switched to DW1830. This one is supposed to be the higher end card, well. First of all its extremely hard to retrofit the 3 antenna ports on my laptop, since...
  7. daks39

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro - native WiFi+Bluetooth

    Hi all! I recently ordered Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (i7, 16gb, MX150) and right now I am looking forward to receive the package. I have some experience with hackintosh and want to dual boot with Catalina and Windows 10. However I want to solve the WiFi+Bluetooth issue without an external adapter...
  8. SonCyber

    Solved > BCM43142A0 is recognised but doesn't work

    Hey, I installed macOS Mojave on my Laptop recently. Everything works fine except the WiFi (Broadcom BCM43142A0). It is recognised in the USB-Section of my System Report but doesn't work. Any Idea?
  9. BlvckBytes

    Laggy bluetooth on DW1560

    Hey guys! I always thought: The fact that my mouse sometimes lags is due to its low price of only 15 euros, which today I found out is NOT true! I found that out through using my new Apple AirPods, which occasionally lag aswell. That means that something gotta be wrong with my Bluetooth setup...
  10. BlvckBytes

    Random panics on boot

    Hello! To be honest... I don't understand how something like this can happen at all. Why do panics occur randomly? Shouldn't the system be in a definite state all the time? Or maybe it has something to do with the state it gets put in when shutting down... Okay, now to the topic: Before those...
  11. Marassi

    Wi-Fi enable bcm94322hm8l in Catalina 10.15

    Hello everyone. I am trying to enable my bcm94322hm8l wifi card by following this thread: I can see at Hackintool that he's there. I also have the wifi icon on the desktop, but it won't turn on. Can you help me know what...
  12. KrisKenesei

    Broadcom DW1820A crashing both Windows and OS X

    Hi Folks, I built my first working Hackintosh build this summer. It is fully working (absolutely no issues) apart from WiFi/Bluetooth networking. Just to get a few things out of the way: I read through the relevant Broadcom post by RehabMan. The right kexts are in place. My XHCI configuration...
  13. PopeJamal

    Options for Laptops with CNVi WiFi Cards (MSI GS65, MSI P65 Creator (8RF))

    Howdy! I'm researching my next project laptop and I've become aware of a new-is hurdle: The CNVi wifi slots/modules that come in many new laptops. Apparently, CNVi wifi connectors aren't necessarily backwards compatible with non-CNVi cards, especially on laptops where BIOS options are often...
  14. uar

    [Guide] Installing Arch Linux on the Razer Blade, Late 2016, FHD

    This is my way of saying goodbye to the Hackintosh community for good as I can't stand a mediocre operating system that crashes at least 3-4 times a day, deny updates and a company that won't provide support for NVIDIA drivers anymore. I already moved to Android a year ago, and have Windows...
  15. knittycatkitty

    Z390 ITX boards + WiFi + TB?

    Hi, I just wanted to create a thread. I am trying to gather as much information as possible as I am going to build my first ITX rig with 9th gen CPUs I have noticed the information for the latest Z390 is very scarce and all over the place, relying on comments made from one post to another. I...
  16. supremekhaoz

    DW1560 wifi not working on xps 15 9560

    The wifi is working on windows but will not work on hackintosh. No matter what kexts I put in. It just says hardware not available but somehow bluetooth is available although it doesn't seem to work.
  17. supremekhaoz

    Installed BCM94350ZAE on xps 15 9560. Bluetooth doesn't work

    I followed this guide with the BCM94350ZAE when I try to connect my MX master 2s it does goes to bluetooth unavailable. I tried debugging and put BrcmFirmwareData, BrcmFirmwareRepo, BrcmNonPatchRAM2 and BrCMPatchRAM2 in...
  18. Franci01

    Continuity and AirDrop

    hi, I've got an internal working wi-fi card and a Bluetooth dongle. Is it possible to activate continuity without buying other components?
  19. KristFlex

    Wifi not working with BCM943602CS

    Hi everyone. I bought a BCM943602CS with an adapter for my laptop as it is supposed to work OOB. Well, Bluetooth does perfectly, even in Clover I can use Magic Keyboard. WLAN does not. It works for some minutes and then either my laptop freezes and then the screen fades slowly without any...
  20. DW1820A

    Install Dell DW1820A (Broadcom BCM94350ZAE)...

    Install Dell DW1820A (Broadcom BCM94350ZAE) Wireless AC/Bluetooth 4.1 PCIE In Mojave (Successfull) ***Almost STABLE Currently Testing New Methods*** Hey guys I just wanna let you know I tapped out and I won't be searching on this topic anymore I went another route. I bought an actual airport...