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Mar 10, 2019
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Hi all! I recently ordered Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (i7, 16gb, MX150) and right now I am looking forward to receive the package. I have some experience with hackintosh and want to dual boot with Catalina and Windows 10. However I want to solve the WiFi+Bluetooth issue without an external adapter, I want to go for the native solution, by buying a Broadcom supported WiFi+Bluetooth adapter. I thought about 2 possible solutions:


The first solution is about putting the adapter in the second m.2 SSD slot, as many people in the hackintosh community done. Then theoritically the WiFi should word, and then I will solder the D+ and D- cables to WLAN_LTE port pin 4 and 5, in order to get also the bluetooth working. With this solution however, I will "waste" an SSD slot for the hackintosh compatible adapter, and I will have only one storage slot.


The second solution I thought, and I don’t know if anyone in the community did, is about using the unsoldered WLAN_LTE slot. It's more complex but it will leave the second m.2 SSD slot open. Based on my research, this WLAN_LTE slot is an m.2 B key unsoldered slot dedicated for WiFi+BT adapter use, if I understood correctly. So I thought about soldering an m.2 B key slot-connector there, and use it using a 6+12 pin to m.2 B+M key adapter.

These are the steps:
  1. Buy this small adapter in order to desolder the m.2 B key connector
  2. Solder this B key connector in the WLAN_LTE slot, which has b key type pins.
  3. Buy an 6+12 pin to m.2 B+M key adapter and plug it in the previously soldered B key connector
  4. Install the Broadcom WiFi+Bluetooth module with custom antennas.
With some photo edit, here is the process:​
solution 1.png

If this second solution works, I think that theoretically I will get both WiFi and Bluetooth working in once, am I right?


What is your opinion about that? Would the second solution work or not? I think I can try the second solution first and then if this doesn’t work, I can move to the first m.2 SSD slot solution. The adaptors and things from aliexpress will work with also the first solution, aren’t they? Thanks in advance!

Aliexpress links:
Small adapter to desolder the B key connector from:
6+12 pin to m.2 B+M key adapter:
Broadcom BCM94360CS2 WiFi+Bluetooth module:


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Jun 12, 2019
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