Packard bell Broadcom net link ethernet bc77m?

    Hi everybody i have done my research and a lot of methods but to no avail! it seems my Broadcom net-link with the device ID of 14e4 16b5 i cant get this working i have tried multiple kexts online and device IDs added to bcm kext in ionetworkingfamily and in the boot plst. open to all...
  2. Inmike09

    Probook BIOS Mod Request

    Hey guys! I created a thread for getting the whitelist removed on our F.28 BIOS. I realize this is one of many BIOS builds we have, but it would be a start if this actually worked. I am trying to draw some attention to this thread in hopes that one of the people over there will remove our WIFI...
  3. phiilu

    Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle, does it work OOB?

    Hello again tonymacx86 community! Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle: On the website there are picture of this Dongle with MacBooks and iPhones, but on Amazon there is a note which says there is no support in OS X. I found out that this USB Dongle uses the...