1. errevi

    Broadcom BCM57781 Kext for Yosemite 10.10.1

    Broadcom BCM57781 Kext for Yosemite 10.10.1 tested and working perfectly on my Asrock Z77E-ITX
  2. tanuagg13

    Editing kexts for WUSB54GS v2

    Hi, I found that this piece of hardware (Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Speedbooster Version 2 - WUSB54GS v2) uses Broadcom chips and thus I should be able to use Broadcom wireless kexts to use this device, right? Unfortunately, when I install the kexts Yosemite continues to...
  3. sachins1101

    BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport, will not load

    Hi, yosemite system.log has following message. The BT 400 dongle is not working as a result.[21]: ERROR: invalid signature for, will not load Bluetooth dongle details ======================= BCM20702A0...
  4. Serge.H

    Bluetooth and WiFi Cards

    I have an HP pavilion dv6, and i want to get bluetooth to work on Yosemite, so i can use handoff and other features. I have the Broadcom 20702 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter. When i go to System report, in bluetooth, there's "No information found." . In addition, i want to change my wifi card so i don't...
  5. leandermelms

    Unable to get Broadcom 4352 HMB to work - Mavericks / 4540s

    After successfully installing the latest version of Mavericks and configuring it using the probook installer, I've now replaced the default wifi-card with a BC 4352 HMB (BT 4.0) card. However, it does not seem to work out of the box and I'm not sure how to proceed. Opening system preferences...
  6. PJE

    Wireless working for Broadcom 802.11 - Realtek 8111/8168 on Mavericks?

    Hi i just successfully installed Mavericks on my HP Pavilion dv6-6c65sl. I got LAN to work with Mieze's kext, but how about wireless? Don't know much about Wifi thing on Apple.. is it possible to get wifi to work with this hardware? Where do I start? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in...
  7. xkieron99x

    help needed setting up null ethernet/ broadcom 57785

    hi i new to hackintosh scene, i can't find a working broadcom 57785 for mavericks 10.9.4 and because of this i was trying to setup null ethernet, but im stuck because i don't know how to set up null ethernet injector any help would be thanksful p.s im using a laptop
  8. Derr1ck

    Which Wifi PCI-e Card?

    Hi All, I would like to know which wifi card I need to get for my hackintosh to work I currently have Intel 7260 and I just bought the AzureWave AW-NE773 Atheros AR9280 AR5BHB92 Half Mini PCIE which doesn't fit my laptop. Looks like a need full height PCI-E card. Thanks
  9. Cwvc

    Broadcom BC4312 in 10.9

    I've been first having issues with an Atheros AR242 but since then changed to a BCM4312 as it was the only other wireless card I had accessible. But now, I find myself unable to get this to work either. I did manage to get it shown up as a Wi-Fi device, but after turning it on I'd select my...
  10. anotherpatient

    No WLan no Cry :-)

    I have jamed my Lenovo G560 Laptop and everything up on Soundcard and WiFi is ruining super! I put several kexts with the kextbeast tool on my Lapi but nothing will bring up my Atheros/Broadcom Wlan Card. I have read thousands ;-) of threads but i can´t get this fu...g Card running! Also i have...
  11. Boctor

    10.9 Broadcom BCM57780 Ethernet

    I have a Dell Optiplex 380 fully working with OS X 10.9 using a USB Wi-Fi adapter. However, since a real en0 connection is required for services like the App Store, I've been trying without luck to get the machine's onboard ethernet, the BCM57780, to work. In 10.8.5, this edited...
  12. beelzebozo

    Alternative Native Ultra-Mini USB Micro Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Wireless Dongle Adapter

    A few weeks ago, I found an IFIXIT teardown of the late-2013 iMacs because I wanted to know which Bluetooth solution they came with. This link shows in Step 3 that the 27" iMac comes with "Broadcom BCM20702...
  13. ablyes

    Enable Off/On Toggle in Bluetooth

    Since I have my hackintosh, I noticed that I could not turn off the bluetooth on my machine. It is a dongle that I bought cheap (MiniInTheBox dot com) to drive a wiimote: Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 USB Dongle + EDR Adapter 100m Working Distance/ Up to 3Mbps Data Rate I used the tutorial...
  14. beelzebozo

    Could This Be The Next WLAN+Bluetooth Combo Card For 2013 MacBooks?

    TheLostSwede recently spotted what could possibly be Apple's next option for WLAN+Bluetooth connectivity. The images below show a Broadcom BCM94360CD PCI-E mini custom combo WLAN+Bluetooth card. More importantly, it looks like it supports IEEE 802.11ac; the next standard in wireless computer...
  15. kleinie

    Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI & bcm94322hm8l

    Is it possible to replace the mini PCIe card(what is come with the specified mainboard built in) to a Broadcom BCM94322HM8L? I want a mini-ITX build, but i have a Gigabyte GTX650 card, so there is no room for a mini PCIe-to-PCIe card.
  16. redgolum

    Broadcom BCM 43225 on 10.8

    [Solved] Broadcom BCM 43225 on 10.8 Hello, I'm new in the hackinstosh world. I managed to install mountain lion but now I can't find kext for my pci wifi card a BCM 43225. Thanks for your help.

    Packard bell Broadcom net link ethernet bc77m?

    Hi everybody i have done my research and a lot of methods but to no avail! it seems my Broadcom net-link with the device ID of 14e4 16b5 i cant get this working i have tried multiple kexts online and device IDs added to bcm kext in ionetworkingfamily and in the boot plst. open to all...
  18. Inmike09

    Probook BIOS Mod Request

    Hey guys! I created a thread for getting the whitelist removed on our F.28 BIOS. I realize this is one of many BIOS builds we have, but it would be a start if this actually worked. I am trying to draw some attention to this thread in hopes that one of the people over there will remove our WIFI...
  19. phiilu

    Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle, does it work OOB?

    Hello again tonymacx86 community! Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle: On the website there are picture of this Dongle with MacBooks and iPhones, but on Amazon there is a note which says there is no support in OS X. I found out that this USB Dongle uses the...